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SAYONARA 2011 - ALOHA 2012

 HI FRIENDS! Howdy?? 

The year of the Tiger 2011 has come to an end and year of the WATER DRAGON of Chinese Lunar Calendar is coming soon! I'm a little bit excited cause I was born at Dragon's year and I hope 2012 will gonna be my year ^.^ . At this end of the year I made so much realizations in life- I discover my life more . I laugh this year, I cried, I accomplished something, I become more outgoing etc. So to make this post more valuable I want to share and bring back those moments that I have done and experienced within this year. This would be random (depending on what come first on my mind)

 This year, I made myself more outgoing! I really loved adventures , travels and facing fears at the same time! Thanks to my adventure bud Joann, who is the person I'm with during the moments I've done scuba diving , wakeboarding , zipline and the latest water rafting. We mostly agree anything about adventures like the place, budget, date, etc. I've also done adventures without her like the SkyWalk in Cebu City and enjoying Loboc EcoPark adventure in Bohol. I never limit myself to these things because this makes me happy and it's a chance of a lifetime to experienced those- though it may be a bit expensive <3 Looking forward for our Northern Luzon trip this 2012, really can't wait! :) As long as you're still young and flexible then grab the chance of doing it! don't wait to get old and sickly coz your time, movement will be limited already and for sure, you wouldn't enjoy it!
Matthew 6:20-21
" But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys
and where thieves do not break in and steal"
" For where your treasure is there your heart will be also"

What kind of break out is it? none other than the despairing pimple breakout! This is such a lost confident event for me since I looked so ugly with the rapid pimples going out on my cheeks. I lost my clear skin :( Everyone was asking why did I get pimples? They used to know me way back highschool and college not to have one. Keep on hearing words such as "anung ginawa mo sa mukha mo?" , "stress kaba grace?" , "in love ka noh?" LOL. This was so devastating! giving me low self esteem! I think I got it on so much thinking of anything that causes undue stress! I've tried different products already even the innocent safeguard soap lol! It could be hormonal maybe? (self-diagnosis hihi) but I really don't know the culprit! I just kept on consulting it to Dr. Google- maybe given some time I'll consult it to a dermatologist and shell out another hundreds!!!  anyhoo, thank God its all getting well and healing little by little. grrrr...needing so much patience on my face. I just hope it will all soon pass.
Romans 12:12
" Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer "

 It was my first time traveling alone and my first time going Manila :) it was mixed feelings lol.  It was June 11,2011 that I went there and even at a very short stay, I knew what life may be staying on that city. Metro Manila was twice or thrice being so urbanized compare to Davao, and you know being so probinsyana as I'm- I'm always amazed by what there city look haha especially in Makati that I crane up my neck to those tall, big buildings haha. I also tried the MRT and LRT for the first time- which made me feel ignorant riding a train!( coz no train in Davao!) boooo hehe . Ocean Park was part of the itinerary -If you were a kiddo, you may find the place very enjoyable (having the thoughts of bringing my little cousins there soon) though I find some other shows such as the Musical Fountain a blast! :) Mall strolling was done also in Trinoma, on the other hand in MOA where we had dinner. Going to 168 mall in Divisoria was not in the plan but I bought a bunch of pasalubong for family and friends and nothing for myself ! haha. Most things Ive done in Manila was FIRST TIME! LOL credits to the person whom I visited there and who is HE??yes HE's a guy! find on the next number :)
 Philippians 2:3-4
" Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better 
than yourselves. Each of you should not look only to your interests, but also
to the interests of others."

 This part would be kinda dramatic hehe. This year I fall in love again but unfortunately failed at end, sounds really corny but I did! When I say "I love you"- i really mean it! hehe I had a previous relationship before and was my first lover but he just kicked me off way back 2010. It was more than a year that I recovered from that heartbreak when I knew someone ♥ This someone is from Manila. Not to be so biased with my ex, this person was so different at first - he was so sweet, and that was my weakness! He's the person I visited in Manila but at end again, he dumped me. LOL Again, crayola moments! It was really hurtful and again, I did the sucky begging moments not to leave me haha.. well, there still part of me that misses him. As they said, "the hunger for love is difficult to remove than the hunger for bread" haha, but then again I need to face the truth - hes gone already. 
is distance really matter? I really don't think so.. as long as LOVE and TRUST is there.
Psalm 118:8
" It's better to trust in the Lord, than to put confidence in man"

