Linggo, Nobyembre 13, 2011

Chef Ysay :)

Hi friends!

I've always getting joy of watching any cooking shows, amazed with any recipe come up from different
chef's and always wanted to taste those mouth watering dish on my own mouth! (yummy!)
Being a registered nurse (who is not pursuing it now), a front-liner of a known lost cost airline,
and a adventurer (who likes to travel, explore and try out new things)- I also wanted to become a CHEF :)

Having the passion of facing a stove, get heated on a pot, whisk of heated-oil on skin, slicing onions and
garlic that cause me tears, go on wet market to buy meat or fish - was always been part of me :)
Our family was a family of cooks haha I really don't bask at it , we are just really gifted and I think we
have the edge to become CHEF's LOL haha
When I was still young, I was already trained to do stuff like that on the kitchen and eventually,
I kept it up to now :)

My favorite dish to cook is carbonara and any pasta. I'd like to make a dessert also (since I'm fond of sweets) and the thing I always wanted to learn -- BAKING :)

The question is, why do I want to become a CHEF and study to any culinary school?? 
Not just being fascinated on cooking programs, having interests on the kitchen and recipes,
but also being a Chef requires you to become INDEPENDENT and shows your CREATIVITY.
Why do I say so? because cooking is an ART also. When you COOK, you CREATE something-
something UNIQUE with delicate flavor and tastes. And as you cook your own dish you have the
AUTONOMY on what you will do. As a chef, it requires you to do something out of your own 
thought and imagination and not just being dictated by others- that's why you came up with what you 
call a signature dish :)

anyhoo, one can always be a chef "in there own way" - its not always necessary to have proper
training on cooking such as enrolling on those expensive culinary school- since having
proper certificates on trainings and studies are just extra credits :) but most important thing
is that you have the passion and you love what you're doing and everything else will follow :)
Even appreciations and claps from your friends and family who tasted your dish 
is an overwhelming event already :)

Happy cooking and eating
Bon Appetit! 

Live Life to the Fullest -Love and Light 

♥ Ysay ♥

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  1. ate! . .sasusunod na bumalik ka dito sa Bohol, ipagluto mo kami huh? . ok! . maraming salamat ho! . .jejje . jwk