Martes, Nobyembre 29, 2011

Cause I'm Emotera- Churva part 3

hello darlin' !!
I was cleaning my room this day.. and found this thing in my cabinet

 thoughts vomiting on my mind...
and flashback starting to happen...
Do i need to thank myself for cleaning my room? hahaha... 
oh geeee... LONG TIME NO SEE TUMBLER! haha :) 
Is this thing a bearer of good news or bad news?? lol

i then stop cleaning.. trying to look at the thing seriously,checking it intensively, nothing change though.
Ive been keeping it in my closet for so long now and eventually forget about it.
This thing once become a "special remembrance" so special that I haven't used it and kept it sealed ^.^

 ...Remembering that this is my first time encountering Starbucks lolz 
shame to say but real true! 
First time to taste their frapuccino, first time going inside the establishment and 
first time having a tumbler of them!
Most was first time when I went on that city printed in the tumbler.
hays, remembering good old days with someone hehe 

after reminiscing with this little thing, I wrapped it again and put it inside the paper bag
and dumped again on my closet! haha :) 
I miss the feeling ^.^ seriously ..

always loving you
Ysay ^.^

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