September 9,2011 - This year I just created my first blog site and I was so proud of it! my blogsite :) Never did I think of having one. Seriously, I really don't have a knack in writing as what I'm always saying but thanks to my friend Joann who believes in me that I can make it and eventually at end, accomplished this one! This blog site has become a virtual diary, where I can always share my thoughts, travels, adventures and everything under the sun! It created another venture and that I become a lover of reading and writing, awesome change indeed. I been loving my site since the first time I created it and makes sure that I can post something each month on it :) This is one of the evidence that Ive been changing my boring life into a useful one that adds up improvement on what I think, decide and live on. :)
Psalm 34:1
" I will extol the LORD at all times; His praise will always be in my lips "

The tradition of our family since 1991 is to celebrate my birthday in cemetery-always! It started up when my mom passed away and just so unfortunate that my birthday falls on November 01! Anyhoo, this year I celebrated my 23rd birthday and I'm getting older geee! To let go of our tradition I opted to celebrate my birthday on other place and picked up the idea of Beach! :) The serenity and tranquility of the beach appeals so much to me. I really want to feel the waves that struck on the shore and find meaning on it (in short,emote! hehe). I don't have so much guests on my birthday. I decided to make it a secret and private coz I only want my family to be around- but Febi my friend, found it out! I can't ignore her so, she and Bryan joined the celebration!Just so sad that my bestfriend Franz couldn't come due to busy schedules and had been working at Gensan.
Psalm 118:24
"This is the day that the LORD has made, We will rejoice and be glad in it"

This year I can sense that I've been changing styles, trying to get out of the "conventional" type me who is very conservative. Being "polo shirt" girl, Ive been always stuck to this attire since college. Wearing polo shirt is good for everyday work either casual or formality, and eventually this year I started wearing the smaller outfits and more skin appearing haha. I never tried going out on town wearing shorts or sleeveless haha coz I want the "so-wrapped looked"- means jeans, tshirt , long sleeve or cardigan. As what I'm always saying I'm not into fashion because of the fact that I'm plump and morena, and the selfish thought that only skinny, tall and pearly white skin individual is for fashion. But hey! thanks to the plumpinay I've made such improvement on my self, or shall I say a "late bloomer" hehe - you can always look good as long as you want and enjoy it :) I even threw a party before with my two closest friends Febi and Franz, it was called " Sleeveless party" and " Dress party" haha just to get out of shell and show some skin! well, this one is an improvement in my lifestyle-it did well anyway :)
Colossians 3:23
" And whatever you do, do it heartily as to the Lord and not to men"

This year ive been contemplating on my career path. I was stuck on the decision whether to pursue nursing or not. It's been two years already that Ive stayed here at summit world (Cebu Pacific)  my first company to work with. Within that two years many things happened and changed. It started in here that I become outgoing because of a flexible schedules, that I can leave at a specific date where I had a travel. I had my salary every 15th of the month which is a big help,that I may able to save money for myself. I can buy things I want and even share a little for our house needs. This work is such a blessing and Ive been thanking God for this- even if its not my field (too far). My family was happy when I graduated college and even more happier when I passed the Nursing Liscensure Exam - but I didn't pursue it. I know that I was already left behind in my profession. My friends and batch mates are now staff nurses in different hospitals, though other friends still left wandering on being jobless as a nurse. Now, when Ive already decided to step down this 2012 another event made me think twice again- I was promoted to a regular employee ohemmgee! Again, another dilemma.
 Philippians 4:19
"And my God shall supply all your need according to His richness in glory by Christ Jesus"

On all the things happened in my life such as lovelife, family, finances and career many people told me that the way I speak, act to them sounds am really serious - they said Ive changed already. Being a cheerful girl and loves to joke so much before has now become serious on life. I don't know, there's just something on me that the way I decide on life should be taken seriously and according to God's plan. Well, most of the time i don't go with the flow- I was firmed with what I decide and avoid being compromise. At age 25 I hope and pray that my life would be stable and have a career that is really for me and not just being a product of positive inputs from others- cause this may lead me to achieve less than what I deserve. They said, don't take life seriously enjoy the moment of it. Yes, I do believe in that! There are just certain things that I need the "seriousness" be involved especially when it comes to my life.
Matthew 6: 22-23
" The lamp of the body is the eye. If therefore your eye is good, your whole body will be full of light.
"But if your eye is bad, your body will be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in you
is darkness, how great is that darkness!"

