Sabado, Oktubre 29, 2011

The Unkabogable!!


Me and my twin sissy Jo decided to watched the movie "The Unkabogable Praybeyt Benjamin" last Saturday Oct 29,2011. Much perfect for my too stressful week- a movie full packed with laugh trip!! :)) hehe It was my day off , making most out of it for one free day so, i need to chill and relax :)

Let me start with this, Jo and I met up at Gaisano Mall of Davao. We've decided to take the after lunch movie schedule @ 12:20pm coz eventually, after the movie we need to do brainstorming again @ Cellos for our 2012 Summer Tour hehe. It was our first time together to watched a movie and I was thrilled - movie with my twin! first time is always exciting *.* lolz :)) not to mentioned, I was late in our date haha :P Since I was late, we were also late on 12:20 pm schedule and we've just decided to take the 12:50 pm on cinema 3. It's OKAY,  it just a matter of how many minutes LOL
I thought  there will be lot of queuing individuals who will watch the movie but, you can count those persons buying tickets on the line maybe because, it was still early- its still noon.. hehe eventually on the next schedule around 2:30pm there were already lots of people going inside the theater.
For the movie I can say, it was funny! ahaha although at some part it may sound OA and unrealistic already hehe. Well I guess that made the movie Comedy lol. Funny scenes is where Vice Ganda sound to be so sarcastic to those persons he talks to haha :P (binabara ka nya) and that made me laugh so hard!! HAHA also, when he hallucinates having sweet and hot scenes with Brando (Derek) haha

I've Learned . . .

For me, a movie would just be useless if it is without values learned charot!!
In our community, still exist gender issues- such as gender abused. People still discriminate those who we call "bakla", "becky", "bakla" "bayot" or whatever you call them - abused not just physical but even emotional aspects. Just left me thinking why there are still people cannot accept them and worst part of them, their family members are the ones who abandoned them first and take them for granted?! Of course, I can't compete and argue (mainit lang talaga dugo nila sa ganitong mga tao) with what other people think of them-its there opinion but of course they are still human beings, you know- after all they need respect. Nonetheless all the intrigues passed on them, still they stand out in the community. Haven't you noticed that most of them are professionals, living in luxury, known entrepreneur, stylist etc. The one's you've been bullying before is what you've been looking up to now, you admire them with a little bit of jealousy exists :P It's because they never let others cruelness ruined their life instead they've used it for something better. They become more inspired and work hard to achieve what they dream.

Another thing, this movie somewhat had similarities with the movie MULAN the only difference is that the original story is about a girl who turns to be a guy and this movie from a gay to a real man, all for the same purpose - present themselves for the sake of their father who is the one supposedly to go to war , but being at old age and with health problems cannot make it anymore. Still, the Filipino family value exist. :) kudos to that!

After the movie, we headed up to Cellos and ordered another yummy doughnut! hehe and planned again :)

