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The Dragon Charm

 JANUARY 23,2012

Hi Friends! :)

This morning at the office yes unluckily we had work, it was like a party! Victoria Plaza was soo noisy, there were Dragon dances, drum beats, ang pao giving etc plus the Dragon went inside the office and I was really laughing in excitement ^.^ Not to mention the owner of this mall is Chinese and they were doing it annually on Chinese New Year. Anyhow back to my work, when reading the newspaper of Philippine Daily Inquirer, I smiled and frowned on what I've read. It was more about KUNG HEI FAT CHOI articles , the wedding of the year Shalani and Raul and about Iloilo's Dinagyang Festival profit. ang dami palang event kahapon sa Pinas! lol. I leap thru the pages and saw something interesting :). Since I'm a dragon baby I want to know what's in store for me this year and this is what I've read :

Dragons fall under these years : 1916,1928,1940,1952, 1964,1976, 1988,2000

"This year coincides with your horoscope. However, your resistance is weak. Do not be in a hurry in pursuing your projects. Always be humble and don't be greedy and everything will be smooth. Have some happy occasions like birthday parties to share luck with others. "

obviously, those words I highlighted are words inspiring somehow hehe.
another article made me reacted and agreed to some words mention about a Dragon's characteristics

1. Dragons are described to be intelligent and charismatic. They are also lively and full of vitality ^.^ - Cheerfulness is the name of the game!  :)
2. Dragons are determined and have lots of self-confidence. - FAIL! i self-pity always
3. They follow their own judgment and can take control of and deal effectively with problems. - hmm...correct!
4. In love relationships, dragons are self-centered but filial, and tend to marry late -
i laughed at this part ^.^ I like to marry late.
5. While Dragons are admired, they have few close friends. That's because they're dictatorial and don't listen to the advice of others. - True! I have few close friends but I disagree that I'm a dictator, and don't listen to others lolz.
6. Dragons are also arrogant, blunt and lack patience and tolerance. - I'm too much opposite to what has mention :P
7. Dragons are eccentric and egotistical, and seldom agree with elders. - haha NO! I respect the elders :) but I can sense being unusual or odd sometimes lolz
8. Dragons get along well with rats, roosters and monkeys, but not with oxes and dogs. - based on experienced, I don't get along with oxes hehe
9. Ideal careers for Dragons include being a businessman, actor, athlete and singer. - LOL ang hirap naman! how about being a NURSE? hehe

I believe in balance but not really in feng sui, lucky charms etc. I believe GOD has planned for each of us we must just trust in Him always and wait for the right time that God prepare for us :) It was written in the Bible in Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you", declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

Living Life to the Fullest

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  1. dang! We should go into business na talaga. hehe.
    Happy new year twin!

  2. PWEDE rin jo! TARA NA!! lol magsanib dalawang DRAGON hehe

  3. Dragon baby ka pala, you're supposed to bring good luck to your family kaya mas maswerte daw family mo kesa sa 'yo, but I don't agree, your future is in your hands and the One above, same with your family and the people around you. Happy Chinese New Year Ysay, belated, busy-busy-han lang kaya ngayon lang ulit nakadalaw. :)

    BTW, I have a new blog (, all about travels, hope you can visit it too. Thanks. :)

  4. HI TALINGGAW! its been a while sweet lady :) i'm really not into feng sui or any charms. I agree to what youve said that the future is in our hands, we just need to work for it :) Yes! I will visit your new blog the soonest! Mwah!