 One of my desirable virtue that I can boast to everyone is having the power of PATIENCE ^.^. This is the goodness in me that Ive been thanking always :) Somehow, this year I found out my self being instantaneous, well not always but sometimes and Ive been thinking "is still patience a virtue for me?". I don't want to lose this gift God give me cause I will really need it in times when I'm down and confuse. There's just sometimes especially this year that I just can't wait, and taking for granted the essence of the virtue. I've been repenting it to God that just even a glitch of undesirable circumstances, triggered me to have wild mood swings. But you know, you can always learned from your mistakes and I know that I need to add up more patience hormones on myself. God has been giving me more spices in life, and I know that's part of making me more stronger,more mature. He knows that He is always the ONE i will call up every time this occurs and God will never forsake me for that. Good things will come to those who waits.
Hebrews 13:5
"I will never leave you, nor forsake you"

Your story may not have such a happy beginning, but that doesn't make you who you are. It is the rest of your story, who you choose to be... so, who you are ??  - Kung Fu Panda 2

I give thanks for all that has been given to me, and all that has been taken away from me,
and remain hopeful for all that is yet to be ^.^
I give my 2012 to you LORD
Guide me, Take Care of me, as I face another year of challenges!
Embrace year of the DRAGON with BIG SMILE ^__^
This gonna be my last post this year ^.^ 

Jeremiah 29:11
"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

Living Life to the Fullest

Single's Club 2nd Monthsary

witwew! :)
Again, food party trip for our celebration
and the members? still the same! me and Joann..SOLID!
no one wants to join! hehe...we didn't care to recruit anyways :P
but! I invited a single friend of mine.. Manny a.k.a MANNYTO :)

WHEN: December 30,2011

not coming from a stressful work, not coming from crams, not coming from oily, dirty skin
THANK GOD our day's celebration was my off! hehe I really did requested it to Joann ^.^
not like the previous one, I was cramming from work, change outfit immediately -very stressed!
but now.....
I came from home , hassle free day- just like a freshly baked cookie from the oven OVER!! hehe

Upon doing brainstorm (chos) about the next food establishment
we've decided to dine @ "COCOS Grill Restaurant" located at F. Torres Street.
We had a lunch date meet up place at McDonalds Bajada :)
so let me have a tour with you on whats in store for our monthsary celebration
a little bit spicy and drooling this time LOLz

 this is Coco's interior - for me, it is so cozy and clean :)

the heavy eaters, este the DINERS hihi

another group picture- against the light!

I was OVERWHELMED with all our foods!
Coco's offer a very sumptuous meal with BIG SERVINGS
I didn't expect that their meals look like this :)
Because of all those foods above, we can't hardly finished it!
I think we ate for almost 3 hours haha and didn't even finished the whole meal 
so we decided to take it home :)
I would really recommend this restaurant for you guys, the place was awesome
the food was gorgeous :) lekker! big servings plus the value for money
and prices wasn't that expensive ! it was just soo enough :)

I was smiling looking our bill haha :) it only cost us php 1450.00!!!
amaziiinngggg....... :)

dinaanan ng bagyo! hehe

The rating?? it was 5/5 perfect score!
definitely I would come back to Coco's
After the breathtaking meal haha
we've decided to go to Abreeza Mall just nearby and watched Segunda Mano
This is my first time going on Abreeza's Cinema so I was kinda excited hehe
when we are still waiting for the movie at 4:15 pm we decided to chill
on their food court, do a little chika while killing the time hehe

me, with twin sissy travelity Joann :)

the mall's cinema :)

inside their cinema :)

and the movie?? well.. I was expecting a lot of shouting moments and  thrilling scenes
but, I ended up just sitting relax on my chair.. haha
I WAS EXPECTING MORE!! so, it was just an average horror movie for me haha :P

