Sabado, Abril 28, 2012

Saturday Thoughts

April 28,2012
I chose to be Beautiful.

Watta thought! Let's just say I'm a bit narcissistic today hehe. When I was young, I don't see myself as very attractive (even now). I'm not a head turner, I was just a flower in a wall with no one wants to pick up. Maybe because I was really fat and dark that cause me to petty myself much before. I just realized that beauty isn't only superficial but skin deep. Being beautiful starts from within yourself that reflects outside. I just noticed that women who are happy living the life they love, are the ones who are really beautiful. It isn't limited to physical attributes, or just how the person acts on social settings, but its living a wonderful and great life that makes someone glow. 

In my life's relation, this April has been the worst month of year 2012. I was really in the state of always welcoming negative thoughts that cause me to worry much and thus became a worrywart. I tend to write posts on this blog but it all turns out to be drafts! I couldn't finish it since I cant concentrate. I was filled with anxiety to things that I'm not sure to happen or never will. Then there comes a time that I looked myself in front of the mirror. I saw a ugly duckling! Where's the swan?! (echos). I was stressed and I didn't looked good. So I tried to think. Worrying doesn't improve what my future plans, It only ruins my time at the present which I was supposed to be enjoying. It's futile to fret, cause worrying will not change anything, it doesn't solve any problem at all.  It only makes me feel depressed and ugly. So, I shake that stressed away baby and chose to be PRETTY! :)

We mostly forget that it is the quality and not the quantity of life we need to feel in order for us to have good outlook and beautiful life. Its better to add life to your years than to add years to your life. Let's just enjoy life and what it will offer us and most importantly, what we accomplish for the Lord makes our life  more meaningful :)

so I need to rephrase the thought mention above:

I chose to be Beautiful - Holistically

Charm is deceitful and beauty is passing, but a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised.
Proverbs 31:30

Living Life to the Fullest
Happy Weekend Dolls


Biyernes, Abril 6, 2012

Hoping Back for Good

 April 7,2012

What I did this Holy week was contemplating about my career path. I was happy and bit jealous when Ive found out that my classmates and friends already in other countries pursuing their nursing career. I was in a world of clutter when it comes to my career. I have no work as of the moment and Ive been doing a lot to find one. You couldn't be hired unless you already experienced at least 1 year in this field and that's my problem. I'll be so much lucky if the company or hospital doesn't require experience. Pursuing nursing now is my first time, I've been away for this for more that 2 years already, and I really need to refresh all my learnings and thoughts  with this course- and so it will just fall down to TRAININGS- which I'll be doing soon to other place, outside Davao. 

 I'm adjusting to my situation today. I'm at home always, its hard to stay at home when you've been into  working and outside world before. I've felt claustrophobic at the four corners of my crib.

Everyday, we faced different challenges in every aspects of life. It could be family, financial, friends, emotions. Letting go.. seems easy to say yet very difficult to do. I'm so guilty of this. Lots of thoughts I couldn't let go yet, and thus creates confusion inside my head! One of those is my career path. I don't have yet final decision but I guess more percentage of going to other place to train up nursing will succeed . Being back to my course is I guess will put me to good decision? hoping and kept praying for it. 

Living Life to the Fullest