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Single's Club 1st monthsary

Yes indeed.. Single's Clan in the House!! and we just celebrated our 1st monthsary with the pioneer members (dalawa lang pala kami ni Joann) LOL! Where did the idea of Single's Club came from- Its from my twin sissy/adventure bud JOANN! :p well, she's the President and founder haha

Being single in Life doesn't mean boring but instead It is freaking awesome! You can do whatever you want without someone interfering and butting in your life's choice and decision. 'em i right ladies??  haha 
 anyhoo our first monthsary was a dinner date- opted to eat on a Italian Restaurant!  TAKE NOTE : alcohol FREE  Saturday night get together! Me and Joann don't drink though :)

When: November 26, 2011
What: Single's Club First Monthsary Celebration
Where: At the Peak - Gaisano Mall of Davao

Such a shame to say that I haven't been to the Peak of Gaisano! 
It can be walking distance from Victoria- my working place but I never had the guts going to that mall hihi.
anyways, now's the time to get through there- READY GO!! 
I was in awe as I enter the Peak's entrance and saw this one :)
 the fountain in the middle that changes color :)
there are still unoccupied space in the area
 this time I get annoyed with my camera coz the pics was blurry grr...I really don't know what happened!
another blurry pic :(

so we go around the place and took more pictures.. here are those...
with twin sissy Joann :)

Since were really hungry already we opt to go to Don Beppe restaurant.
Our choice Italian Resto that night:)
The glass walled restaurant where you can see clearly the interiors and the people inside 
was a little bit cozy :) I'm little bit hesitant to enter because.. Im shy!haha
When were inside already we found out a good spot! so we immediately get ourselves relax
on the comfy sofa and I took some pictures inside :) 
 The chandeliers
 I always like this one! hanging glasses hehe 

Unfortunately, after getting out our orders to Mr. Michael (waiter)- someone who is not familiar with the menus haha   Don Beppe the owner himself approached and told us if we could transfer table,
coz it was already reserved for four persons. Okay, since we understand and no more questions, we agreed on his plead. But, we are just disappointed on how they transferred us. :(
The table and chairs was metal, too small to handle our big plated orders. 
The plates, utensils are just being damped on the table- as if we not really treated well :(
I wasn't comfortable as I sit there. I was wearing shorts and as the metal touches my skin, well
it was just FREAKING COLD! haha
I was a little bit paranoid also because people are looking on us and are laughing lolz
maybe because we are the only thorns among the flowers haha and we are located at the 
center front!! who wouldn't noticed? I just smiled :)
Don Beppe must have been noticed our condition, approached and told us that
he will give us 10% discount- complimentary for what happened on us :( He even promised to give us better accommodation when we will comeback. Will we come back again?? that's the question. But before that, we received this dessert?? .don't know what it is lol
It was bit hard and I couldn't understand the taste haha :P 
  ANYHOW, the food was here! Gastronomic craving and increase salivation noted already. haha
Lasagna - full packed beef!
Carbonara :)
we asked "Mr Michael" the waiter what's the salable pizza, he told us it's Don Beppe's Pizza :)

The food taste good with big servings but, I would love to see it with good platings.
The food plating/presentation was just very simple -it didn't attract me that much.
It doesn't coincide with what we paid almost 8hundred pesos for the 3 dishes! LOLZ
We thought It would just be roughly 500 php
but, were wrong. We haven't read what's below the menu
"exclusive of VAT" hahaha lesson learned!!
always loving my twin sissy/ adventure bud travelity Joann :)
me, who is getting bigger again because of constant eating! haha :P
pimply grace's face huhu :(
me and Joann at this little table!! hehe dark photo result because of my cam! grrr
Joann couldn't finished her food so I'm to the rescue! haha takaw girl! :)
eventually at the end I could not bear anymore putting something on my mouth, so I surrendered. hehe
2 pizza slices left at the table , so we opted to take it home  hehe :)

so nakakaumay.. me and jo decided to go to BluGre located @ LandCo building , Bajada Davao City -famous coffee house at Davao :) more famous than Starbucks I guess-for Dabawenyos  :)
Just to chill again and order some drinks to let go of umay :)
Joann find a good spot again! and a comfy chair :)
at this time, I was a little sleepy already! hehe
I think It was almost 11pm and during these days 9:30 pm was my sleeping time.
other thing, looking at the wall on our sides Ive found out this cool design :)
hehe I just loved looking at it! :) signature cups from different celebrities who came to this place.

and so...we ordered these stuffs! 
Strawberry cream for me yummy! ..:)
Choco Mocha for Joann :)

We did chikahan- what I liked most when going out with Joann is we tackle 
good topics :) haha.. Topics that are sensible and intellectual.
while having chit-chat, we also borrow magazines in their rack 
and found out these Mabuhay magazine of PAL hehe 
So grab the chance of finding another possible candidate destination for our travels :)

Awesome Single's Club monthsary! (sorry we forgot to buy cake :( )
been happy for this night ! thanks to my twin sissy travelity :) 
I will cherish this Saturday night get together :)

Living Life to the Fullest- Loving you Most

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  1. at pinost mo talaga ang full-figured photo ko sa cafe! haha. hello thighs! lol

  2. HEHE ok lang yan.. sowee.. ipakita na lahat! wag nang itago hihi :)

  3. It is good to have an end to journey.... DAPAT MANMENYO NA JUD KAY sakit na heart sige SINGLE...tired na. (ziek altijd van je houden ...)