After the not so terrifying movie we watched, we've done mall strolling + window shopping and treat
my friends to Starbucks and shell out php 500.00 haha :)

while sipping our frappe's

me and manny


woo.... I had a great time with my two single buddies! :)
indeed a SUPER FUN DAY OFF of mine haha
After how many months of not going out, not having social life huhu,
finally i get out of home and enjoy outside world haha

see you on our next food trip


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Christmas 2011

OH YEAH.. well.. first of all.. 
 and New Year's coming near :>

How did you celebrated the Christmas? 
of course, the tradition...
Noche Buena? Gift giving, receiving? Gone to church? :)
oh Christmas.. a such wonderful season! 
but brothers and sisters,
let us not forget the real essence of this day .
And the angel answered and said to her, "The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the powerof the highest will overshadow you; therefore also, that Holy One is be born will be called Son of God"
Luke 1:35

That's it! Jesus Christ was born for us, our Emmanuel

"For GOD so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him
should not be perish but have everlasting life"
John 3:16

Let's all give thanks! Let's celebrate for this day :)
Let's pray also for those who suffered from typhoon Sendong
that God help them to recover from what had happened
on their family, homes and city and may find inner peace within themselves. 
Christmas is for EVERYONE! Christmas is LOVE!
GOD is LOVE - 1 John 4:8
and it should not only be a seasonal event where love is abundant
but then, lets make CHRISTMAS an EVERYDAY event :)

Happy Holidays Guys!
Godbless us all

Living Life to the Fullest

Miyerkules, Disyembre 21, 2011

My Simple Tribute to you...

I was shocked by the news.. Kuya Edgar passed away . . .

Kuya Edgar is one of the most important person when it comes to my spiritual life. He is one of those persons who encourages me to be STILL in my Christian life whenever I get tired serving the Lord. Who would have thought that at his early years in this world, God already sent Him to Heaven.

Last few weeks when given a time to had a sunday off, I was stunned by what our Pastor shared. Kuya Edgar was in the hospital suffering from his illness. I never thought he was ill because he was looking healthy. The sad thing was, he was not alone suffering it, but also his family due to hospital bills, medicines that they can't provide. Tears fall from my eyes- my heart was aching . I couldn't imagined how he was, a good servant of God suffered from this turmoil.

Last December 13, God already took him. He died in his home. His wake was in our church that time and given the opportunity to visit, me and my sister opted to went there- even when there is heavy rain outside due to Sendong, it never did discouraged us.
A white-gold plated coffin welcomed us. I looked at him inside his coffin where the glass turns out to be blurry maybe due to cold weather but then , I still managed to see him.  He was thin, big difference from the big body built he used to had  before. I saw his wife crying at the corner and I told myself not to cry also! I just let my eyes wander to other things so that I will not noticed Ate nik2x.
I got a chance to talked to his only child, SamBoy. An 8 year old boy who at that time only playing with his friend. I asked him , "kumusta na Sam?" he replied "ok lng, hayahay"- I couldn't get the idea of his answer, so I asked more. "na miss na nimo si Papa?" , he said " uu na miss uy! pati ni akong friend oh namiss sad sya" while pointing on his friend beside him. I didn't asked anymore, I get the point now. I realized at that age, he still cannot fully understand what death truly is. At first, he might thought of his father not around but never knew he will never come back again , ever. He may feel it when he will not see his father around their home anymore or is not present on the usual things they used to do. I understand this little boy.  I experienced it when I was a child -when my mum died. I was 3years old that time, and I only felt the desire of a mother's love and care when I got to highschool.

"Blessed are the dead who dies in the Lord, that they may rest from their labors and their works follow them"
Revelation 14:13

They said, do not sympathize instead empathized. Try to put your feet in their shoes. I know this is not easy for the family to accept such lose but as what as kuya Toto said, LET'S NOT BE SAD , LET'S CELEBRATE BECAUSE ONE OF OUR BROTHER DIED AND GOT TO HEAVEN! LET'S BE VICTORIOUS FOR THAT!  I realized that God is always there- in Happiness or Sadness. Death of our brother let me realized a lot of things :) All things happened for a purpose. We need  to see the goodness on our sorrows and at end, God was there standing waiting for us - cause He will never leave us :) Oh well, God is more than enough for us... :) I know the Delabahan family is always grateful and thankful for God even with this crisis going on - that's the Spirit of being God's children, a Christian. 
I know Kuya Edgar was in Heaven now with our Father. I know that he was smiling and happy :P He has been victorious and being crowned already in Heaven for what he has done here on earth :)

and a thought goes out my mind like this :
"does someone need to die first before we realized how God works on our lives. We never realized it now unless someone will sacrifice "

