Biyernes, Setyembre 30, 2011

Bruno Mars - It Will Rain [New Music]


I LOVE IT! :) 

Leave some morphine at my door
'Cause it would take a whole lot of medication
To realize what we used to have,
We don't have it anymore.

No Other Woman Effect :)

My God! This film was really great. I'd never expect how amazing it was. The characters are just so perfect in their roles. Derek (Ram) as a hot business man and a husband of Charmaine that girls would really break out. Christine (Charmaine) sweet, loving housewife and at the end become a fierce wife of Ram. Anne (Kara) being prick teaser with a sense of a man's real temptation. :) Whatever the roles they are portraying, the movie's plot just running around the story of couple with the side drip -with the mistress :)  It is not new to many but just re-knowing and re-learning more, that even marriage is not an assurance that one may not cheat. That even how you think they are perfect couple there are still flaws in a relationship.One may become unfaithful, on the other hand one may fall in love to a person who is already tied up. Realizing that LOVE- 4 letter word was yet a powerful word that makes someone go crazy -or make someone stupid and gullible at the end. :)
The movie never let the audience get bored in the middle (which is good), as I'm watching it, I think it was not just pure drama but even slight comedy hehe why?? There was lots of face-slap debate scenes and uttered soon popular lines. :) people applauded and cranked up to their seats as those lines lured their ears :) I guess those lines made the movie more spectacular! and here are some of my favorite lines:

– Cristine Reyes: You like nice things no? / – Anne Curtis: Yeah. They’re my guilty pleasures. But I really don’t feel guilty ‘cause I deserve them.

 – Anne Curtis: Just shut up and kiss me. And don’t you dare fall in love with me.(what happened- it was the other way around)

Mababaliw siguro ako kapag nalaman kong may babae siya. Baka mapatay ko iyong kabit. Silang dalawa, actually.

– Cristine Reyes: Alam mo kasi ang marriage parang exclusive village. Kailangan mong bantayan para hindi makapasok ang mga squatters.

– Cristine Reyes: The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Pero sa ganda mong iyan, siguradong marami kang alam na shortcuts.

– Anne Curtis: You can call me anything you want: a snake, a bitch, an other woman. But I will never be a pathetic, boring housewife.  (this is my most favorite line-poolside scene :))

I guess, Ive made this post more interesting to those pips who haven't seen the movie. I suggest YOU BETTER WATCH IT. Support Filipino movies and those who already saw it, good for you I guess you've learned something :)

Before I end this post I want to share this:
There's a possibility that a person can get attracted to another, its human nature, its not wrong  but the reason why your in a commitment is for you to discipline yourself. One may get attracted to numerous prospects and its OK as long as you don't nurse the feeling and wont do something about it. The borderline between cheating and faithfulness is to recognize the reality that you already have the person that can give you more than what you can get from a cheap thrills of attractions :) 

Have a happy weekend guys :) Live Life To The Fullest! Love and Light! :)

Miyerkules, Setyembre 28, 2011

Is NURSING Still for ME????

