Huwebes, Pebrero 28, 2013

Midshift Bad Trip

I was LATE, and I was like ....

Last day of February (Midshift) and I've been keeping it sacred not to be late from Feb 1-27 (or shall I say, ever since my first day of work) I was really frustrated because I'm not anymore a candidate of the "Perfect Attendance" that is, to receive a reward of some kind of hefty amount.

Well, what really happened??

I wasn't late because I woke up late, walk out home late or being lucky to ride a lousy jeep but, the TRAFFIC that caused by the rallyist! They blocked the road! The 30 minutes home-work travel became 1 hour!!! I even put allowance on my time but still late. En route I was already restless , keep looking at my watch ,and want to cry. My eyes wander to find a motorcycle (habal2x) but unlucky to find one. Grrr..

Hey, I'm not against them. Were a free country right? We have the freedom to speak our rights. The only problem is that they are blocking and giving burden to commuters like me. We also have our rights and that is to cross that road they are blocking. We also have our own commitments like our work, appointments that causes so much delays because of them. I just wished they are mindful to stay at the side corner in order to avoid traffic jam..Hays.. When I've punched in my DTR, I was five minutes late :( Super bad trip.
The feeling that your goal for the month was not meant- it was so depressing. I was late on the last day! Sa last day pa talaga! Where I've been expecting a lot already. 

The fact that I'm pissed today does not mean I should let my emotion take hold of today's commitments. I still have lots of things to do like my work. Though I've felt sorry for myself, that the universe did not conspire to help me still, nothing substitute experience- I've learned to expect the unexpected , everyday is unpredictable. Goodness gracious. I just need to let go and leave those irritations on the road I traveled duh, literally  on the ROAD I traveled a while ago.. 

I'm sad, YSAY :(