Sabado, Marso 31, 2012


April 1, 2012

Hello dolls! :) Presence of Holiness is here- Easter's coming!

Being a wanderlust, I'm also a shutterbug! I do love traveling but I love more taking pictures on the places I've been to. Capture each moment, each view of that place I visited- as they famously say " take nothing but  pictures" . I can say, photography is one of my precious passions (echos). Given a chance to hold and used a Canon DSLR cam in Baguio City on our last big  travel in Luzon, I never think twice anymore or hesitated but grab it immediately with such peak of excitement! "This is my moment", I said to myself. So without further adieu, I'll like to share couples of my shots in Baguio City and the very subject?? STRAWBERRIES!! hope you enjoy it!

Yum- yum-Yum!
that's it! I know I'm only an amateur photographer ,but I was really happy with  the  result on my photos. I've felt I was professional one, especially when someone likes it on facebook , or commented how the shot looks great! It fattens my heart and I got overwhelmed hihi. I desired a DSLR cam eversince, and I got sad when I give it back to the owner :(  (Kung pwede lang nakawin tsk!). Anyhow, I always wanted to invest such kind of camera in the future- I'll just need to save more and more and more haha. I like it to be my 25th birthday gift  for myself :) , still have two years to work on it haha. Who would like to sponsor?? JOKE! Happy Holy week! May the presence and guidance of God will be with you and your family always :) Let's be more closer to God as we work through Lent and Easter.


Living Life to the Fullest
Shutterbug Doll

Martes, Marso 27, 2012

Taking Leap for More Travels!

March 27,2012

Hello Dolls ^.^
(i hope this post will not be nonsense)

Just couple of days after our BIG LUZON TRIP, I was in a state of " I DON'T KNOW NEXT" lol .I was stuck in a life of a boring doll, always thinking of nonsense things and a little savings left. I was in home always, I didn't go out. Just so I realized, money yes MONEY! Makes the world go round haha ( kinda nonsense but true) OH GOSH! Just so you know 2 days before the trip I resigned on my job cause I felt I need to pursue my field (the nursing one) and used most of my money gain on work for the trip. And the result? You know already haha

Hey, I never regretted that trip! I was really grateful indeed to experienced that in my life! I'll never know when will be the next chance to do that so grab the opportunity now. I went on the places that I'd never been to. To the countryside and a little urban side ^.^ Took pictures, leave memories .I was happy that I traveled with my twin sissy Joann- such moments to cherish with!  I even get a chance to see Talinggaw in person ^.^ After the travel, when I get home you know what happened? I cried on my room. Cried because of HAPPINESS hahaha and I was kinda "bitin" you know (cause the plan for Manila didn't happened lol) NOSTALGIA EFFECT worsened couple days after!

I always say this on my end posts. Living Life to the Fullest! Yes, We only live once, so take the chance now. And on my case, I took the chance and the risks to travel and eventually find a deeper meaning on what I did. That's the difference when you love what you're doing than merely doing it for nothing.You see things in different manner. Traveling has become part of my boring life before, it gives color!! emote! ^.^
I ♥ traveling- and always be.

Happy moments @ Paoay Sand Dunes Ilocos Norte

more posts to come about the trip!


Sabado, Marso 10, 2012

BYE work

I've already decided! I will step down on my work this March 11,2012
it took me so long to decide on this matter.
WORKING and EARNING is an important matter for me.
I don't wanna be JOBLESS.
but of course, I don't want to be left behind with my course.
The NURSING course. 

Ive worked in a call center before but didn't finished my training because I didn't like it.
I surrendered, quit and AWOL! haha
and from that on.. I realized I don't fit in a call center world.
Then Ive found out another hiring - a Cebu Pacific GSA in Davao City.
Luckily even with a far related course, I was hired.
For the last 2 years here in Summit World- Ive met new friends, learn a lot of lesson
become more discipline and become extrovert over my introvert life.

this has became my second home.
and of course, I would exactly missed my office mates, my table , my computer, haha
talking to different people, got scolded because of wrong bookings,
making reports, keeping up cashier's money.
This was all OFFICE WORK! :) 

and on the other side...another thought...
I do missed NURSING


me and Elyn - partners in crime! Miss Internationals! :)

Group picture. EPIC!

I'll miss you all :)
Living Life to the Fullest!

Sabado, Marso 3, 2012

New Friends

Howdy Friends! ^.^

We all know friendship seems to be an everlasting word. A word full of meaning that creates a special bond between individuals "A friendship Bond". I wouldn't believe someone  without a friend, that might be so impossible. No man is an island they said and statistically based, one can't be a loner to a planet with seven billion individuals living and roaming around ^.^ .  I myself has also friends but I tell you I only have FEW REAL CLOSE FRIENDS. Yes, I choose my friends, that would be so self centered but I would love to be secured against backstabbing and traitor individuals. I don't engage in super dami friends list, like on facebook whom most you call friends are stranger to you, a person you really don't know. Of course, a wide array of social networking could possibly meet up new friends in different manner, but a little too harsh on the opposite can harm or danger you so better, be careful dolls :)

There are lots of ways and instances meeting new friends either could be acquaintances on an event,  someone who you just meet up on the street or during your coffee break ^.^ Most friends share the common interests, cause they cannot be friends upon any other terms but upon terms of equality and sameness. That's why cause them to agree most of what they want either on clothes, adventures, dreams, sports etc.  

So why am I talking friendship here? hehe well, I just have a new group of friends! :) The new individuals that I just met up few weeks back, my friends in UNO, whom I knew due to Vahn. These individuals are very unusual to the group of friends I had already. They are the OPEN MINDED group whose mindset was really odd- and you'll think their crazy. At first I was having second thoughts of opening my mind to these kind of people. I wasn't been an open minded individual, I was stuck on a mindset of believing my own thought- always :)They just didn't teach me to become open minded-looking on reality sake! but also in developing skills of being a leader- looking beyond money. Amidst of the things they've shared on me I realized experiences in life would let someone find a better way, to get off from their drastic life experiences, and make their dreams come to reality, which they thought impossible to attain ^.^. Everyone shines given the right lighting and I guess being on UNO help them find what they're really looking for life -or better way to say it "answers to their dreams"

"Tell me your Friends, and I tell you who you are"

Living Life to the Fullest
♥ Ysay ♥