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Visiting Davao Crocodile Park

February 7,2012
Ive felt I was a kiddo again! ^.^
I have something to tell you, my little confession, can you keep it a secret?? haha 
here it is .. don't laugh or smile at me! 
I never seen a CROCODILE ever in my life . BOO!
a little shamefulness but I guess I never missed a part of my life not able to see one lol!!
but, given some opportunity to seen one would be perfect!!! 
so, how did I saw one?? a croc was lost in a neighborhood lolz just kidding ^.^
a little off on my joke haha
Seriously, last February 4,2012 during our extravagant water rafting Ive seen a crocodile.
Hey! not on the river dude but on Davao's very own Crocodile Park ^.^ 
Just my luck that the office for rafting adventure is located inside the park, they accommodate a little room there where equipments for rafting are located.  Anyhow, I don't want to elaborate more on our rafting adventure since I made another post on it, click here, lets focus on Croc park experienced ^.^

I was excited to see a CROCODILE! My friend Manny and Joann brought me to Pangil's captive area (the largest croc captive on the park) but during that time Pangil was sleeping and the water was high. I only saw his tail and eyes at the surface of the water.

after our rafting we went back to Pangil's place and saw him. He was so scary! O-O

Pangil was known to be an 18feet crocodile.. who boars 50 kilogram of meat during feed time gee.
Every afternoon Pangil has a show ^.^ so here's the video

After Pangil's show we walked around and see this very cuteeeee baby tiger haha ^.^

we found this 7 weeks cub roaming around the room with his baby sitter haha yes! he has a baby sitter.
 super cute! his like a baby tiger stuff toy! as Joann stated "ang sarap iuwi sa bahay" haha cge, try mo Jo hehe

I was kinda hesitant to go near this bird, his like gonna bite you with his sharp beak!

while Joann tries to talk to the bird ahaha joke! ^.^

when the tiger sits down ^.^

and when he stands up! LOL

Just goofing around ahahaha parang kakainin talaga anu? haha

according to Manny, SCRIPTED haha love you Jo!

blurry! preserved bone of the Crocodile

Have a Happy Crocy Day!!
Living Life To the Fullest


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