Martes, Hunyo 24, 2014

Dine at GILIGAN's Restaurant

Burp*ops! exactly what our tummies expressed in awe to the food we savoured! :D

It's been 2 months since the last pigged out-installment happen and I missed that! haha . When all payments has been settled, we venture to another food trip .. to GILIGAN's Restaurant at SM Lanang Sky Garden. To avoid swiping too much on Charm's credit card, we should look for restos that offer 'Group Meals' or 'good for..' meals etc. I'm not a fan of going to malls so I don't have any idea of Giligan. Hazel my workmate just found it out in the internet while checking restos in the city. Since the restaurant offers 'good for 6' meals and we are just five to wolf down (Kai, Charm, Jezz, Hazel and me) well, it's already enough for gastronomic cravings :D

GILIGAN's located at the edge part of the Sky Garden. It can easily be distinguish since it looks like inside a ship. I wonder if the owner is a seafarer itself?  hehe..Oh! It's Hazel's first time to come with us, so we need to make it special for her. Weeeee :D

Hazel, remembering Elixer uyyy hehehe

Fast forward to 4pm that day, excited to punch out DTR haha.. everyone's hungry since no snack was made :D We opted to have early dinner since Kai will have an appointment at 7pm. We were there a little too early and the place has no diners yet. (Solong solo?) haha . We are so noisy inside like bullying one another and backstabbing someone! haha JOKE! and oh, ate who is the waitress smiles with us too LOL!

We ordered S12 group meal + unli rice (to add php54). It was sumptuous and scrumptious! We enjoyed eating while chitchatting and laughing! So, let me share photo opp moments now. Enjoy!

The Heavy Eaters, este the DINERS pala haha!

Drooling is FREE haha :D NUM NUM NUM

It's a wrap! How can these lovely creations devour these foods and just left it like this? ahahaha.. The waitress uttered .. ' pwede ko na tong i dish out mam?' LOL! 'No miss.. we need refill! ' haha

So? The verdict?? Will I come back again here? Definitely! :D Most important here is were able to enjoy the companion and laughed till our hearts bursts! haha . For more information about Giligan's Restaurant, you can visit their website here BON APPETIT!

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Miyerkules, Hunyo 18, 2014

Photo Op: IGACOS Island Hopping

Hi Dolls, miss you :)

Well, talking about beaches here in Davao, we are blessed since we have Island Garden City of Samal (IGACOS) just near to us. The slope of the island , including it's little island called Talicud, offers beautiful beaches with it's white sand and clear blue waters. So if you want some time to bum on the beach and kiss the sun, why not try Island Hopping in IGACOS? That's a great deal! :)

This is our company trip and majority decided to have Island Tour. Meet up time is at 7am at Sta. Ana Wharf  where our rented boat docked ^.^  I'll let the pictures do the talking here. Enjoy ~.~

Meno Gaia Family 

Cause we are BEAUTIFUL - Understatement haha

Our first stop was in Angel Cove.

See the water?? so clear!!! 

After a wonderful time in Angel Cove, we transfered to Babu Santa resort where our boat docked off for quite long hour. Before we hit on the white sand, we played some ice breakers, tuned on loud music, dance, picture taking and then EAT! hehe

 We love to LOOK UP!! :)

Jump Shot!

We headed on to Coral Cave after, where we still enjoy sea. It was really wavy that time, that opted me  to wear life vest cause I've felt scared of drowning haha. I was a frustrated mermaid though. When we are enjoying the waves, a jelly fish just get out of the scene and scares all of us. Panick mode! no one was hurt by its sting though and we just laughed it all out after.

Heading back to Sta. Ana all was tired and sleepy however, I know enjoyment, fun and adventures are irreplaceable :D

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Miyerkules, Agosto 28, 2013

Dahilayan Adventure Park Trip

At last!! can I scream more?? AT LAASSST!!!! hehe
Knowing the adventure finder and adrenaline lover me, I couldn't get myself relax when we went in Bukidnon. A road trip with my workmates was amazing and so, conquering Dahilayan Adventure Park was a terrific experienced. Another errand was crushed out on my bucket list - happy me ^.^

A 24 hour ++ travel happened last Independence day, where it's holiday bebe! Everyone's free and kicking hehe.Meet up place was outside the office at 2am! Time wasn't strictly followed since everyone came late (including me. Blimey! ). We had couple of stop overs for photo opps, of course we don't want to missed some good sites enroute to Bukidnon ^.^

It was around 8am when we arrived at the park. An overwhelming sunny day and cool wind approached us. Jacket's a sure thing unless, your have high tolerance to cold . We rented a cottage worth php 200 since we have lots of things and foods to put out from the van. After arranging everything, photo-op moments started around the park. Let me share ya these... :)

Well dolls, the highlight for this adventure is the famous "DROPZONE". Even before this travel was planned by our company, I already dreamt for this ride to happen. This dropzone is much similar to the "Plunge" of Bohol that drops and do some pendulum swing (which I also dream of doing in the future,still crossing fingers for this). The Dropzone having the height of 120feet, could be on "singles" or "tandem". Single could shell you out php 500 and for tandem is php750. Since I already booked Charm, my workmate to be my partner in the ride, we only paid php 375 each (save yeah!) Charm and I decided to ride on Dropzone and flying gizzard  (php250) but at last part , we decided to change latter into Rope Course, thank God we are allowed to do so :) .