As far as i remember, way back highschool years at Assumption I never thought to myself becoming a nurse in the future. It was really being an accountant, or masscom student I want in college well, in line of medicine as a physical therapist was my choice also (but not so). It was then when i was in senior high that all students boggling already where to study in college and what course to be taken up.. and me ,i stay quite. Nursing at that time was in bloom and was so famous ,and it was peer influences i guess that i ended up this course since most of my friends enrolled nursing.And that was the memorable moment I let nursing enter my life. I don't know if i regreted the decision or not. 
I graduated nursing and passed the liscensure exam but i was not working as a nurse now. Just as we graduate , the popularity and demands declined and my mindset that time was to find a job whether or not nursing.. and fortunately i was hired! in an AIRLINE company... too far from my field (i know). I don't want to be jobless that's why, but it was so difficult to be employed as a nurse this time you need to train up and pay for training and still 50-50 absorption to the job! That's too harsh only hospitals will benefit from you. It was 2 years already since i'd rest from my field and if I want it again i don't know if i can still remember or forget already, or there may be possibilities of mistakes if I'm in the field. Anyway anything can be RE-learned :). Perhaps now I still got dilemma whether or not to pursue nursing though sometimes I can't help myself missing it  and getting jelly with my friends who are staff nurses already :(. Pursuing it means resigning on my job today and be officially jobless again. My family want me to work in the hospital, but not forcing me though its just like- reminding me always-with those soft whisper in my ears "mag-hospital kana" and sometimes cause me to be annoyed and pressured already.
.. Since most of my friends took nursing and supported by their families with a thought that their children may have brighter future  (which i thought so). But the peak has its end, mass of seething nurses are unemployed. Discerning on the options:  my recent work or being a nurse. I guess the important thing for me now is I have work (something to be busy with) and I'm earning,saving but i plan to step down next year to pursue nursing and its still an abyss what will happen on my next years life. I hope I may survive seeking job as a N-U-R-S-E and now again I'm making this long paragraph storytelling all about my career. hehe nah.. I just let God hold of my future. GOD speed!


Sabado, Setyembre 24, 2011


Feeling so bored this pasts days? Not having an energy to go throughout the day?Just always sitting, facing the monitor, texting blackberry. Well now's the time to get up on bed, try to go outside your crib! Why don't you try stretching, jog around your village, produced some sweat and just let those calories burn! :) 
So why did i say that exercise is one key to happiness? What do we need to find happiness? There lots of self-help book there that suggests us lots of ways to find that spectacular word HAPPINESS ( who wouldn't want it in the first place?) Some suggestions offer us complex ideas that ends us to be confused on what should we really need to do. Little we don't know that simple way like EXERCISE would give us enough reason to be happy. :)
Exercise which is basic yet essential in pursuing happiness, and being active in life releases happy hormones (my favorite endorphins!hehe) and keep us fit and sane. Not just that but even adequate sleep is a must also :). Not all people are blessed to run a marathon but its the little steps you take everyday can guarantee the release of those endorphins! :) Unplugging ourselves from technology and spending just half an hour to run, walk,swim,bike or whatever that floats or boats that keep us on that road to happy :)
In connection to my life, me and my adventure bud joann decided to burn those baby fats as we inclined ourselves to sports the badminton! hehe located in Smashville Fitness Center @Uyanguren Davao City :)

we chose badminton since its famous of burning calories faster than just mere exercising :) Me and joann love to eat and were gaining weights already ahaha we need to take in heat and burn those sleeping fats!
Not just we did exercise but even making ourselves love sports (its not too late). Its not just also becoming fit and sane but even the enjoyment it brings during our play that results to happiness! at the end of the day we felt really light as lots of calories were burned hehe SO KEEP THOSE ENDORPHINS RELEASING!!! 

Huwebes, Setyembre 22, 2011


Its been awhile since my college and close friends haven't had dinner date due to busy schedules, far working places etc. So last monday they decided to have dinner date and karaoke galore after :) I actually don't wanna go but they fetch me in the office and force me so, i have no choice but to come. Anyways i guess ive made the right decision :) 

For our dinner, we've decided to go to Abreeza mall just less than 10 minutes ride from my workplace. It just walking distance but its raining and my friends don't want to walk so we've decided to take a jeep :)
Hukad restaurant came to be our choice place for dining. Some hearsay that this restaurant offers delicious food and pocket friendly prices :) so we tried it and its true! we really had a sumptuous dinner! :) Since they offer a lot of food, which happens to be Filipino foods (or like lutong bahay) we have a lot of choices and we ended up with these yummy appetizers! :) 

