Lunes, Hunyo 10, 2013

It's PUKA Beach !

Gosh. Procastinating's my best friend. lol 
In as much I want to write, I always got crabby attitude that end up a unproductive day. Doh.

Anyhow, how are you dolls? I hope your feelin' great !:) This will be a continuation of my Boracay experienced last April and I'll be talking here about, PUKA Beach. Yeah right! Puka Beach is located at the Northern most part of Boracay Island. This beach is a one stop, if you will avail Island Tours. Since I told myself I will not avail of tours, etc cause I want it to be DIY travel, and we think we are "adventurous" echos! :) Me and Cherish opted to take it on our own going to PUKA hehe. We rode a yellow tricycle from the mainroad, that would lastly take about 30 minutes ride and with the amount of 150 pesos per way. Since it's a standard rate, we didn't haggle anymore. hehe

Puka Beach is a home for Puka Shells which is used also as a business by the locals. They make it as accessories like bracelets, necklaces etc good for "pasalubongs" and take note, you can even haggle for lower price hehe. I myself purchased some for friends and family :)

When we arrived there, the sun's in it's hottest. No wonder foreigners love this part of Boracay! It was in this place I became so negra, so prepare sunscreen please! Now, I'll not keep you waitin' dolls! Let me share you our Photo- Op moments! :)

see the Beach's color transition? So beautiful !

White's beach sand is more finer , compare here.

" Heat Savers" - Hat and sunglass.

Boracay Virgins? NO MORE! hehe Knowing a conventional and conservative me, I can say that Boracay open my mind a little.. just a little anyways in terms of wearing TWO PIECE! haha.. I'm plump but still my confidence was really helping me lot LOL. "No one knows me here anyway" hehe.. what happens in Boracay, stays in Boracay! So whatever picture you see here that you think are gross, I'm really sorry hehe.. This gonna be my first time posting these kinds of pics. Heavens forgive me! 

Sun Bathing isn't new here but... it's new to ME! lol

hahaha... my face so red in here. I don't think sun bathing is a good idea anymore. I'm a natural morena and if I over exposed my skin to sun, oh my.. can't imagine anymore LOL . Okay, back to PUKA. Comparing the long White beach to PUKA, the latter isn't a spoiled beach. I can't see any green algae here. Not crowded. Anyhow, I still love the sand of the former since it's more finer and powdery. To summarize it all.. I love PUKA! :)))) The whole Boracay itself anyways :)) See you on my next post! ^.^

Live Life to the Fullest
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