Martes, Hunyo 24, 2014

Dine at GILIGAN's Restaurant

Burp*ops! exactly what our tummies expressed in awe to the food we savoured! :D

It's been 2 months since the last pigged out-installment happen and I missed that! haha . When all payments has been settled, we venture to another food trip .. to GILIGAN's Restaurant at SM Lanang Sky Garden. To avoid swiping too much on Charm's credit card, we should look for restos that offer 'Group Meals' or 'good for..' meals etc. I'm not a fan of going to malls so I don't have any idea of Giligan. Hazel my workmate just found it out in the internet while checking restos in the city. Since the restaurant offers 'good for 6' meals and we are just five to wolf down (Kai, Charm, Jezz, Hazel and me) well, it's already enough for gastronomic cravings :D

GILIGAN's located at the edge part of the Sky Garden. It can easily be distinguish since it looks like inside a ship. I wonder if the owner is a seafarer itself?  hehe..Oh! It's Hazel's first time to come with us, so we need to make it special for her. Weeeee :D

Hazel, remembering Elixer uyyy hehehe

Fast forward to 4pm that day, excited to punch out DTR haha.. everyone's hungry since no snack was made :D We opted to have early dinner since Kai will have an appointment at 7pm. We were there a little too early and the place has no diners yet. (Solong solo?) haha . We are so noisy inside like bullying one another and backstabbing someone! haha JOKE! and oh, ate who is the waitress smiles with us too LOL!

We ordered S12 group meal + unli rice (to add php54). It was sumptuous and scrumptious! We enjoyed eating while chitchatting and laughing! So, let me share photo opp moments now. Enjoy!

The Heavy Eaters, este the DINERS pala haha!

Drooling is FREE haha :D NUM NUM NUM

It's a wrap! How can these lovely creations devour these foods and just left it like this? ahahaha.. The waitress uttered .. ' pwede ko na tong i dish out mam?' LOL! 'No miss.. we need refill! ' haha

So? The verdict?? Will I come back again here? Definitely! :D Most important here is were able to enjoy the companion and laughed till our hearts bursts! haha . For more information about Giligan's Restaurant, you can visit their website here BON APPETIT!

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  1. It was fun to laugh with you guys.. Its really more enjoyable to have people like you who I can be myself and bully you guys unlimited.. hahahahaha Atleast I know none of you are too sensitive.. hahahaha

    Till the next pigout guys! :-)

  2. Thanks anonymous! :D kidding mam Jezz :D Nice to know you enjoyed it! :D im looking forward for the next dine out :D GO KOREAN will be the theme haha.. mam Kai, prepare your voucher! haha

  3. thanks Gracey i really look beautiful here (AKO LANG) hahahaha Joke :-D hahhaha it looks like this is my Blog hahha,,, a paying tribute to me, i really enjoyed the company and the UNLIMTED BULLY including jeepny seatmate hahah... GO KOREAN mouth watering :p

  4. Yoh HJ! :D of course first photo ka talaga.. will make it extra special with you :D oh yeah the guys on jeepney! they get irritated with us coz were so beautiful! haha joke! till next time aja!

  5. next time with monopod and car na tayo ha? :D thanks ladies.. you were a lot of fun!

  6. monopod lng yung natuloy :( walang CAR lol... :D