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Taking Dare on Indoor Golf

 June 8, 2012

 It's already June! Time changes so fast-thus we started the first day of the month trying another undertaking.

Out of boredom strikes the idea of meeting up with my adventure bud Joann. It was the 6th months of Singles Club (our Single-hood awareness day =) )and celebrating the event come up the concept of trying the "INDOOR GOLF". I'm not a fan of of this sport, but I knew some famous international and local celebrity who's playing this- Of course the famous Tiger Woods comes first to mind :)

This thing was endorsed by my friend Mechel who's working at that Golf shop- name was Malgosh Inc. located at Acacia, Davao City just in front of STI College. It was a Golf shop selling different Golf materials but upstairs, they're offering Indoor Golf with the rate of  Php 100.00 / hour :)

Not to keep you waiting , I wanna share to 'ya all some pictures =)

Meet up the Iron's with specific numbers and the golf balls

Joann with my friend Mechel, teaching us how to handle properly the Iron

My turn then.. @.@

hahaha. I was concentrating here. Thinking the face of the person I hated the most
as being the golf ball and making sure hitting that ! LOL

the striking moment! I'm pretty sure, and as far as I remember - I haven't hit the ball. FAIL! 

With my twin sissy adventure bud Joann! The person I'm closest as of now- 
since we've shared the same "LIKES" in life ^.^
do we look like the same? HAHAHA

Tournament! :P
Not to make Joann feel so "magaleng" in this post haha but to tell you,
she is so good at this! :) it was "addicting" she said .
 Kudos twin!

we also tried the PUTTER :)

This is what you call a PUTTER, designed primarily to roll the ball along the grass, generally from a point on the putting green towards the cup.

And here's the main event, my super blooper vid! hahaha
titled as " THE RABBIT is TALKING"
credits to Joann for this vid- mwah!

anyways.. trying golf seems so easy right? but to tell you it was really difficult at first!
nah! I can't hit the ball and the target and the Iron is so heavy.
That's why a day after I got muscle pains. =(
But then, It was worth the try dolls!
Loving advice? do stretching first hehe
Had a great day that time =0
betcha you try Indoor Golf soon

See you soon on my next adventure
Godbless you all!

Living Life to the Fullest


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