Martes, Mayo 7, 2013

Boracay All the Best Summer 2013

Howdy friends!

As we embraced 2013, I also embraced the fact that I'm travelling again. Darn, it was a year already that my last plane ride happened. So, since I'm financially capable again to fuel my trips, I embarked on my first year's journey to .... BORACAY.

Summer's the best vacation- and so Boracay is our first choice. Who can resists the powdery white sand and pristine clear blue waters of Boracay?? well for me , none. Together with my workmate Cherish last April 25-28, 2013, we made Boracay vacay a memorable one.

Our trip was at 0715AM , Davao- Kalibo of Cebu Pacific, we arrived at Kalibo a little too early than the expected time. 

CHERISH's FIRST PLANE RIDE . At Davao International Airport

Just en route to Boracay Island, without experiencing and stepping yet on the white beach , was a pocket-aching event already.  We need to shell out alot of cash to pay in a lot of things :( . Cherish who is a noob in travels keeps on complaining regarding these stuff. "Anu bayan, di pa tayo nakakaabot sa Bora almost one thou na ang gastos ko." haha.. I already anticipated those events since, prior the flight I already read different blogs about "how to go to Boracay" stuff like that . I just held out a deep breath while giving my money away :( .

Caticlan's Jetty port. During that time, the place was soooo crowded, I swear. ^.^

About to proceed to our boat. 

It looks like inside the plane, right? haha.. This was inside the boat. A bit cozy.

We just arrived in Boracay Island! @ Cagban Port

It was really an exhausting trip. The plane travel, almost two hours Kalibo- Caticlan road trip with a nagger driver, super crowded Caticlan Jetty port, the lots of cash out, the long walk to our accom and count on the HEAT! Yes! It's summer, why am I complaining? LOL. Anyhow, all of those mentioned was worth all the long way travel to the island.. When we saw the beach! yeah dolls the B-E-A-C-H!!

It was amazing!!! sooo wonderful!! Me and Cherish was astonished and mesmerized by the beach. We keep on saying, "wow" , "ganda naman", "oohhh I can't wait to dive in!" Yes we said that on loud voices that people around looks at us. haha . Who cares?? No one knows us here hehe. 


Oh yes! ever since, I was not a grandiose traveler. I don't pay for expensive hotel or accommodation, I pay for the beach itself and for the experienced! So months of researched about the affordable hotel/inn/accom, OCEAN BREEZE INN in Station 3 was the choice. Its not beach front, so you need to walk about 2-3 minutes going to the beach. I don't care,  as long as we are safe, comfortable and on budget. The hotel cost us php890 per night (NIPA cottage room- good for two persons) since it was peak season. However, when off season (June- October) expect a lower rate. I liked the place plus the staffs are friendly and accommodating. Sure thing!

Our room's facade, with the model LOL!! :)

The veranda. 

Our beds. My bed was a queen sized bed and for Cherish was a single sized bed haha.. 

We have our private bathroom .

Since we arrived at around 11AM and the check-in time is still at 2PM, we just left our baggage's and stroll around Boracay!! We need to familiarized the place, Cherish's celebrity hunting and of course, part of it was the photo-op session hehe . Can I let the pictures do the talking here?? 

I wasn't able to experienced Paraw Sailing :( I promised to do this when I get back to Boracay :)

haha.. Cherish plan came true! chos..

I don't want to miss the Sunset in Boracay. So romantic! ♥

ohh... so this is how D*mall looks like at night. See those people?? haha

Sand Castle at night! ^.^ We found this out at Station 1, so far! made my face so oily haha!

The Pyromaniacs in Bora :))

It was a wrap at our first day in Boracay! I will make another posts on Water activities and ATV ride, and  the Puka Beach sunbathing experienced haha.  Who would have wonder , that walking from Station 3-1 and vice versa was AMAZIINNGG?!? haha..  Our legs was definitely aching! Cherish was complaining leg pain after. Oh so Boracay!!  =) I can't fend for pips who leave their heart at Boracay hehe. See you on my next posts! 

Living Life to the Fullest
Ysay ♥


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  1. I love the sunset <3 I wanna walk there too!!!!

  2. Janie girl! yes, the sunset there was so romantic! I wish I was with someone special at that moment chos! book na ticket for bora mam! haha

  3. Boracay, I want to go back! hehe. I didn't experience the night life when I got there.haha. Maybe soon after Batanes :D

  4. Madami talaga tao kapag summer at mataas ang rates ng mga boracay resorts... try ko next time pumunta on a rainy season, may mga nagsabi mas masaya daw sa Boracay sa mga ganun panahon! :)

  5. Hi kit! Thanks for dropping by .. :) Really? what's in Boracay on those season? hehe.. Basta ba ang beach maganda ^.^