Biyernes, Abril 6, 2012

Hoping Back for Good

 April 7,2012

What I did this Holy week was contemplating about my career path. I was happy and bit jealous when Ive found out that my classmates and friends already in other countries pursuing their nursing career. I was in a world of clutter when it comes to my career. I have no work as of the moment and Ive been doing a lot to find one. You couldn't be hired unless you already experienced at least 1 year in this field and that's my problem. I'll be so much lucky if the company or hospital doesn't require experience. Pursuing nursing now is my first time, I've been away for this for more that 2 years already, and I really need to refresh all my learnings and thoughts  with this course- and so it will just fall down to TRAININGS- which I'll be doing soon to other place, outside Davao. 

 I'm adjusting to my situation today. I'm at home always, its hard to stay at home when you've been into  working and outside world before. I've felt claustrophobic at the four corners of my crib.

Everyday, we faced different challenges in every aspects of life. It could be family, financial, friends, emotions. Letting go.. seems easy to say yet very difficult to do. I'm so guilty of this. Lots of thoughts I couldn't let go yet, and thus creates confusion inside my head! One of those is my career path. I don't have yet final decision but I guess more percentage of going to other place to train up nursing will succeed . Being back to my course is I guess will put me to good decision? hoping and kept praying for it. 

Living Life to the Fullest

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  1. sige lang kambal, things will be better :)

  2. If you want to pursue nursing, training would help. And apply for volunteer works, it will count as experience too. And keepp praying & have faith, you'll find your place soon. :)