( I really wanted that crispy pata but its a bit expensive hehe )
Isn't enough if we will just order 1 cup of rice and we are so hungry already so we decided to make it UNLI RICE!haha what a tummy we had. :) Since were waiting for the foods to be serve we actually get loved Phoebe's camera which is really unique and cute :) Its a samsung dual view camera, which  have two LCD's located at the back that is widescreen and the secondary color LCD at the front just adjacent to the lens :)

check below pictures taken using the samsung dual view camera:
 The place ambiance was good, lots of costumer queuing outside just to have that table slot :)  The restaurant's design is pleasing to the eyes, there lots of glass mirror on the walls where you can timely check your appearance hehe (to those who are very maarte) and one thing i really liked on the resto's design was the big hanging rice (which is puso in bisaya) ahaha i think it was really cute. It became the bulb light of the restaurant that gives light on the place. It reminds me of something ( eating barbecue in streets )
moments of eating at this time ..................................and then.............
hahahaha so matakaw us! we are so full at this moment! the staffs was helpful and friendly -all for costumers satisfaction! Definitely we will refer this to others and we'll come back soon. :)

.. after dinner we've decided to have videoke/karaoke @ gimik- rizal :) so this the "EXTRA" mentioned on blog's title :P
 favorite songs??

IT WAS REALLY A GOOD NIGHT FOR US. We ended the night parting apart our own destinations. :) i miss you guys and hope to chill out with you again soon :) mwahugsss

Sabado, Setyembre 17, 2011

jUst lalaLOve being ME!

I woke up early this morning and find out myself looking at the mirror immediately! I was so excited to looked at my face, my body and started talking to it. hehe (sounds crazy? ) I was just inspired this day, i woke up just so good :). Well im gonna talk about accepting and loving who you are :). Each one of us is created not the same as the other that's why we are "unique" :) Some of us cannot accept who we really are or how we look like because we are bombarded with different standards like the media that evokes us that real model type looking body,  "glutha" flawless skin are those hip and sexy and are mostly accepted by the society. Nah, it would just add in the self-pettiness of an individual and most likely they cannot accept his/her self with that kind of thought. I was also a victim of that kind of selfish standards. Before, i was really a fat and morena girl haha but being  chubby and dark i was also a happy teen :) I never looked down myself and never thought of any differences on me. I just think I'm unique ahaha.. But it came to a point that I was so depressed and I was thinking that being skinny and having fairer skin would be "in" in the society. I thought that kind of move is a way that i can vent on the depression matters in my life. From that moment I started dieting and skipping meals cause i want an immediate result! I even take metathione so that I'll be fairer , but all of those actions are worthless since after a month I developed ULCER! ugh.. with that Ive realized i need to eat and take care of myself and accept who really am I and what i looked like :)



Well, what I'm trying to share is that from this moment on , on what we have, on what we look like amidst the diversity we had from others we need to be proud of it. We need to  LOVE it , we need to bask it to others. NO MORE  HIDING. We don't need to be in the standards of the society that talks only sameness because in the first place we are not all the same. :) We still have some undiscovered uniqueness on us so we need to explore on it and used it for the good. :) Starting now we need to talk to our own bodies appreciate it and love it! :)We are all beautiful because we are created in the image of our God. The real beauty brothers and sisters is not superficial instead it is skin deep! Whats inside is more important rather that what we see outside :) So whether your dark, curly hair, fat  then make the most out of it and enjoy life, embrace your belly, kiss your color! Beauty is not happiness, on the contrary loving your own self is :)

Martes, Setyembre 13, 2011

BOHOL Tour 2011

Last July 25-27 ,2011 me and my family went to Bohol to visit my brother and have a vacation :) Our clan came from Bohol so this is not my first time going there, i think it was already my fifth time going back. One thing about Bohol is there tourism catch up. Bohol was so blessed with wonderful attractions like the famous chocolate hills or the Panglao beach and many more.. If you want to have tour around Bohol it would just take you 1 day! just rent a van, sit back and relax, prepare your cameras and eyes as you will see the beauty of BOHOL! :)

Of course, memories to remember we need to take pictures hehe. So i just let the pics do the talking :) check below:





MY PET.. haha JOKE!!
so there it is.. haha i guess the pics paint a thousand words already hehe (stubborn?)
Places we went in Bohol  during our tour :
* Sagbayan Peak
* Tarsier
* Chocolate Hills
* Hanging Bridge
* Loboc Eco Park (Zipline and Cart wheel)
* Loboc Floating Restaurant
* Ship House
* Hinagdanan Cave
* Python
* Blood Compact
* Baclayon Church
* Just went through Panglao Beach


Linggo, Setyembre 11, 2011

Fly High with ZIPLINE!