♥ Love and Light ♥


Sabado, Oktubre 22, 2011



Since high school until college bullying was part of my life already, it was blitzkrieg. A day wouldn't be complete for my classmates if they haven't said anything that is hurtful for me. Four years in high school and four years in college who wouldn't GET USED TO IT? everyday of your school life you felt so much inferiority, lost confidence and your tormentors?? they become more superior! The famous bully in my high school is being named and called "paklay" LOL I really can't remember where did that idea came from and I have no plans of remembering it either. All I know , but I'm not sure is that "paklay" is a vegetable and can be eaten lol. Another bully is being called "Judy Ann", cause way back in high school I was really a fat girl and my face was so sooo round , being similar to Judy Ann Santos face!
Lets go to college. I was sad when I was transferred to other section in sophomore year. I know I will missed my BSN-1D family since my bestfriend was in there :( I was transferred to a section where most of my classmates are intelligent, honor students, not to mention it was a FIRST SECTION but, one thing negative- they are FEROCIOUS. Anyways, the famous bully of them all was being called "gul-gul". Gul- which happens to be the first syllable of my last name Gulles was "creatively" made by my classmate who is now living in New York. Maybe it was not a "real" bully for them since it was part of my name though but, the way they speak it, and call me that way made me hurt somehow. Another thing, I know that I don't have a knack in speaking English- i stutter as well as I accidentally invent words that turns out to be funny, and my grammar is not that excellent. With that flaws I had, they grab a chance to make it a subject for bullishness.  Well as I said, I was already used to it, when they bullied me I actually don't fight back, I usually ignore them or just plasticly smile and let it pass- cause I don't want argument, and even if I argued with them, I'll never win. To the fact that never did they know that those words coming out from their mouth are already cruel.
Oftentimes it really hurts me. Being bullied is an emotional torture, because not only does it damage your confidence and self esteem but even left you to wonder how these persons could  hurt you so badly. To think, you never did anything on them , you are just quietly sitting on the corner but they make fun of you and become their laughing stock-an object of humiliating ridicule. It even came to a point that I cut friends loose to discern who's really true to me or not- does not hurt me or bully me.

All those things happened when I'm still at school- PAST IS PAST, today I'm working and I can say there is a real different environment compare before. In here I'm not bullied but I'm the one who bullies haha just kidding. :) In here I can be on my own , even with my flaws they don't care about it and Ive met new friends who is genuinely kind and true. Today, i have much self confidence, strength and joy :) Thanks Lord for making me feel special always and giving me friends who are kind and true to me :)

Love and Light -- Live Life to the Fullest! ♥♥

Huwebes, Oktubre 20, 2011

5 Months from now ^ ^

Hello Friends! :)

Five months from now, I'll be having my big shot travel at LUZON! ill brag now that It would be BONGGA! :) more BONGGA than any of my other travels ( i hope so).. ehehe. I was excited of course! since we already booked a flight and what's waiting is for us to be there! yipeeee!! so, these are the places we will be touring 5 months from now in summer time ...Baguio City, Vigan, Laog, Pagudpud (Ilocos) , Manila :) anyways we are a tight budget traveler so as from this moment we are looking about the possible cost of our whole travel including the hotels, tours, foods etc. :) Not to mention I'm one of the organizers haha -me and Joann :) so it would be a big task for us and a big pressure also! so we need to do meet ups with my twin for us to tackle and find possible infos for our summer 2012 tour lol :p
As what they are saying, don't let the moment rush .. take it slow..feel it.. haha I really wanted the time pass immediately so that my excitement will turn to reality already haha :) but, there are still lots of  special moments that will pass before summer next year (i know).

1st- HALLOWEEN^.^ That would be my Birthday hehe, included in there the "Undas" as part of Filipino tradition- visiting the dead ( mga Pinoy kasi di nakakalimot lol), some birthday event will also happen this month in my clans circle-that includes birthday of my cousin in abroad, my father, my brother :)
*month of November- our plan to have Water Raft Riding adventure, can't wait!

2nd- Month of December where we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Who wouldn't want Christmas? There goes the bonus, the 13month pay, the gifts, lots of Mall SALES, noche buena, fireworks displays : ) Sadly, here in Davao City walang paputok! (sanay na walang ingay hehe) but definitely it wouldn't be a lonely and peaceful Christmas, instead it would be a rocking celebration for Dabawenyos : ) (sure lang haha) Eventhough celebrating Christmas without anything on the table, still most important and essential is that you and your family is together celebrating it with JOY and LOVE : ) that's the true spirit of Christmas.
*December is the month for Surigao Trip :) excitements on Tinuy-an falls, enchanted river etc. beauty of nature indeed!

