Lunes, Pebrero 13, 2012

I Need to Let Go

February 13,2012

Dear ChocNut ,

It was then when I was still a little girl I met you. Starting on that point in time I never let you out of my mind!  Not a single moment in life I wasn't able to forget you, does not ceased to function the brain cells of my head! You put a smile on my face always it never fails! I like to go out with my friends because that's the time I will spend a wonderful day with you, together with Hello, Serge, Bobot and Kitkat. Kids and adults loved you so much cause your so down to earth. It never costs them a lot to have you- just a cent and the experienced was heaven! It was cloud nine to be with you sweetie, I will always cherish the moments you touches my lips and satisfies me a lot. I then promise come hell and high water you will never be forgotten-words getting saccharine. The moments I'm with you cause me to gain a lot of weight. I don't like my body now, I was so plumb, but you loved it more than anything else, you love it that way cause you know your the culprit to all of this. Then come a time I ask myself "Can I let go of you?". I guess I'm old enough to handle all the situation without you. I know if I keep putting myself and too attached with you, I'll develop an ill fitting disease in the future that I may regret soon. You know the "D" one that causes lots of complications. Just don't be sad sweetie we will still meet each other and still satisfy me but that wouldn't be always. I'll limit our connections, if I see you I would not mind going near to you, or worst case I will put a barrier between us- a hurtful decision I need to stand firm. Don't worry, someone will still love you just keep your hearts to those little kids who wishes to be with you. I, who was like them before know the exact feeling. As it is that having our goodbyes seems to be the saddest word- I just really need to set you free. But I tell you, your the best Chocolate ever! ^.^


4 (na) komento:

  1. chocnut: don't leave me, your life wouldn't be complete without me, I'm your sweetest companion, I'm sure you're gonna miss me! :D

    hahaha, pang-asar lang eh, go sa diet Ysay, good luck! :)

  2. me pm ako sayo sa fb, check it out girl. :)

  3. WALA naman akong na receive.. hehe anu fb mo talinggaw??