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Dahilayan Adventure Park Trip

At last!! can I scream more?? AT LAASSST!!!! hehe
Knowing the adventure finder and adrenaline lover me, I couldn't get myself relax when we went in Bukidnon. A road trip with my workmates was amazing and so, conquering Dahilayan Adventure Park was a terrific experienced. Another errand was crushed out on my bucket list - happy me ^.^

A 24 hour ++ travel happened last Independence day, where it's holiday bebe! Everyone's free and kicking hehe.Meet up place was outside the office at 2am! Time wasn't strictly followed since everyone came late (including me. Blimey! ). We had couple of stop overs for photo opps, of course we don't want to missed some good sites enroute to Bukidnon ^.^

It was around 8am when we arrived at the park. An overwhelming sunny day and cool wind approached us. Jacket's a sure thing unless, your have high tolerance to cold . We rented a cottage worth php 200 since we have lots of things and foods to put out from the van. After arranging everything, photo-op moments started around the park. Let me share ya these... :)

Well dolls, the highlight for this adventure is the famous "DROPZONE". Even before this travel was planned by our company, I already dreamt for this ride to happen. This dropzone is much similar to the "Plunge" of Bohol that drops and do some pendulum swing (which I also dream of doing in the future,still crossing fingers for this). The Dropzone having the height of 120feet, could be on "singles" or "tandem". Single could shell you out php 500 and for tandem is php750. Since I already booked Charm, my workmate to be my partner in the ride, we only paid php 375 each (save yeah!) Charm and I decided to ride on Dropzone and flying gizzard  (php250) but at last part , we decided to change latter into Rope Course, thank God we are allowed to do so :) .

To let our mixed emotions let go of our bodies, cause it makes me freaking scared already, we first ride on dropzone. It's not crowded on the place when we made the ride, so it's not hesitant for us to get so noisy with all our screams and shouts as we are about to get higher and higher and dropped in just a blink of an eye. I even cried because of being scared (yes I cried on the dropzone lol!). We are swinged how many times until we finally go on still , hays thank God. Acrophobia is my other petpeeve cause it will make my knees jelly! :(  I had to fight that nuisance and to make sure that dropzone will be an epic event for me, and so it was... :)
Of course, we need evidence for this ride... we had our certificates!! ^.^

After that shaking moments with the Dropzone, we went on the humble Rope Course ^.^ oh I think the Humble-but unfriendly rope course haha. At the first look, the Rope course is very quite and very easy. When I tried it, it was out I think of! Totally different! It was two levels, and during the first level my knees on jelly again. There was a moment I'm about to surrender still on the first level (boo!) Thank God for the coaches/cheerer below - the audiences that helped us to overcome the obtacles hehe. You know, after seeing us they bought tickets and they tried it also! haha
I was afraid, I confessed it.. so, I did not tried anymore the second level. I just let Charmil made it to the end! wooo.. I'm so proud of you spidy girl! hehe

Yeah baby! my energy that  day was drained! hehe.. but I did not regretted it.. :) Since Cagayan de Oro is just 1-2 hours away from Bukidnon, we made a side trip to the city. We did not stayed long there but our van encountered a problem so the driver fixed it first :(. To kill time we walked around the city and bought VANDEP Pastel for pasalubong :)

At Camp Philips Bukidnon

We got to go at around 5pm already and this time, I've been looking forward to doozing off but couldn't. We are seated at the colum next to the driver's seat. We are five and it's been difficult to sleep since we are like sardines :( The following columns anyway, are lucky enough, cause they have enough space to shut their eyes. I only take forty winks which I complained because I need a DEEP sleep dolls! lol

Going back Davao was scary since it was really dark and heavy rain poured the way :( There's also a man just pop out in the middle of the road that scares the hell out of us! hehe gee..Anyhow, pretty enough to know that dinner could be on our way home, we just stopped at Malaybalay, Bukidnon to pig in. We make sure that the beloved driver is on his sound mind and full tummy to drive us to home.. SAFE! :)
It was 12mn that we finally got to Davao City proper. I got home at 1am and sleep to think I still have 7am duty at morning hehe . Whatta day! It was a wrap! Thanks Meno family ♥♥

Living Life to the Fullest!

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  1. I've always wanted to go to Bukidnon, just exactly for those extreme adventure places! I'll definitely keep this place in mind, pero punta muna ako sa Siargao. :)

  2. Thanks Jakey! :) wow Siargao! try surfing?? hehe.. i blog mo ha! :)) Goodluck sa mga errands mo ^.^

  3. I hardly can imagine you crying for the dropzone. hahaha.
    FINALLY jud! nakaabot na jud ka Dahilayan ^_^

  4. Joann: Yeah right.. nakakahiya naman at umiyak ako! haha but it's all worth it girlfriend!! hehehe