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It's One Year!

September 04,2012


I can't believed it!(over!) A year had passed since the day I've created this blog. One year of laughter, sadness, failures and success posts I had shared here. And reminiscing such events made me teary eyed, tears of joy dolls, I've been here for this long! One of the greatest accomplishment I've done for myself which I thought I really can't. So, September is a special month for me and opted to make entries this month dedicated to my blog's anniversary. 

Lets go back in time, one year ago.. when I've felt and discovered what was my other passion. I've made this, which I'm calling a "Virtual Diary"- accounts of anything I would love to write. To be honest, I don't have a knack in writing and I'm not pretty good in expressing myself in English (shame on me). A product of pester every time I stutter lol. Whatever it is, I can't imagine myself fit in this world before, but not for now =)

So, whats the ground of making such this? What's the force that pushes me to create one? Adventures and travel epilogues are part of the reason, but it wasn't the major one. It was for DIVERSION, yes, you read it right. 

Last year, I was in a state of emotional anguish. Though I had work before to keep me busy still, It does not amend a painful sorrow (getting emotional here) haha. It was hard to overcome an event such like that and so, I want my dynamism to be burn in a sensible activity. With the help of my friend who is also a blogger, she recommended me this and told me to write all my accounts in travel and adventures or, anything under the sun. And ola! I just discovered that I have talent for this. As time goes by, I'm getting good and becoming a better writer ,and I can express myself well now. What a blessing in disguise! =)

and I want to share this pic - the awesome " I CAN"  =)

Thumbs up for my little introvert self. What a wonderful year it is! Hoping for more years and posts to come! 

Its me Ysay, Living Life to the Fullest
God Speed!

3 komento:

  1. "You wouldn't really know unless you try." Good thing you did ;D

    Cheers to more blogging years kambal!

  2. Thanks bal! hehe.. ure one of my mentor in making this blog :)

  3. happy 1st Ysay, cheers to more posts and more years of blogging!! haha...ni-reword lang comment ni Joan eh. :)