3rd- Happy New Year-2012 !! Where most people made there personal "New Years Resolution" :) To those who had a "not so good" 2011 like me haha would want the new year, to be more prosperous, exciting and happy :) embrace with excitement the NEW YEAR! so i guess early at this moment you can already make a resolution haha
*Zorb Balling will be part of our January 2012 itinerary  :)

4th- The Love Month -where most places turns red including the cheeks because of blushing!! haha well to those who have partners, this month would be more special :) Dating, flowers, chocolates, cards will be more evident! Restaurants, cinemas will be filled of couples: :). To those who are singles- like me haha, I think  I would just stay at home and sleep LOL nothing to worry about - I just dream of my Prince Charming who is still lost of finding me.. haha joke!

5th- SUMMER!! March- the month I'll been waiting for haha :) here I come NORTH! wink*

♥♥ Love and Light ♥♥

Sabado, Oktubre 15, 2011

dey op!

The best day of an employee's life -the DAY OFF!  :) 
 Basically, I don't have a fixed dayoff , or shall I say all employees in our office don't have that- all are randomly chosen on what date he or she will be off, or you can request ahead of time what would be your off day the following week. My dayoff usually falls either Friday or Saturday but my favorite would be Sunday, but I guess I could not have it anymore not just like before for some reasons :(

This week my off was Saturday and I just spent my morning @ home, and at afternoon I went to Cellos to meet up with my twin sissy Joann :) Nothing so important during the morning, what I did was just the routinary work :)exercise, clean the house, cook and RnR haha. Since I could not live without doing anything, i decided to check at our food stocks, and I've found out a spaghetti pasta, a spaghetti sauce and a hotdog! LOL - a light bulb in my head- I will cook spaghetti hehe

Our breakfast was spaghetti! haha. This was my second time to cooked spaghetti and the first time, it does not taste good haha that's why I'm a bit nervous what would be the result this time! LOL thank God it was OKAY - it taste GOOD ahaha and my little cousins enjoyed it-- to the fact that I'm not a fan of spaghetti- Im a carbonara girl -the white spaghetti hehe which fortunately I know well how to cook it :) I'm a dairy person also, and I could not avoid my self drinking milk everyday- so the hot milk was included in my BFast   yummy! :)
Fast forward to noon time.. Its Lunch time haha kainan na naman :) my brother decided to cook vegetables since ang daming gulay sa loob ng ref namin haha . and what he cooked was PINAKBET!one of my favorite vegetable dish just like the famous chopsuey :)

 Enough on foods :P well afternoon na, and nakakainis coz wala pang water sa amin its almost 2pm , so hot outside,itchy na feeling ko, im so thirsty pa and no water! gee.. Joann texted and she's at Cellos already waiting. Our meet up time is 2pm hehe, but I couldn't go since I haven't taken a bath yet haha nakakahiya naman if walang ligo diba?? LOL . At exactly 3pm i can hear the water's flowing already!! I was so thankful and immediately went to the bathroom- parang I wanna dive on the water! haha and freshen up! whew... :) I leave our home @ 3:45 pm and traveled going to Cellos and I arrived there @ 4:10 pm na! haha 2 hours Joann waited at the coffeehouse- of course Ive explained my side why am i late!! and Joann just smiled hehe

Me and Jo met up because we need to plan partially on our travel next year at Luzon . We are actually five who will travel but me and my twin sissy are the organizers of the said "Summer-tour" haha so we need to talk about it and plan carefully lol Checking at the internet, writing the possible contacts , finding the cheap hotels, cheap package tour etc are the things we did while @ Cellos :P

 This place offers tasty, yummy doughnuts! so I couldn't resist not to order a one haha.. first, Ive ordered cheese stuff , and i think I was not yet satisfied so I ordered again, and now it was MnM glazed doughnut and then take home the Peanut Butter glazed doughnut, my ghed, I was so takaw haha!  
MnM glazed donu
WRAP! I was  home at almost 10pm na.. hehe and ayaw ko pa talagang umuwi.. lol gusto ko pa maglakwatsa or stay at Cellos but they are closing 8pm so we need to go... :) anyways, we did our planning for next year and able to find some contacts. It was a good DAY OFF anyway, its productive :)

Love and Light! ♥♥

Huwebes, Oktubre 13, 2011

Sweet Day @ Summit!