" For to me, to LIVE is CHRIST and to DIE is GAIN "
Philippians 1:21

this post is dedicated to my fellow Christian and to the Family of Kuya Edgar
Goodbye Kuya Edgar Delabahan

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Summit's Christmas Paty 2011

WHAT: Summit World Davao (GSA-Cebu Pacific) and SkyTeam
Christmas Party 2011
WHEN: December 14,2011
WHERE: High Events - Ecoland Davao City

Indeed, It was a blast! :)
days before our party I was never really excited.
I was bit lazy during the practice of our "dance showdown" ( YES, sasayaw ako huhu)
versus the Skyteam group :)
Anyhow, as the days getting near the adrenaline started to increase!!

Right after our work @ 6:30pm, we immediately get through to our party destination.
I never heard  "High Events" before, but when we get there
the place was very familiar! haha I passed this place how many times already,
when going SM and to my brother's home,
but never knew the place's name hihi

so without further adieu -- here are some captured moments -- let the pics do the talking

ma'am Tess and ma'am Lei preparing the stage (decorating prizes from the sponsors hihi)
I didn't expect a Christmas tree. Good thing the management put this in here - and gifts were put around it :)

looking around the place, we see a mini bar. Later, my office mates will fill this up haha
Everyone was looking for Tanduay Ice, but none was available! boo.. (display lang daw)
always loving the hanging glasses!

of course, the party wouldn't be complete without the food! hehe
(ayun may lechon!)

hehe.. bleh! but, most of us doesn't enjoyed the food :(

during the party, lots of games made! hehe
more on dancing , eating and laughing all throughout especially
when Rey a.k.a "Paris Hilton" came with a shocking appearance! haha
all was shouting, cranked up to their seats when they saw him or shall I say her?? :P

nyahaha!! I couldn't believed it :P

while having good time with my officemates :)

composed from departments of accounting, airport branch, VP branch, sub-agent's branch

of course, the most awaiting! haha .. our Dance Showdown LOL

cge kahit hindi sabay! haha

nyehehe.. :P
and the verdict?? our group won! haha

of course, GET THE PARTY STARTED!!! dance until your legs get cramped! haha
ma'am Lei with our bossing sir Edward during the exchange gift portion :)

ma'am Elyn with sir Ian :) Hit the dancefloor!!

haha! who's that girl?? she's in protest!

showdown with Paris Hilton! di ako patatalo! she's more sexier than me :( haha

PASABOG! nag wig ako.. ang pangeeettt!! haha


oh well....... Everyone including our bosses enjoyed it + we had our bonuses haha :P
but, the most unforgettable of them all is when our boss fetch us to our houses! haha 
I got home @ 1:00am and I need to wake early at morning cause we still have our duty!! gosh haha
la la la la la.... MERRY CHRISTMAS SUMMIT! :)
Living Life to the Fullest! 

Lunes, Disyembre 12, 2011


 I've been wondering always, that life is short..... short as it is.. you'll never know when your life ends.
Waking each morning is one of the best gift God has ever gave me. 
The air i breathe, the water I drink, the food I eat three times a day,
seeing my family each day happy, NO, NO nothing can compare.

What are those that you don't have that God doesn't provide??
I don't want to demand so much in my life.
I was contented of it.. living life in Simplicity.
When blessing comes , then it would be extra Happiness.
It means, God was so GOOD ALL THE TIME :) 

As far as I remember, I accept God to my life last April 2007
during our church youth camp. I was 2nd year college back then.
I accept Him not because I was forced to but my heart beat His name.
Things changed starting that.
I'm pretty much sure I wasn't the best servant God wants me to be.
I also disappointed God- there are times I became tired serving him
maybe because of some unnecessary pressures around
that I forgot about Him.

