Martes, Marso 27, 2012

Taking Leap for More Travels!

March 27,2012

Hello Dolls ^.^
(i hope this post will not be nonsense)

Just couple of days after our BIG LUZON TRIP, I was in a state of " I DON'T KNOW NEXT" lol .I was stuck in a life of a boring doll, always thinking of nonsense things and a little savings left. I was in home always, I didn't go out. Just so I realized, money yes MONEY! Makes the world go round haha ( kinda nonsense but true) OH GOSH! Just so you know 2 days before the trip I resigned on my job cause I felt I need to pursue my field (the nursing one) and used most of my money gain on work for the trip. And the result? You know already haha

Hey, I never regretted that trip! I was really grateful indeed to experienced that in my life! I'll never know when will be the next chance to do that so grab the opportunity now. I went on the places that I'd never been to. To the countryside and a little urban side ^.^ Took pictures, leave memories .I was happy that I traveled with my twin sissy Joann- such moments to cherish with!  I even get a chance to see Talinggaw in person ^.^ After the travel, when I get home you know what happened? I cried on my room. Cried because of HAPPINESS hahaha and I was kinda "bitin" you know (cause the plan for Manila didn't happened lol) NOSTALGIA EFFECT worsened couple days after!

I always say this on my end posts. Living Life to the Fullest! Yes, We only live once, so take the chance now. And on my case, I took the chance and the risks to travel and eventually find a deeper meaning on what I did. That's the difference when you love what you're doing than merely doing it for nothing.You see things in different manner. Traveling has become part of my boring life before, it gives color!! emote! ^.^
I ♥ traveling- and always be.

Happy moments @ Paoay Sand Dunes Ilocos Norte

more posts to come about the trip!


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  1. Felt the same way grace. Whenever I go out, my mind wanders somewhere..parang lutang. haha. Kaya grabe ako kung maka.apply ng sideline and research to earn money online to travel again. Try working online while waiting for the right opp for our profession para 'di ka ma.bored :)

  2. Naks, I like the mention...hehe!

    I guess everyone loves to travel, and everyone worries about the money to sustain this passion. But as I always say to my friend, I work to live, not the other way around, and part of living is traveling, at least for me. So when opportunities to travel came my way, go lang di ba? ;)

    To Joan: I like the concept of earning online, san ba makakapag-apply ng ganyan? :)

  3. nice like the new look of your blog pretty awesome.

  4. bakit nawawala comment ko? :( mukhang napunta din sa spam ah, check your spam box Grace, nag-comment na ko dito eh. ;)

  5. @pinaywanderer- yes nabasa ko sa email ko yung comment but when i check it out here wala sya.. don't know san napunta. anyhow, thanks! miss you talinggaw! :)

    Mga Tugon
    1. Check mo spam folder sa blogger comments, sigurado napunta yun dun. :)