Martes, Nobyembre 29, 2011

Cause I'm Emotera- Churva part 3

hello darlin' !!
I was cleaning my room this day.. and found this thing in my cabinet

 thoughts vomiting on my mind...
and flashback starting to happen...
Do i need to thank myself for cleaning my room? hahaha... 
oh geeee... LONG TIME NO SEE TUMBLER! haha :) 
Is this thing a bearer of good news or bad news?? lol

i then stop cleaning.. trying to look at the thing seriously,checking it intensively, nothing change though.
Ive been keeping it in my closet for so long now and eventually forget about it.
This thing once become a "special remembrance" so special that I haven't used it and kept it sealed ^.^

 ...Remembering that this is my first time encountering Starbucks lolz 
shame to say but real true! 
First time to taste their frapuccino, first time going inside the establishment and 
first time having a tumbler of them!
Most was first time when I went on that city printed in the tumbler.
hays, remembering good old days with someone hehe 

after reminiscing with this little thing, I wrapped it again and put it inside the paper bag
and dumped again on my closet! haha :) 
I miss the feeling ^.^ seriously ..

always loving you
Ysay ^.^

Lunes, Nobyembre 28, 2011

Single's Club 1st monthsary

Yes indeed.. Single's Clan in the House!! and we just celebrated our 1st monthsary with the pioneer members (dalawa lang pala kami ni Joann) LOL! Where did the idea of Single's Club came from- Its from my twin sissy/adventure bud JOANN! :p well, she's the President and founder haha

Being single in Life doesn't mean boring but instead It is freaking awesome! You can do whatever you want without someone interfering and butting in your life's choice and decision. 'em i right ladies??  haha 
 anyhoo our first monthsary was a dinner date- opted to eat on a Italian Restaurant!  TAKE NOTE : alcohol FREE  Saturday night get together! Me and Joann don't drink though :)

When: November 26, 2011
What: Single's Club First Monthsary Celebration
Where: At the Peak - Gaisano Mall of Davao

Such a shame to say that I haven't been to the Peak of Gaisano! 
It can be walking distance from Victoria- my working place but I never had the guts going to that mall hihi.
anyways, now's the time to get through there- READY GO!! 
I was in awe as I enter the Peak's entrance and saw this one :)
 the fountain in the middle that changes color :)
there are still unoccupied space in the area
 this time I get annoyed with my camera coz the pics was blurry grr...I really don't know what happened!
another blurry pic :(

so we go around the place and took more pictures.. here are those...
with twin sissy Joann :)

Since were really hungry already we opt to go to Don Beppe restaurant.
Our choice Italian Resto that night:)
The glass walled restaurant where you can see clearly the interiors and the people inside 
was a little bit cozy :) I'm little bit hesitant to enter because.. Im shy!haha
When were inside already we found out a good spot! so we immediately get ourselves relax
on the comfy sofa and I took some pictures inside :) 
 The chandeliers
 I always like this one! hanging glasses hehe 

Unfortunately, after getting out our orders to Mr. Michael (waiter)- someone who is not familiar with the menus haha   Don Beppe the owner himself approached and told us if we could transfer table,
coz it was already reserved for four persons. Okay, since we understand and no more questions, we agreed on his plead. But, we are just disappointed on how they transferred us. :(
The table and chairs was metal, too small to handle our big plated orders. 
The plates, utensils are just being damped on the table- as if we not really treated well :(
I wasn't comfortable as I sit there. I was wearing shorts and as the metal touches my skin, well
it was just FREAKING COLD! haha
I was a little bit paranoid also because people are looking on us and are laughing lolz
maybe because we are the only thorns among the flowers haha and we are located at the 
center front!! who wouldn't noticed? I just smiled :)
Don Beppe must have been noticed our condition, approached and told us that
he will give us 10% discount- complimentary for what happened on us :( He even promised to give us better accommodation when we will comeback. Will we come back again?? that's the question. But before that, we received this dessert?? .don't know what it is lol
It was bit hard and I couldn't understand the taste haha :P 
  ANYHOW, the food was here! Gastronomic craving and increase salivation noted already. haha
Lasagna - full packed beef!
Carbonara :)
we asked "Mr Michael" the waiter what's the salable pizza, he told us it's Don Beppe's Pizza :)

