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Missing Worship

January 10, 2013

Hi there Lovely Dolls!

Last year, in the seven months out- of-work most are spent in church. Not to mention I'm part of our church's music team. I sing and dance for God and eventually, I learned to play some instruments in the long run. I'm happy that our church gave me "break" for music :) I may boast that my voice is wonderful and can dance well but, nothing else will be better when you used your voice and body to worship God. Right?

Now, Ive felt guilty inside. Ive been away in church for months now. To be honest, Ive been missing the days where my Spirit's on high, High in worshipping my God. I'm not doing anything "bad" as you may think now but my Spirtual life has becoming dry and I DON'T WANT IT TO HAPPEN. I don't want to think that my recent job is the culprit of this self-reproach issue, cause I can see that my work environment are good, nice and healthy. I've got workmates who are believers. The only thing that I can see as "not good" is my Sunday's booked for work and that may affect my  spiritual time. 

Don't get me wrong with the statement above. I respect our company, I respect my boss. =) 

... here's the THING
I think  this is God's challenge for me. I've realized that even if your away on church, that does not mean your gonna stop worshiping.  No its not. Distance does not matter to God, only TIME does matter to Him. The time you're going to spend for him. Time that you are going to read the Bible. Time for worshiping , praying and getting spirits high. Time for helping and encouraging others. Time for sharing His words. (Smells remorse here). There is just really time if you really want to and that hit me.

Maybe this is subtle to understand as of the moment. But you know what? I've been grateful that I'm having this feeling. So ironic it may be but this signifies that I'm craving for God and for His fire and holiness.  Lord keep the fire burning in my heart!

Have a great weekend . =) God Bless our hearts.

Living Life to the Fullest
Ysay ♥

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