Miyerkules, Enero 18, 2012

I'm a Hater and Complainer

 hello world! :)

for so long now, nothing happens especial in my life ^.^
I really wanna go out but knowing nothing where to go, I'd stayed up stuck at home :(
 I hope March would come the soonest! I'm really so excited :) I can't waaaittt!!
These past days and weeks, I was in a world of HATE and COMPLAINTS.

First of all, I hated and complained on the weather here in Davao.
It always rains! and to the fact that I hate RAINY season, 
and the reason that I don't want myself and my things get WET!
I will accept windy, sunny and cold weather but please, just don't rain @.@
Flashbacks of not so good experiences will occur during this kind of weather (emote!)
So, I would not recommend it to my own fragile-emotera self! :)
 I was so thankful that sunny weather starting to shine on our city ^.^

Second, I'm losing interests in my work.
There would really come a time in your life that you will get tired of something.
and this happens to me now. I'm tired of working :( .
Ive felt that my working environment isn't healthy anymore though I'm earning salary.
Not because of I'm Juana tamad but, I'm losing the passion for this work-
which was at the highest level during my first months here.
You know the feeling at morning where you want to sleep for so long
but need to get up early because of work :(
It started when Ive passed my resignation letter, and from that on all I wanted is to let the days go so fast
and hoping for February 29 to come and PRESTO! I'm free ^.^

Third, a bad sleep at night.
It was one week that I haven't had a good sleep at night :(
 It was sooo devastating huhu and ended up to have a sleepy head at work
I really don't understand such night episodes, at 3am more or less I woke up
and can't fall back to sleep again. I could close my eyes for 30 minutes, 
that would be the longest time, and after that I can see my self staring at my dark room until 6am :(
Thank God! after that one week of unrestful nights I came back to my good sleep  :)
how did it happened?? simple. I just eat a little at night ^.^
Coz that one week of sleepless nights I was in a full tummy when sleeping.
So when I decided to eat less, OLA! i LOVE my nights again :)

Fourth, I gain a lota weight :(
Starting last month December until now I was really craving to eat ^.^
I mostly eat cakes, donuts, chocolates ohh I love sweet foods! 
For cold season, I usually crave eating anything especially what's mention above :) 
What's available inside the fridge, di ko pinalalampas haha
Even if I just finished eating something the gluttony of me is calling hihi
ohh I'm so sinful! sorry Lord!
so when I was looking at my body on the mirror I just realized I was so FAT!
MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS! what happened?
oh noooo... my chubby face, becomes more chubbier LOLZ
well, basically I hate my body.. ang laki2x na ng bilbil ko, e dati wala to (echos!)
Now, I'm on the moment of EATING LESS haha- eat less only in evening hehe

oh well... I hope It will all soon pass hehe :)

Living Life to the Fullest! Love Lots!

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