Ive also found out this year that my life's spices was twice the event compared last year.
Lots of problem occurred, but God was always GOOD.
He never left me. He never was. ^.^ and by that I was victorious!
We cannot really learn without pain but,
we can do everything thru Him that gives us strength.
When God takes something away from us, it only means that He has something better planned.
We just have to wait.

This Christmas, Ive always felt burning sensation in my heart.
Ive always wanted to have a mission - and that is to help.
Making life more sensible and meaningful. :) 
Living on God's word :)
I hope one of these days I may able to accomplish it

again, I become emotera regarding this post haha
anyways, Live Life to the Fullest - in accordance to God's plan

Love Lots,

Miyerkules, Disyembre 7, 2011

When I went to MANILA and Manila Ocean Park

.. I really want to write something and I couldn't find any topic to discuss with. So I decided to take a look at my photos saved in the computer - and found out the photos taken when I'm in Manila. I had a good time going to that city so I opted to make a post about it :P

Last June, I went to Manila with a personal objective , and it was my first time to do solo traveling! Despite of being so noob on that city, I was scared also because I don't know what will happened to me and I have no relatives to back up. Anyway thank God the trip was nice and SAFE haha thanks to that someone! :P 
 I'd stayed at Go Hotel at Mandaluyong which is definitely too far from the aiport! I just knew it after I confirmed the hotel booking LOL! so lesson learned "try to look at the map first before doing any move" haha. I arrived at Manila at midnight so no more traffic jam ^.^
this is the hotel's facade at morning 

just in front of the hotel is the Boni MRT Station (not so sure) hehe
their road was so wide! 4x wider than Davao

When I saw the MRT train I was a bit excited and nervous lol!! 
gonna be my first time to ride that one! hehe

Manila was so urbanized compared to Davao ,so my expression was always in "awe" to things, buildings, establishment that doesn't exists in Davao haha! Most was new to my eyes. I really don't give a damn to the Tagalog's who saw my impression bleh! 
The first stop on the first day as far as I remember was in Trinoma or Robinsons?? LOL oh anyway not so important as long as we ate at SBARRO!  haha gee.. again! no sbarro at Davao so in my mind, this is my chance to taste it! :P and it was the best pizza Ive ever tasted yet. Another first time done on the list. 

isn't it so lekker?? yummy!
i ordered chicago deep dish and someone's ordered angus cheese? oh forgot the name.
i think the pasta's name was puttanesca, served al dente :)

After filling the gastronomic craving, I think it was time for Manila Ocean Park. It was June 12 (Independence Day) and some streets were closed in Manila and the aftermath is we walked! LOL. It was noon time, the sun was up so you can just imagined how hot it really was! I didn't bring umbrella coz I only availed of Go lite on my flight and umbrella cannot be handcarried it should be checked in.:(  not so long in walking we arrived at MOP. They have a promo at that time and I just paid php 800.00 for the whole shows. Perfect timing! im starting to regress haha

I didn't get a chance to take picture on the Ocean Park's entrance coz it was really crowded.
I think, this time they were under renovations hmm.

The first show watched was the SEA LION'S SHOW :)
They performed so nice and I enjoyed it!

as the sea lion's performed! :P

next is .. another sea lion! haha :P  inside it's captive place

don't mind my face! haha just looked at the back where the SEA LION freely swim, captured just right!

and so.. we went inside.. :P

next is the JELLIES!

Self portrait with the DANCING SEA FAIRIES! haha 
Some jellies looked so scary! eeeh

next is THE FISH SPA!
Look at the fishes mouth seems ready to suck your tired feet! hehe

as my feet soaked on the water , the fishes starting giggling me! haha
super nakakakiliti at first promise! oh i missed this part :(
anyhow, the sucking moments was effective! It somehow relieved my tired feet.

next show is my most favorite! 

Super duper awesome! :)

Last but not the least is the OCEANARIUM

inside the OCEANARIUM, you can see different kinds of fishes or any form
of underwater life :)


woo.. super fun, tiring day! hehe anyways I've just felt being a kiddo again. 
If given another chance to come back at Ocean Park , i'll go on their new show?
the newly built THE ANTARTICA which was opened last September.
where Penguins was one of the main attractions :)
aja! I'll never forget this.

Living Life to the Fullest, Love Lots!
♥ Ysay ♥