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Photo Op: IGACOS Island Hopping

Hi Dolls, miss you :)

Well, talking about beaches here in Davao, we are blessed since we have Island Garden City of Samal (IGACOS) just near to us. The slope of the island , including it's little island called Talicud, offers beautiful beaches with it's white sand and clear blue waters. So if you want some time to bum on the beach and kiss the sun, why not try Island Hopping in IGACOS? That's a great deal! :)

This is our company trip and majority decided to have Island Tour. Meet up time is at 7am at Sta. Ana Wharf  where our rented boat docked ^.^  I'll let the pictures do the talking here. Enjoy ~.~

Meno Gaia Family 

Cause we are BEAUTIFUL - Understatement haha

Our first stop was in Angel Cove.

See the water?? so clear!!! 

After a wonderful time in Angel Cove, we transfered to Babu Santa resort where our boat docked off for quite long hour. Before we hit on the white sand, we played some ice breakers, tuned on loud music, dance, picture taking and then EAT! hehe

 We love to LOOK UP!! :)

Jump Shot!

We headed on to Coral Cave after, where we still enjoy sea. It was really wavy that time, that opted me  to wear life vest cause I've felt scared of drowning haha. I was a frustrated mermaid though. When we are enjoying the waves, a jelly fish just get out of the scene and scares all of us. Panick mode! no one was hurt by its sting though and we just laughed it all out after.

Heading back to Sta. Ana all was tired and sleepy however, I know enjoyment, fun and adventures are irreplaceable :D

Living Life to the Fullest
Ysay ♥

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