Huwebes, Abril 11, 2013

Solitary- Can I make it??

April 11,2013

Its quite sometime now that I haven't been to a "new place". My feet's itching..itching to travel again! ^.^

I really want to try SOLO -TRAVEL. This may sound scary right? but mind you there are lots of lots of women who already did this, including my girl friend :) These women are impressive. I admire their courage and bravery to travel alone.  They never worry of the potholes on the road, they just keep going on to the journey.

This really interests me much.  I've been to different places already, but most are  traveled with group. Since I'm a fan of  challenges and love adventures, possibility of solo travel will most likely  to happen :)

I think being alone on such a journey is not really lonely at all. There are always possibility of meeting new people along the way. Conversing with locals. Enjoying the view. Take pictures. I think there are lots of things to do even if your alone minus the compromising act you always do when in group right? :) Its great that sometimes solitary life may come visit you. :)

I think when your alone you may reflect more. You may be able to appreciate even small details. Even if it made you broke, the experience is priceless. Its considering levels of fun and challenge that may come along. That sounds exciting!

I hope solo travel will happen the soonest, still crossing my fingers.

Travelling is just not living and growing the length of your life even living and growing the width of it. :)

Living Life to the Fullest
Ysay ♥