To let our mixed emotions let go of our bodies, cause it makes me freaking scared already, we first ride on dropzone. It's not crowded on the place when we made the ride, so it's not hesitant for us to get so noisy with all our screams and shouts as we are about to get higher and higher and dropped in just a blink of an eye. I even cried because of being scared (yes I cried on the dropzone lol!). We are swinged how many times until we finally go on still , hays thank God. Acrophobia is my other petpeeve cause it will make my knees jelly! :(  I had to fight that nuisance and to make sure that dropzone will be an epic event for me, and so it was... :)
Of course, we need evidence for this ride... we had our certificates!! ^.^

After that shaking moments with the Dropzone, we went on the humble Rope Course ^.^ oh I think the Humble-but unfriendly rope course haha. At the first look, the Rope course is very quite and very easy. When I tried it, it was out I think of! Totally different! It was two levels, and during the first level my knees on jelly again. There was a moment I'm about to surrender still on the first level (boo!) Thank God for the coaches/cheerer below - the audiences that helped us to overcome the obtacles hehe. You know, after seeing us they bought tickets and they tried it also! haha
I was afraid, I confessed it.. so, I did not tried anymore the second level. I just let Charmil made it to the end! wooo.. I'm so proud of you spidy girl! hehe

Yeah baby! my energy that  day was drained! hehe.. but I did not regretted it.. :) Since Cagayan de Oro is just 1-2 hours away from Bukidnon, we made a side trip to the city. We did not stayed long there but our van encountered a problem so the driver fixed it first :(. To kill time we walked around the city and bought VANDEP Pastel for pasalubong :)

At Camp Philips Bukidnon

We got to go at around 5pm already and this time, I've been looking forward to doozing off but couldn't. We are seated at the colum next to the driver's seat. We are five and it's been difficult to sleep since we are like sardines :( The following columns anyway, are lucky enough, cause they have enough space to shut their eyes. I only take forty winks which I complained because I need a DEEP sleep dolls! lol

Going back Davao was scary since it was really dark and heavy rain poured the way :( There's also a man just pop out in the middle of the road that scares the hell out of us! hehe gee..Anyhow, pretty enough to know that dinner could be on our way home, we just stopped at Malaybalay, Bukidnon to pig in. We make sure that the beloved driver is on his sound mind and full tummy to drive us to home.. SAFE! :)
It was 12mn that we finally got to Davao City proper. I got home at 1am and sleep to think I still have 7am duty at morning hehe . Whatta day! It was a wrap! Thanks Meno family ♥♥

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Lunes, Hunyo 10, 2013

It's PUKA Beach !

Gosh. Procastinating's my best friend. lol 
In as much I want to write, I always got crabby attitude that end up a unproductive day. Doh.

Anyhow, how are you dolls? I hope your feelin' great !:) This will be a continuation of my Boracay experienced last April and I'll be talking here about, PUKA Beach. Yeah right! Puka Beach is located at the Northern most part of Boracay Island. This beach is a one stop, if you will avail Island Tours. Since I told myself I will not avail of tours, etc cause I want it to be DIY travel, and we think we are "adventurous" echos! :) Me and Cherish opted to take it on our own going to PUKA hehe. We rode a yellow tricycle from the mainroad, that would lastly take about 30 minutes ride and with the amount of 150 pesos per way. Since it's a standard rate, we didn't haggle anymore. hehe

Puka Beach is a home for Puka Shells which is used also as a business by the locals. They make it as accessories like bracelets, necklaces etc good for "pasalubongs" and take note, you can even haggle for lower price hehe. I myself purchased some for friends and family :)

When we arrived there, the sun's in it's hottest. No wonder foreigners love this part of Boracay! It was in this place I became so negra, so prepare sunscreen please! Now, I'll not keep you waitin' dolls! Let me share you our Photo- Op moments! :)

see the Beach's color transition? So beautiful !

White's beach sand is more finer , compare here.

" Heat Savers" - Hat and sunglass.

Boracay Virgins? NO MORE! hehe Knowing a conventional and conservative me, I can say that Boracay open my mind a little.. just a little anyways in terms of wearing TWO PIECE! haha.. I'm plump but still my confidence was really helping me lot LOL. "No one knows me here anyway" hehe.. what happens in Boracay, stays in Boracay! So whatever picture you see here that you think are gross, I'm really sorry hehe.. This gonna be my first time posting these kinds of pics. Heavens forgive me! 