One thing I like about my work is that all employees here like to EAT! yes E-A-T :) Employees here like to buy something, cook something and shares it in the office :) That's one good sign of keeping you like a one family in your workplace. Somehow... I just wanna share, its a day that from morning until closing of our office we are overloaded with sweet foodS! HAHA

It started in this event. :) Another day for me,another work!another hassle over passengers lots of issuance and inquiries- in short STRESSED na naman :)  I think that was tuesday or monday not sure (oh i forgot already hehe) I was happy going to work @ that time - I was not late! haha anyways I was never a late comer. :) Going to the door to our office I was stunned by what I saw.. its a box of KRISPY KREME in mam ellen's table im like " HUWAAAWW" haha


To be honest, I NEVER, EVER tasted krispy kreme before haha eventhough there is a branch store here in Davao i never did mind going on that store since I guess it is double the price compare in Manila (kuripot). I was about to buy that donut when I last went to manila but forgot about it because of no more time haha and not to mention i was late at my flight that time thank God the flight was delayed and I have my luck! gosh.. hehe toink and that's why I got soOO excited when I found out that KRISPY box! hehe. I asked mam ellen " mam hingi ako" LOL (kawawang bata) and she said " cge kuha ka lang" yes! ... and a BIG SMILE noted

to all the yummy looking donuts inside that box I chose this one and I have no idea what is its name LOL :P I was just attracted to the different color sprinkles! hehe sometimes FEEL to be a kiddo wahaha.. To be honest i'm not advised of eating sweet foods, since that cause me tonsillitis if too much! :P but I'm just so matigas ang ulo and I keep on eating those stuffs :) Who couldn't resist those hmp!

When I enter our accounting office there goes the MACARONI SALAD!ahaha is this party or what?? :P again, what else would I do? eh di kumuha ng macaroni salad! haha grabeh! its still 9:45 am and the mall wasn't open yet-- still early in the morning and i was so full already! and to think I have eaten my breakfast earlier LOL.
gee.. im so matakaw! my diet was ruined! haha I was sooo full that my tummy was like blowing up haha UBER! around 12:30 noon which is my lunch break, I didn't feel my tummy was growling just like my usual break cramming to go out directly in the office because of super gutom na hehe :)  fast forward to late afternoon :) I didn't think and expect anymore of any food graces that will fall from heaven since the morning sweetness was to much already :) but when I went back to to the accounting office there goes the ICE CREAM + the LOAF BREAD lol  oh nooo another food na naman hehe :) I could not say NO since they gave me directly the cup with the ice cream inside  hehe so what am I gonna do? eat it! grrr... with a slice of  bread err

Gosh I was overwhelmed by the foods in our office and I went home supeeerrr BUSOG! And di na ako kumain ng dinner, since I could not bear anymore putting something in my mouth, 'coz I feel I want to vomit already.. urggh parang nakakaumay na.. hehe

... and that was a one SWEET day @ summit!