The food taste good with big servings but, I would love to see it with good platings.
The food plating/presentation was just very simple -it didn't attract me that much.
It doesn't coincide with what we paid almost 8hundred pesos for the 3 dishes! LOLZ
We thought It would just be roughly 500 php
but, were wrong. We haven't read what's below the menu
"exclusive of VAT" hahaha lesson learned!!
always loving my twin sissy/ adventure bud travelity Joann :)
me, who is getting bigger again because of constant eating! haha :P
pimply grace's face huhu :(
me and Joann at this little table!! hehe dark photo result because of my cam! grrr
Joann couldn't finished her food so I'm to the rescue! haha takaw girl! :)
eventually at the end I could not bear anymore putting something on my mouth, so I surrendered. hehe
2 pizza slices left at the table , so we opted to take it home  hehe :)

so nakakaumay.. me and jo decided to go to BluGre located @ LandCo building , Bajada Davao City -famous coffee house at Davao :) more famous than Starbucks I guess-for Dabawenyos  :)
Just to chill again and order some drinks to let go of umay :)
Joann find a good spot again! and a comfy chair :)
at this time, I was a little sleepy already! hehe
I think It was almost 11pm and during these days 9:30 pm was my sleeping time.
other thing, looking at the wall on our sides Ive found out this cool design :)
hehe I just loved looking at it! :) signature cups from different celebrities who came to this place.

and so...we ordered these stuffs! 
Strawberry cream for me yummy! ..:)
Choco Mocha for Joann :)

We did chikahan- what I liked most when going out with Joann is we tackle 
good topics :) haha.. Topics that are sensible and intellectual.
while having chit-chat, we also borrow magazines in their rack 
and found out these Mabuhay magazine of PAL hehe 
So grab the chance of finding another possible candidate destination for our travels :)

Awesome Single's Club monthsary! (sorry we forgot to buy cake :( )
been happy for this night ! thanks to my twin sissy travelity :) 
I will cherish this Saturday night get together :)

Living Life to the Fullest- Loving you Most

Martes, Nobyembre 22, 2011

Body Matter

 Howdy friends! :)

Last night when I went home from work and ride on a tricyboat (common transportation especially going around obrero). When we passed USEP (University of South Eastern Philippines) the driver found out a very obese girl walking on her school uniform. The girl was such a BIG one and that bouncy thing happened as she walks the street. The driver who is so etchusero keeps on commenting how the girl look like. He keeps on telling in bisaya "kadaku anang bayhana uy!" , "pinasagdan sa kusina!". Well, I was not that shocked on the driver's haughty attitude but I was annoyed on him being so redundant and kept yelling on the girl's physical look (na amazed kaba manong driver?) . Even when were already far from the school he keeps on repeating about it and even advised me that I should not allowed myself having a body like that coz "GUYS LOVE SEXY BODY AND BEAUTIFUL FACE", daw... (i translated it to english) see that mindset! He is such a CRAP! I kept quite , smiles plasticly and get irritated on him.

then thoughts vomiting on my mind..

still! People discriminate. To be honest I was hurt on what he's talking about that innocent girl cause I used to be plump also. I knew what it feels like being bullied on what you look like. That's her body structure , and on that look she was happy. Its never wrong to become fat as long as happiness is there and even studies shows that more plump individual who are happy with there look are more HEALTHIER than any other. Other thing, I can conclude now that most men are really on the physical attributes of women- as what uttered by manong driver that men likes sexy and beautiful girls. I was blank! I never thought that driver who is not really good looking can tell those words on me ( he didn't even look his own self lol). The driver also shared health tips on me he said, in order to become fit I need to exercise, eat vegetables, limit meat ,cause most his co-drivers died on cardiac arrest! lol. At last! those words are better and motivating than that the former.
Anyways on my part, bullishness subsides cause it was overpowered with the love of my real friends and family for me. Maybe that plump girl walking on the street was super to the max-well loved by her support systems that's why she grew that big :) We are not really entitled to follow norms in society on what our body structure and color should be - as long as we are HAPPY, everything else will follow ! that's the spirit beautiful belly's :) 

Living Life to the Fullest! :) LOTS of LOVE 
♥ ySay

Miyerkules, Nobyembre 16, 2011


I couldn't understand my feelings today. 
I can't explain the mix feeling of HAPPINESS + having THE SECOND THOUGHT

You know what happened??
I just got promoted to a REGULAR EMPLOYEE!


