Lunes, Enero 28, 2013

Thoughts II (Super Late Post)

As I was checking my drafts, Ive found this out. I was not able to published it. (Super Late) Anyhow, this is about my schoolmate in college who is shot dead. This post expresses how I've felt that time and not being convince of our justice system.

DEATH - The state of being dead, termination of LIFE. 

To tell you honestly, I was afraid of death. Death cannot be anymore revived if its already your time. I was afraid to die young, I was afraid to let go of this world, I was afraid to let go of my human body, I was really afraid. To the fact that you can only live once so make the most out of it! I had this post because of an event that made me think what life really is. My batch mate in college died yesterday, she was hold-upped by two guys riding  a motorcycle and suffered multiple gun shots that cause her untimely death. I was shocked , saddened and get angry with the news. I was thinking she was sick so I asked my friend "bakit namatay eh mukha namang healthy nun" but my friend said  she was killed by that two f*** individuals! Goosebumps and tears developed, even at this time I'm writing this post. There is still an effect of the event. I was talking to my friend Joann and we shared common thoughts with this. Marj died so young in a brutal way! Why do they need to shot her? Kung pede naman sana takutin lang ng baril, cause in the report Marj refused to surrender her bag that prompt the suspects to shot her. It was inhumane and it wasn't been that really good, it will never be! I don't want to die that way, who would want it in the first place? Being a nurse is an effort job already and we are treated that way?? NO WAY! Marj would be indelible to her family, her friends and even to me who is not her close friend. She will always be remembered :( 

Crimes in our city are getting higher, its getting worst! The city isn't that safe anymore. I don't know if I still can call this city a LIVABLE one. Seems that our government or our police are getting stubborn and lax on what they should really be doing. Procrastinating on things they MUST be working on! I can't blame myself but to be angry, why does everyone needs to be so selfish on others life? In the first place no one is allowed to take ones life - only God can do that. Those suspects are heartless, kung pede lang sana tadtarin katawan nila at ipakain sa aso! but, we have our laws, we need to abide on the system  that I'm pretty much sure isn't working well , a slow justice system they say. Why did I say so?? You can only attain justice if your rich, or hear suspect guilty after 1 or 2 decades , or worst part maybe acquitted. I've heard alot of cases that has never been resolved so, in other words I don't have trust on our "JUSTICE SYSTEM".

I received a text from Joann and this is what I've read "The news today reinforced the fact that life is darn too short"Incredibly true! I always believe in an adage that we live life today, take chances and risks, be crazy because today is the oldest you've been and the youngest you'll ever be again. Lots of us doesn't enjoyed our life that much. Some of us drown ourselves to things that frustrate and stress us that we tend to forgot the essence of our life. We tend to forget even the smallest detail of ourselves. We hesitate to see our own value as a human (the simple ones) because we are lured by so much pressure this earth brings. I was thinking when I lay down in bed last night I asked myself, "In this moment of my life did I already attain what's my purpose?? Or like the others I was already out of myself? 

Living Life to the Fullest!

Huwebes, Enero 10, 2013

Missing Worship

January 10, 2013

Hi there Lovely Dolls!

Last year, in the seven months out- of-work most are spent in church. Not to mention I'm part of our church's music team. I sing and dance for God and eventually, I learned to play some instruments in the long run. I'm happy that our church gave me "break" for music :) I may boast that my voice is wonderful and can dance well but, nothing else will be better when you used your voice and body to worship God. Right?

Now, Ive felt guilty inside. Ive been away in church for months now. To be honest, Ive been missing the days where my Spirit's on high, High in worshipping my God. I'm not doing anything "bad" as you may think now but my Spirtual life has becoming dry and I DON'T WANT IT TO HAPPEN. I don't want to think that my recent job is the culprit of this self-reproach issue, cause I can see that my work environment are good, nice and healthy. I've got workmates who are believers. The only thing that I can see as "not good" is my Sunday's booked for work and that may affect my  spiritual time. 

Don't get me wrong with the statement above. I respect our company, I respect my boss. =) 

... here's the THING
I think  this is God's challenge for me. I've realized that even if your away on church, that does not mean your gonna stop worshiping.  No its not. Distance does not matter to God, only TIME does matter to Him. The time you're going to spend for him. Time that you are going to read the Bible. Time for worshiping , praying and getting spirits high. Time for helping and encouraging others. Time for sharing His words. (Smells remorse here). There is just really time if you really want to and that hit me.

Maybe this is subtle to understand as of the moment. But you know what? I've been grateful that I'm having this feeling. So ironic it may be but this signifies that I'm craving for God and for His fire and holiness.  Lord keep the fire burning in my heart!

Have a great weekend . =) God Bless our hearts.

Living Life to the Fullest
Ysay ♥