Meet Me :)

My real name is Grace :) (a.k.a moonlit ysay)  A registered nurse but not pursuing it now ..:)
Anyhoo, The mere existence of my blog "its me Ysay" answers the question "who I am". An ordinary girl living life extraordinarily. Why extraordinary?? because it includes my life, my adventure, my emotions and anything under the sun! I'm just really a typical girl- jeans and shirt. I like the idea of being "childlike" that life of a kid is "SIMPLE- just play and be happy" :) but I'm not childish (there's difference). I don't smoke, i don't drink i just want to enjoy my life, since we only live once , then live life to the fullest  :) I love to travel, ride another adventure, learn new culture, discover hidden places, take pictures, food is my comfort. I believe in an adage that we live life today, try to take chances, be crazy now, don't wait until tomorrow because today is the oldest you've been and the youngest you'll ever be again! I don't want to grow old full of regrets. I just want to live my life best today and always :) GOD SPEED!

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