LOVE and LIGHT ☺♥☺

Miyerkules, Oktubre 12, 2011


AVOID SEDENTARY LIFESTYLE! BE ACTIVE TODAY! :p - This is my new Goal :) Not just being active physically but even mentally, spiritually and EMOtionally :)  Ive realized that this past few months I was so stressed! Super stressed that I forgot about myself already and lost faith in it.. grrr...i need RnR!! URGENT!! hehe Somehow, I always thank GOD for giving me friends that shares their courage for me and uplift my spirit again! :) but now I think I need to be FIT? yeah F-I-T haha It started last month when I became conscious on what I look like and what I'm doing :) I thought I was so ugly because of the pimples!!! geeee.... well, it doesn't occupy my whole face anyway - just particular on the cheeks area errr... but so ironic that some people especially those I haven't seen for awhile told me that I look pretty LOL!!! I DON'T THINK SO.. haha...maybe because I lost weight now, I was not anymore the chubby-baby-fat way back in highschool and college.  u blind?hehe anyways going back to reality... THE FIT word still on my mind :)not just being Fit physically but being the holistic!  I want to restore my faith again in myself...:) I don't want to sit and do nothing in my life.. I want to go out and discover something worth it!Physically I'm getting love workout :) Every morning at home I do exercise :) and that has a good effect not just on me but even to my family members since now they been doing exercise also and my avid fan? my 4 years old cousin :)!- Ive influenced them! haha :)good2x  I was even thinking to be a missionary - sent to somewhere around the globe and teach word of GOD ( so holy) :) - thats improvement in terms of spirituality . Reading is my one hobby now :) that keeps me sane and even updated on what is already happening the world today! it gives me idea also loading my mind with intellectual thoughts :) - that would be improvement in terms mentally :) and in terms of EMOtion?? este emotionally, I would like to rest my heart this time :) I know she has been alot na.. wawa naman... :( hehe but honestly I want the pain and hatred subside. :) and hopefully all i want to feel is happiness nalang :) gee getting emo again! LOL well, as they said what you feel inside will reflect outside even if how you keep on hiding it -it will soon burst out! but whatever my life would take me I wanna live my life to the FULLEST!!


Biyernes, Oktubre 7, 2011

Cause Im Emotera..Churva part 2

I just got home from work and its raining outside, a HEAVY rain. Once again floods ruin the streets of Bajada and r'castillo which is unfortunately my way going home. Thank God I'd brought my slippers with me and saved my shoes from the water.tsk2x


Writing has become part of my life already. It is my one diversion or shall I say, a sweet escape from something Ive been avoiding for how many months now. 0_0 words i can't express out of my mouth, is being express through writing.. well, as what I'm saying heavy rain was outside and it really pours! well basically it really pours happiness on the earth as it waters those plants, soil, trees and whatever or whoever but the aftermath especially in Davao it floods. hmp... this night the rain does pour something for me - and its sadness. A raindrop is equivalent to a teardrop - YES im crying now.. CRYING TO SOMEONE WHO IS NOT WORTH MY TEARS! sumasabay yata ang ulan sa nararamdaman ko. LOL perfect timing or wrong timing?? that sucks! Parang I wanna try going out and cry in the rain, since I haven't tried that before :) they said its a great relief daw after weh! so why am I crying? lets say, i was really trying to kill a feeling that happened how many months ago and now it brings to life again and become more worst!! Ive been on the processed of possibly deleting inch by inch of memory from someone now, and you know parang kanina lang something happened and it was all coming back again! pwede ba tantanan mo na ako?? I really want to get out of that feeling na since I think Ive been prisoner of it for a long time already. but as for me kasi matagal ako makalimot- i think it would run a year pa before anything would be back to normal again leche! so loonngg, as of now Ive still been hiding something inside and that would conclude that im not fully okay! OKAY???


well, not a best phrase for me!(who wants it in the first place?) on anything that suggest sadness and hurtfulness, i don't like it, cause you know most Filipinos are emotional, emotera -and I'm included on that clan LOL.. saludo ako kung hindi ka talaga masasaktan sa totoo! As you will know the real thing, it could become the saddest part of your life- depending how you see the situation anyway. To those person who don't want to hurt someone, they engage themselves in lies. " the less you don't know the better" but you know walang sekreto inde nabubuko e. For me better that they tell you nalang directly so that isahang sakit nalang! di yung putol2x na pain, cause its like no ending.. a while ago i discovered something that once again made me feel a total wrack! my God Gulles! don't be lured by those lines. shit! i never thought to myself that the movie " No Other Woman" can be related to me somehow. That the issue i guess is not about the distance but rather involving other woman..urghh..Overwhelmed by your honesty that stinks! Yes, Ive been angry today as well as being sad because of the irrational reason.. and ive felt that I was not treated really nice by a bastard- and knowing the truth made me feel so down..caught up myself talking to the moon asking what have I done?? i really don't deserve this!..... and YOU! your a total BURDEN!


