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White Water Rafting

 FEBRUARY 6,2012

At last! the most awaited water rafting comes to reality ^.^ Last February 4,2012 me with my two single buddies, Joann and Manny decided to take the adventure of water rafting at Davao Wild Water Adventure. We planned it for almost 3 months and now were just very excited to try it! We've met up at Red Cross Roxas near Ateneo and got free ride up to Crocodile Park ^.^ It was about 20 minutes ride to Croc Park and thoughts vomiting on my mind. I want to see a CROCODILE! haha (i'll make another post about crocodile park):P Shame to say but I haven't seen one, so coming there would be a chance to see Pangil (the biggest captive crocodile at that park). But, before doing that we went first at the orientation room (the main event for this day) for rafting where we sign up waivers , get our helmets and life vests and being oriented about water rafting guidelines.

during the orientation

After the orientation and videos we've watch, one of the staff fits us the right helmets and vests ^.^

Manny's Angels!

We then went outside to put our things inside our service jeep, our transportation going to Calinan, where Davao river was located ^.^

Jump Shot!

with the other group and our guides during jump shot

After the funny picture taking we boarded the jeep and traveled 45 minutes going to the site ^.^ En route, I knew the other groups name like Mr. Dennis and his guest from Manila Alvin and Mr and Mrs Wallace. During the ride we talked mostly about Davao on how wonderful and livable the city was. The couple appreciates how the government works here. I know our city has strict rules and if you're such a hardheaded then you'll be in jail haha. Nonetheless, we've also talked about adventures, that life would be boring if we wouldn't enjoy what our environment has to offer like having some fun adventure (like this one), traveling  and meeting new people ^.^ After almost an hour we arrived to our destination .

 everyone was preparing, staffs prepared our rafts and equipments ^.^

our group was also busy putting up some sunblock on our skins :)

with our guide Mac2x teaching us the kinds of paddling, my favorite?? the paddle forward hard! :)

loving always my two single buddies ♥

After the site orientation, we finally get into the water and started to get wet. hehe We practiced how to rescue someone who falls on the raft and of course Manny's favorite the drills!  We water fight with the other group just so enjoying each others company.

enjoying great time with the other group

practiced on how to rescue someone who falls out of the raft :)

drill time! where we voluntary jump off the raft and do the defensive swims on these rapids. Seems like were going to drown right? but no, we have life vests! lolz Its just like drinking a lot of river water and hitting your butt on the rocks! haha Just so stunning to know that at the end of the rapids there we saw the carabao enjoying the river water (you got what i mean) haha!!

and now I'll let the pictures do the talking hehe. These are some of my favorite shots while passing on some river rapids.

where we hit this big rock and make ourselves stand in balance ^.^ HIGH FIVE!

YEAH! Splash time dude!

I super LOVED this shot as in! So intense baby!
of course, our guide give us some time to enjoy the river ^.^ swimming-swimming

he also gives us some time to relax inside the raft when we passed a calm river lol
we even saw children in the river bank looking on us and we say or hello's ^.^

its so green! I loved it ^.^ appreciate Davao River and the nature around :)

 chilling during lunch break! Manny was emoting at the side lol

happy times with our funny guide! I will miss you Mac haha :)

the unlucky me! who got wounded during capsized  :((

 we looked so haggard here! haha anyhow the food was yummy >)

and of course, Ive tried kayaking! haha

and after going around for 4 hours in the river, we finally ended our river journey! haha the SURVIVORS!!

the three wonderful paddlers! haha

and yours truly, YSAY with abrasions on the knee!!

This is the video where our raft capsized and where I got my wound!!!darn

another video ^.^

and it end there! ^.^ I loved the experienced though my knee was really hurt ahaha
I was glad that before I will go out from Davao City I've already experienced this one!
thanks to my single buddies and especially our guide Mac2x of Davao Wild Water Adventure Company.
Even after a day I just discovered I got lots of bruises! tsk2x but its alright the experienced was priceless boy!
I'll treasure this experienced!! again, another list on my bucket was done and crashed out aja!!!

Davao Wild Water Adventure - they will cater you but done on advance booking. Its Php 2,000 per guest inclusions on the guide, lunch, transportation's going on the site, documentaries (photos and videos), souvenir shirt, zipline on zip city, croc park ^.^

Of course, you need to wear light clothing if possible wear rash guard ^.^ , put on sunblock for protection especially on your legs, face, arms, neck or else you'll get sunburn! haha, Listen to your guide haha he knows more about rafting haha ^.^ and sit back and relax enjoy everything !!

 ♥ YSAY ♥

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