A few months ago I already had a definite decision , and that is to resign on Feb 2012!
( no thoughts of becoming a regular one)
I even booked a flight going to Manila on March next year for 1 week!
knowing that I'll be free already from work starting on March first.
and then the overwhelming event happened
and now, I get perplexed on what to do....
I want to become a nurse next year coz I was thinking of being so behind already
but, being regular in a work today is a one chance of a lifetime -it means, I was trusted by our company.

Oh Lord, you know whats in my heart and what I desire.
I've been always praying for my career - and asking for you're guidance oh dear Jesus
that I may able to have a consistent decision on this matter

Love and Light

Linggo, Nobyembre 13, 2011

Chef Ysay :)

Hi friends!

I've always getting joy of watching any cooking shows, amazed with any recipe come up from different
chef's and always wanted to taste those mouth watering dish on my own mouth! (yummy!)
Being a registered nurse (who is not pursuing it now), a front-liner of a known lost cost airline,
and a adventurer (who likes to travel, explore and try out new things)- I also wanted to become a CHEF :)

Having the passion of facing a stove, get heated on a pot, whisk of heated-oil on skin, slicing onions and
garlic that cause me tears, go on wet market to buy meat or fish - was always been part of me :)
Our family was a family of cooks haha I really don't bask at it , we are just really gifted and I think we
have the edge to become CHEF's LOL haha
When I was still young, I was already trained to do stuff like that on the kitchen and eventually,
I kept it up to now :)

My favorite dish to cook is carbonara and any pasta. I'd like to make a dessert also (since I'm fond of sweets) and the thing I always wanted to learn -- BAKING :)

The question is, why do I want to become a CHEF and study to any culinary school?? 
Not just being fascinated on cooking programs, having interests on the kitchen and recipes,
but also being a Chef requires you to become INDEPENDENT and shows your CREATIVITY.
Why do I say so? because cooking is an ART also. When you COOK, you CREATE something-
something UNIQUE with delicate flavor and tastes. And as you cook your own dish you have the
AUTONOMY on what you will do. As a chef, it requires you to do something out of your own 
thought and imagination and not just being dictated by others- that's why you came up with what you 
call a signature dish :)

anyhoo, one can always be a chef "in there own way" - its not always necessary to have proper
training on cooking such as enrolling on those expensive culinary school- since having
proper certificates on trainings and studies are just extra credits :) but most important thing
is that you have the passion and you love what you're doing and everything else will follow :)
Even appreciations and claps from your friends and family who tasted your dish 
is an overwhelming event already :)

Happy cooking and eating
Bon Appetit! 

Live Life to the Fullest -Love and Light 

♥ Ysay ♥

Huwebes, Nobyembre 10, 2011

The Thought of Suicide

The thought of suicide came up to me almost two years ago when I had experienced depression. It was just a THOUGHT of suicide anyway since I'm really afraid of ending my life! haha.  That time i guess was my "lost moments" ,since I really don't understand what my life was all about and I was soooo down! feeling that the whole world was against me.. haha fast forward to the present thank God Ive survived it! and I'm okay this moment- with the help of my support systems + God above :)

Talking about suicide - It was really an alarming news that's statistics today about people who committed it are increasing! An ominous report to people who are concerned about this information. You may have seen or heard on news, that even as young as thirteen he would just end up life so easily. So whats up to these pips who let them enter the thought of suicide in their minds and eventually done it on act? Ive asked some of my friends and workmates what is there stand about this issue and after amassing their answers here are those:

Manny (24) "there are many ways to avoid suicide, when you are thinking rationally, try to think solutions to your troubles that are constructive, and that will ease the hurt your going through. most cases the person attempting suicide doesn't truly want to die- instead they just want the pain to stop"

Joann (23) "Contrary to what other people believe, these individuals who had committed suicide are brave. It sounds peculiar but hey, who in this world would have the guts to end their life?it's not that I'm saying that we should commit suicide; it's just that these people have this overwhelming courage to end their lives and leave their loved ones behind"

Elyn (27) "people commiting suicide are those people who dont have someone to share their problems..that they think they are alone,neglected and no one understand..and also they feel like there's no solution to their problems..this can be avoided if there's just someone who will be there for them to comfort,to listen  and encourage them whatever problem there facing."

