Huwebes, Nobyembre 10, 2011

The Thought of Suicide

The thought of suicide came up to me almost two years ago when I had experienced depression. It was just a THOUGHT of suicide anyway since I'm really afraid of ending my life! haha.  That time i guess was my "lost moments" ,since I really don't understand what my life was all about and I was soooo down! feeling that the whole world was against me.. haha fast forward to the present thank God Ive survived it! and I'm okay this moment- with the help of my support systems + God above :)

Talking about suicide - It was really an alarming news that's statistics today about people who committed it are increasing! An ominous report to people who are concerned about this information. You may have seen or heard on news, that even as young as thirteen he would just end up life so easily. So whats up to these pips who let them enter the thought of suicide in their minds and eventually done it on act? Ive asked some of my friends and workmates what is there stand about this issue and after amassing their answers here are those:

Manny (24) "there are many ways to avoid suicide, when you are thinking rationally, try to think solutions to your troubles that are constructive, and that will ease the hurt your going through. most cases the person attempting suicide doesn't truly want to die- instead they just want the pain to stop"

Joann (23) "Contrary to what other people believe, these individuals who had committed suicide are brave. It sounds peculiar but hey, who in this world would have the guts to end their life?it's not that I'm saying that we should commit suicide; it's just that these people have this overwhelming courage to end their lives and leave their loved ones behind"

Elyn (27) "people commiting suicide are those people who dont have someone to share their problems..that they think they are alone,neglected and no one understand..and also they feel like there's no solution to their problems..this can be avoided if there's just someone who will be there for them to comfort,to listen  and encourage them whatever problem there facing."

Sueanne (35) "as for me, maybe that's there satisfaction in life specially those person who felt insecure, self pity, they felt alone but it is not true. Most person who plan to suicide does not know how to share there feelings inside good or bad feelings even if they have friends beside them to listen but then, he/she will not trust that person"

Somehow made me conclude, that those persons who commit suicide does not really want to die but instead they just want to voice out what they feel inside. It doesn't mean that they just want attention ,but what they want I guess is that someone who will understand and listen to them. These persons seem to be so happy, but they are actually hiding something inside them. Something inside that they can't bother to express due to some circumstances like what might people think of them- that leads in ending their life.Suicide has never been an option! They said living with pain seems so hard so the option is to kill oneself since dying is so easy, nah! JESUS is the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE  no one comet to the Father except thru Him. Christ will always offer way out. One will just apply to oneself since Christ loves everyone. :)

tsk2x.. Life is too short they said.. Life has more to offers.. There are still something you need to discover on your life, and on your surroundings .. Above all there is still GOD :) If everything fails out on human effort there is still God who will out work his power freely :) Let GOD hold you, on what you think, what you desire even on your serious problems- and surely He'll never let go. Thanks Lord !

"But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us"
Romans 5:8

♥ Love and Light ♥

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  1. I have the weirdest POV on suicide; maybe I got that idea from kamikaze.:)