We as human beings has this desire on our hearts how it feels like flying! :) I think each one of us already thought of it especially when were still children as we see those kites, birds, planes flying in the sky. Well anyways, again another adventure went through our minds with my adventure bud Joann, asking the question how 'bout we try the famous ZIPLINE?! :) Yes indeed! last August 27,2011we did another terrifying adventure and here it goes..
Me and Joann decided to have zipline at Outland Adventure located at Maa Diversion Road Davao City just before GAP farm. It was not that far from downtown just take a cab and you'll be there around 30 minutes :)
 Most people say that me and Jo are like twin sisters because we look a like :) i just jokingly reply "uu kambal kami" and the two of us will look each other and laugh! ahahah.
 This was actually my second time on zipline. My first is when I was in Bohol last July 2011 during our Bohol tour with family. But the zipline in Bohol was not that gravity defying and the speed is not as fast compared to outland. But in Bohol while you're doing the zip, there is better view compare to outland. :P Above, you can see below the famous Loboc River with the floating restaurants :)
After the orientation, me and Jo decided to what position were gonna do first in the zipline. There are two kinds of zipline in outland the Repentor and the Xcelerator it only differs in speed. The first zipline were gonna take is the Repentor :) so we decided to do the inverted one first haha The adrenaline rush begins!


During the inverted position , i have difficulty in positioning myself. The staff said i just need to lie backwards and just hang myself on the rope freely. haha you know i was afraid of heights and seeing the cliff in an upside down position was really scary. I cannot straighten my body and It was not all easy and the result?? i got back pains! :(
Before going up to the Xcelerator zip, you will do a little trekking going up :) The xcelerator known to be the fastest speed zip is about to be our reach hehe :) as we are going up we find this trail mark :
Yes its true! :) SMILE , its an ADVENTURE. So we've stopped and posed for a pic :0
Unfortunately, Joann's camera runs out of battery when we are already in the xcelerator and it was lucky for us to have this one last pic before it was batt empty! haha . Poor us we haven't captured the "SUPERMAN" position which is the one advised riding the xcelerator :)

On the other hand, Outland adventure doesn't only offer zipline. They also offer the so called " BUNGEE TRAMPOLINE"  :) I was fascinated seeing the staff performing the bungee tramping so me and Joann decided to have a try on it and fortunately I was so enjoyed! :)
Since the camera was lowbatt, we used up Joann's cellphone that's why the pics are bit dim :P

You may think it was just as easy as 1,2,3 then your wrong! :P well the steps were easy but when your gonna try it, it was a bit the feeling of riding the sea dragon (if your from Davao you are familiar with sea dragon). haha. Well, your just gonna go up and down and it would be more exciting if your gonna go higher and higher. :) and if your comfortable already going up and down you may now try the back flipping maneuver! haha So lucky for me I have done the back flip 5x! It was a great accomplishment :)

so here's my video on Bungee Tramping

Looks disgusting, even my brother commented I looked like a frog on my position haha at least i was able to do that and they were very jealous of me. Lots of people texted me after I posted my video on facebook if where did we have our zipline and how much the prices ..too much inquiries they've asked me. haha
We ended the day with EAT ALL YOU CAN lunch. Both of us was so hungry and exhausted on all the rides we've tried, i think lots of calories was burn during my bungee tramping.. :)
again another adventure was done and I'm super duper happy! thanks to Jo my adventure bud! Live Life to the Fullest!