Sueanne (35) "as for me, maybe that's there satisfaction in life specially those person who felt insecure, self pity, they felt alone but it is not true. Most person who plan to suicide does not know how to share there feelings inside good or bad feelings even if they have friends beside them to listen but then, he/she will not trust that person"

Somehow made me conclude, that those persons who commit suicide does not really want to die but instead they just want to voice out what they feel inside. It doesn't mean that they just want attention ,but what they want I guess is that someone who will understand and listen to them. These persons seem to be so happy, but they are actually hiding something inside them. Something inside that they can't bother to express due to some circumstances like what might people think of them- that leads in ending their life.Suicide has never been an option! They said living with pain seems so hard so the option is to kill oneself since dying is so easy, nah! JESUS is the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE  no one comet to the Father except thru Him. Christ will always offer way out. One will just apply to oneself since Christ loves everyone. :)

tsk2x.. Life is too short they said.. Life has more to offers.. There are still something you need to discover on your life, and on your surroundings .. Above all there is still GOD :) If everything fails out on human effort there is still God who will out work his power freely :) Let GOD hold you, on what you think, what you desire even on your serious problems- and surely He'll never let go. Thanks Lord !

"But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us"
Romans 5:8

♥ Love and Light ♥

Sabado, Nobyembre 5, 2011

READER : The Hiding Place

" do you know what hurts so very much? It's love. Love is the strongest force in the world, and when it is blocked it means pain."
" There are two things we can do when this happens. We can kill the love so that it stops hurting. 
But then of course part of us dies, too. Or, we can ask God to open up another route for that love to travel."
" God loves the person you love-even more than you do-and if you ask Him, He will give you His love for this
man, a love nothing can prevent,nothing destroy. Whenever we cannot love in the old, human way,
God can give us the perfect way."

Exactly the same words that struck me most when I've read this book titled " The Hiding Place" -a true to life story of Corrie ten Boom in time of Nazis invasion in Holland. Those words mentioned above cause me not tears but even heart ticking moments- a flashback from my life's pain. :( I was not really a lover of reading books such this one but the irony is that, I loved to buy books in bookshop sales and ended up not reading it. Dust already make a home out of it. hehe but this one, its really different!

Bought this book from a bookshop that sells for only 20 pesos! so cheap that you cannot really appreciate its beauty on the cover since being out of date and smells like you've put it in for 20 years in a cabinet or box haha!Ive checked the date it was published and it was 1971 hehe I was not even born that time LOL. Nonetheless, I guess it was really meant for me :) 

Ive felt so much for this little book and I always see to it that it would take a time out of my busy life :) Everyday Ive spent a 15 minutes to read a chapter of it :) Of course, my Bible would always be the first book to be read on - and that would mostly matter. :) I loved this book in a sense that even though how hard their life was on Nazis occupation, that the ten Boom family house become an underground for Jews-  they always lean to God alone. God was always being mentioned and indeed God was so being obedient and faithful even on that life crisis they had. It was somewhat also a self-help book for me, where you can learned a lot of life's lesson. It made me cry also! Not because I'm so emotional but Ive felt alot that was really striking! 

anyhow.. Id just really LIKED the book :) I hope dear friends that you will have the opportunity to read it :)

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths" - Proverbs 3:5-6

♥♥ Love and Light ♥♥

   YSAY ☺

Huwebes, Nobyembre 3, 2011

My Day ^.^

This is the day that the Lord has made
I will Rejoice and be Glad in it
because it is
My Special Day
My Natal Day
M Y   B I R T H D A Y  ! ! :)

NOVEMBER 1,2011- yes, you read it right. My birthday falls on All Saints Day. Me, celebrating with the ghosts and the dead- in combination with the flowers (can be plastic or fresh), the lighting candles, smell of incense and seething people in the cemetery haha  :) but, this could be MORE SPECIAL because the date itself is special. Have you noticed? 11-01-11 or maybe I'm just the one who is proud of it? haha This date would only  come once in a lifetime and would never come back! Though its not that very popular compare to 11-11-11 but somehow its still a unique date for me coz the month, day and year has #1 in it! hehe.

