Biyernes, Setyembre 30, 2011

No Other Woman Effect :)

My God! This film was really great. I'd never expect how amazing it was. The characters are just so perfect in their roles. Derek (Ram) as a hot business man and a husband of Charmaine that girls would really break out. Christine (Charmaine) sweet, loving housewife and at the end become a fierce wife of Ram. Anne (Kara) being prick teaser with a sense of a man's real temptation. :) Whatever the roles they are portraying, the movie's plot just running around the story of couple with the side drip -with the mistress :)  It is not new to many but just re-knowing and re-learning more, that even marriage is not an assurance that one may not cheat. That even how you think they are perfect couple there are still flaws in a relationship.One may become unfaithful, on the other hand one may fall in love to a person who is already tied up. Realizing that LOVE- 4 letter word was yet a powerful word that makes someone go crazy -or make someone stupid and gullible at the end. :)
The movie never let the audience get bored in the middle (which is good), as I'm watching it, I think it was not just pure drama but even slight comedy hehe why?? There was lots of face-slap debate scenes and uttered soon popular lines. :) people applauded and cranked up to their seats as those lines lured their ears :) I guess those lines made the movie more spectacular! and here are some of my favorite lines:

– Cristine Reyes: You like nice things no? / – Anne Curtis: Yeah. They’re my guilty pleasures. But I really don’t feel guilty ‘cause I deserve them.

 – Anne Curtis: Just shut up and kiss me. And don’t you dare fall in love with me.(what happened- it was the other way around)

Mababaliw siguro ako kapag nalaman kong may babae siya. Baka mapatay ko iyong kabit. Silang dalawa, actually.

– Cristine Reyes: Alam mo kasi ang marriage parang exclusive village. Kailangan mong bantayan para hindi makapasok ang mga squatters.

– Cristine Reyes: The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Pero sa ganda mong iyan, siguradong marami kang alam na shortcuts.

– Anne Curtis: You can call me anything you want: a snake, a bitch, an other woman. But I will never be a pathetic, boring housewife.  (this is my most favorite line-poolside scene :))

I guess, Ive made this post more interesting to those pips who haven't seen the movie. I suggest YOU BETTER WATCH IT. Support Filipino movies and those who already saw it, good for you I guess you've learned something :)

Before I end this post I want to share this:
There's a possibility that a person can get attracted to another, its human nature, its not wrong  but the reason why your in a commitment is for you to discipline yourself. One may get attracted to numerous prospects and its OK as long as you don't nurse the feeling and wont do something about it. The borderline between cheating and faithfulness is to recognize the reality that you already have the person that can give you more than what you can get from a cheap thrills of attractions :) 

Have a happy weekend guys :) Live Life To The Fullest! Love and Light! :)

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