Sun Bathing isn't new here but... it's new to ME! lol

hahaha... my face so red in here. I don't think sun bathing is a good idea anymore. I'm a natural morena and if I over exposed my skin to sun, oh my.. can't imagine anymore LOL . Okay, back to PUKA. Comparing the long White beach to PUKA, the latter isn't a spoiled beach. I can't see any green algae here. Not crowded. Anyhow, I still love the sand of the former since it's more finer and powdery. To summarize it all.. I love PUKA! :)))) The whole Boracay itself anyways :)) See you on my next post! ^.^

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Martes, Mayo 7, 2013

Boracay All the Best Summer 2013

Howdy friends!

As we embraced 2013, I also embraced the fact that I'm travelling again. Darn, it was a year already that my last plane ride happened. So, since I'm financially capable again to fuel my trips, I embarked on my first year's journey to .... BORACAY.

Summer's the best vacation- and so Boracay is our first choice. Who can resists the powdery white sand and pristine clear blue waters of Boracay?? well for me , none. Together with my workmate Cherish last April 25-28, 2013, we made Boracay vacay a memorable one.

Our trip was at 0715AM , Davao- Kalibo of Cebu Pacific, we arrived at Kalibo a little too early than the expected time. 

CHERISH's FIRST PLANE RIDE . At Davao International Airport

Just en route to Boracay Island, without experiencing and stepping yet on the white beach , was a pocket-aching event already.  We need to shell out alot of cash to pay in a lot of things :( . Cherish who is a noob in travels keeps on complaining regarding these stuff. "Anu bayan, di pa tayo nakakaabot sa Bora almost one thou na ang gastos ko." haha.. I already anticipated those events since, prior the flight I already read different blogs about "how to go to Boracay" stuff like that . I just held out a deep breath while giving my money away :( .

Caticlan's Jetty port. During that time, the place was soooo crowded, I swear. ^.^

About to proceed to our boat. 

It looks like inside the plane, right? haha.. This was inside the boat. A bit cozy.

We just arrived in Boracay Island! @ Cagban Port

It was really an exhausting trip. The plane travel, almost two hours Kalibo- Caticlan road trip with a nagger driver, super crowded Caticlan Jetty port, the lots of cash out, the long walk to our accom and count on the HEAT! Yes! It's summer, why am I complaining? LOL. Anyhow, all of those mentioned was worth all the long way travel to the island.. When we saw the beach! yeah dolls the B-E-A-C-H!!

It was amazing!!! sooo wonderful!! Me and Cherish was astonished and mesmerized by the beach. We keep on saying, "wow" , "ganda naman", "oohhh I can't wait to dive in!" Yes we said that on loud voices that people around looks at us. haha . Who cares?? No one knows us here hehe. 


Oh yes! ever since, I was not a grandiose traveler. I don't pay for expensive hotel or accommodation, I pay for the beach itself and for the experienced! So months of researched about the affordable hotel/inn/accom, OCEAN BREEZE INN in Station 3 was the choice. Its not beach front, so you need to walk about 2-3 minutes going to the beach. I don't care,  as long as we are safe, comfortable and on budget. The hotel cost us php890 per night (NIPA cottage room- good for two persons) since it was peak season. However, when off season (June- October) expect a lower rate. I liked the place plus the staffs are friendly and accommodating. Sure thing!

Our room's facade, with the model LOL!! :)

The veranda. 

Our beds. My bed was a queen sized bed and for Cherish was a single sized bed haha.. 

We have our private bathroom .

Since we arrived at around 11AM and the check-in time is still at 2PM, we just left our baggage's and stroll around Boracay!! We need to familiarized the place, Cherish's celebrity hunting and of course, part of it was the photo-op session hehe . Can I let the pictures do the talking here?? 

I wasn't able to experienced Paraw Sailing :( I promised to do this when I get back to Boracay :)

haha.. Cherish plan came true! chos..

I don't want to miss the Sunset in Boracay. So romantic! ♥

ohh... so this is how D*mall looks like at night. See those people?? haha

Sand Castle at night! ^.^ We found this out at Station 1, so far! made my face so oily haha!

The Pyromaniacs in Bora :))

It was a wrap at our first day in Boracay! I will make another posts on Water activities and ATV ride, and  the Puka Beach sunbathing experienced haha.  Who would have wonder , that walking from Station 3-1 and vice versa was AMAZIINNGG?!? haha..  Our legs was definitely aching! Cherish was complaining leg pain after. Oh so Boracay!!  =) I can't fend for pips who leave their heart at Boracay hehe. See you on my next posts! 

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