For the past 20 years of my existence my family usually celebrates my birthday in the cemetery! That's why in this 23rd birthday of mind I'd planned something different - I'd celebrated my birthday @ the BEACH :)

Before anything else.. before going to the white sand of Samal Island of course, Gulles Family needs to visit first our beloved Father and Mother at Buhangin Memorial Park -not to mention my mama passed away for 20 years already and my father for 8years...we offer prayers, candles and flowers for our parents who are both already in Heaven with God our Savior :) missing you guys a lot :(

B E A C H  P A R T E Y with my F A M I L Y

How many months ago, I was really really excited with my birthday :) pretty much excited cause someone will come in my special day to celebrate it with me and my family. Unfortunately, unluckily or whatever you will call it - it never happened - CANCELLED haha..MALAS ba?? or shall I say, its GOOD that it never happened ?? haha maybe your wondering what am I talking to? haha
well, to those persons who knew me better, they
may point out what the hell am I writing now!  hehe It may turn out to be non sense post again so,
 enough for that ..:)  favorite vegie ko talaga ang AMPALAYA lolz

Lets go to my celebration proper ... (meh ganun? wahaha)
It was just recent that I've planned and change our tradition for 20 years of celebrating my birthday in the cemetery! wew.. For me, the beach is an escape from the crowded cemetery where you can feel tranquility ,peace of mind and appreciating nature's beauty :) Not just that, my family will enjoy the swimming escapade on the white sand beach of IGACOS :) indeed, my little cousins enjoyed it :)
Around 4pm in the afternoon we walked out from home and went to Samal Island haha (ewan ko bat ako natatawa) :P anyways, Samal Island is known globally for having white sand beach resorts.
The famous one is the Pearl Farm Beach Resort :)
but, we are not going there cause its too EXPENSIVE!! wahaha
that would be one of my soonest destination -only in DAVAO!! :))

When going to our destination, we need to take a bus and ride on a barge :)
We choose Mahan Beach Resort because of its cheaper rates, having clean rooms and cr,  the ambiance was good. It is just near the barge which we can easily go home and near the wet market where we
can easily buy fresh meat or fish for grilling weeee... :) BARBEQUE!!

So, first thing we did is that we arranged all our things! haha and started doing the grilling thingy haha :P
Natusok pa talaga index finger ko sa kakatuhog.. huhu

Had fun during the grilling time.. tawa lang kami ng tawa kaya ang ibang bbq nasusunog na haha :P
we had difficulty also grilling the fish :P were not sure if the fish is cooked already or not? ahaha
so we ended up making the fish half-cooked! haha :P wala namang problem ang lasa hehe



What did I wished for?? haha
God knew it already :) 

While eating my carbonara... ahaha xempre! ako nagluto nyan e.. hehe

wirh Febi and Bryan :) my two helpful friends. Love you Guys!
Missing is my best friend Franz. First time she wasn't in my birthday!! huhu
miss you BEASTfriend!!

Histrionic or Narcissistic?? ahaha

B E A C H   M O M E N T S

Febi was so sexy this time but she was just too shy on me taking pictures with her - bikini on haha

With my super sexy ate!! (understatement payan) wahaha
I loved the chicken-pork adobo she cooked :) thanks Ana! :P

Happy Birthday to meeeee.... Sand Print!!

I didn't stayed long on the water cause I was a bit tired already and sleepy! haha
Febi, Bryan my ate and cousins stayed there at some more time -
with moments of getting EMO as they watch the wave touch the sand on the shore LOL :p

Hays naku.. hehe as I stayed inside our gazebo what I did was trying to let my wet hair dry
and listening to music on my phone LOL ( nag eemote sa loob?? NO room for that ) haha

My birthday celebration was just really simple. I had only 2 guests haha Febi and Bryan since Franz
couldn't come coz she was assign at Genaral Santos City :( It was just a pure family beach gimik plan,
but when Febi found it out pumilit na sumama! haha :P pumayag nalang ako hehe
INDEED! na enjoy ako sa bday ko.. It was away from the usual celebration .. Soooo much!
but I was really tired, on the following day I had to woke up early for work! and to think I haven't had a good sleep on that night since my cousin was besisde me and was soooo maingay!! 
and soooo makulit matulog!! grrr...

I'd thank God for this day :) what anymore could I say?? seriously. It was a Joyous birthday!
God give me another year to celebrate , appreciate life more and...
to LIVE my LIFE to the FULLEST with God living inside my HEART :)

"A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches, loving favor rather silver and gold"
Proverbs 22:1 
"By humility and fear of the Lord are riches, honor and life"
Proverbs 22:4