Sabado, Marso 3, 2012

New Friends

Howdy Friends! ^.^

We all know friendship seems to be an everlasting word. A word full of meaning that creates a special bond between individuals "A friendship Bond". I wouldn't believe someone  without a friend, that might be so impossible. No man is an island they said and statistically based, one can't be a loner to a planet with seven billion individuals living and roaming around ^.^ .  I myself has also friends but I tell you I only have FEW REAL CLOSE FRIENDS. Yes, I choose my friends, that would be so self centered but I would love to be secured against backstabbing and traitor individuals. I don't engage in super dami friends list, like on facebook whom most you call friends are stranger to you, a person you really don't know. Of course, a wide array of social networking could possibly meet up new friends in different manner, but a little too harsh on the opposite can harm or danger you so better, be careful dolls :)

There are lots of ways and instances meeting new friends either could be acquaintances on an event,  someone who you just meet up on the street or during your coffee break ^.^ Most friends share the common interests, cause they cannot be friends upon any other terms but upon terms of equality and sameness. That's why cause them to agree most of what they want either on clothes, adventures, dreams, sports etc.  

So why am I talking friendship here? hehe well, I just have a new group of friends! :) The new individuals that I just met up few weeks back, my friends in UNO, whom I knew due to Vahn. These individuals are very unusual to the group of friends I had already. They are the OPEN MINDED group whose mindset was really odd- and you'll think their crazy. At first I was having second thoughts of opening my mind to these kind of people. I wasn't been an open minded individual, I was stuck on a mindset of believing my own thought- always :)They just didn't teach me to become open minded-looking on reality sake! but also in developing skills of being a leader- looking beyond money. Amidst of the things they've shared on me I realized experiences in life would let someone find a better way, to get off from their drastic life experiences, and make their dreams come to reality, which they thought impossible to attain ^.^. Everyone shines given the right lighting and I guess being on UNO help them find what they're really looking for life -or better way to say it "answers to their dreams"

"Tell me your Friends, and I tell you who you are"

Living Life to the Fullest
♥ Ysay ♥

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  1. Considering our visibility in the online world, it's but normal that we be cautious with people we met, it's not selfishness, it's prudence. Enjoy with your new friends Ysay, but be careful still. :)

  2. thanks talinggaw! see you soon ^.^ hehe