Ive been always praying since then that God will heal me- heal me inside. Taking slowly and in time it will really heal.. fully heal pls Lord. :( Part of my prayer is to forgive those persons who hurt me in the past, who never learned to understand my worth! who think that Im just a crap, easily dump me with insensitive feelings. I never wanted to be like this but I can't blame myself not to be angry or become bitter to someone. To be honest i don't want to engage in resentment. I just think to myself that I'm resilient (my favorite word), that I have the guts to be able to bounce back after a fall - yes I do and I will. Well, I just hope that someday i may able find that light- light that may able to direct me in the right path with no more hidden pain inside and just live life the way i really want it- with Happiness . . . :)


Huwebes, Oktubre 6, 2011

What is LUXURY for me?

I was not born in a well off family so I didn't grow up to have luxurious life as what does rich kids have. My life story I guess, is not that earthshaking as what others find theirs but I experienced already a lot of crying and laughing moments :) I'm just really a simple girl who dream BIG- enough to let me know that I need to enjoy myself with what I really want and what I really wanna do:) Its not necessary that a luxurious life just includes a fat bank account, a shopaholic attitude, a sumptuous-comfortable living etc. So what is Luxury for me?  I really don't engaged myself in clothes, bling-bling, night party, drink until I got drunk - all of those mentioned is not my life's enjoyment- to be honest I really don't find happiness on those. Instead what I want in life are TRAVELING, ADVENTURE, TAKE PICTURES, UNDERSTAND NEW CULTURE. :) that's  Luxury for me! Finding something what you really love- something precious, something to be proud and boast of after. :)

I know those things I want does require effort, and mostly money! haha anyways, Its always been my dream to travel the whole world! (amazing uh) being so ambitious (yes I'm) as they said don't settle yourself in a mediocre life instead strive for the best! As long as you have goals to direct you,something that everyday you look forward to, goals that will challenge you to strive for :) Traveling, adventure, taking pictures and understanding new cultures exposes myself to more learnings and ideas that eventually gives me sense of accomplishment at the end :)

So how about you, Whats your life's luxury?

Live Life to the Fullest :) Love and Light :)

Lunes, Oktubre 3, 2011

Cause I'm Emotera- Churva . .

Its really true that after breakup the heart never really breaks even for the two persons involved. There are still bitterness exists after. One may have moved on already but the other one still grieving. Bitterness which i guess does makes sense sometimes- just like a virus who come up to your system and destroys you - but, the other way around makes you see your personal worth also. Thinking who is him/her to ruined me?? Im strong! LOL
The thought of missing someone who doesn't really deserve to be missed is the thing I've been hating about myself. Its so blatant already that the person never missed you and never think of you so why your still welcoming that thought! This pasts days i became crabby, not on the mood to work, and shuffling to travel or try another adventure as my diversion (but no time). So I ended up frowning, wanted to be alone.
I don't know, whats up to me now. I'm subjected to an unenlightened thought of expectancy which is not good because I'm expecting to nothing- end up frustrated. There's something bothering me.. about my love life?? LOL or easy to say I haven't move on that much better -another LOL!! wahaha and i hate it.. making myself more susceptible to failure again!! grrr.. Why do i keep on thinking on the impossible? it would just put some undue stress and giving me pimples!!
I think I just have a bad day and my temper- displacing it to my little cousins who tries to welcome me at home after work. Hahaha anyways, worrying too much and thinking too much would cause nothing but headache!
Bad days can be bummer but we need to find good in everyday :) reminding yourself always that life has something more to offer and not just setting yourself to those gaudy feelings of missing someone cause its not worth your time girl! smell BITTERNESS in here... wahaha  "the bitter pill best heals the flu" :))

better ... LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST!! :)