Martes, Nobyembre 22, 2011

Body Matter

 Howdy friends! :)

Last night when I went home from work and ride on a tricyboat (common transportation especially going around obrero). When we passed USEP (University of South Eastern Philippines) the driver found out a very obese girl walking on her school uniform. The girl was such a BIG one and that bouncy thing happened as she walks the street. The driver who is so etchusero keeps on commenting how the girl look like. He keeps on telling in bisaya "kadaku anang bayhana uy!" , "pinasagdan sa kusina!". Well, I was not that shocked on the driver's haughty attitude but I was annoyed on him being so redundant and kept yelling on the girl's physical look (na amazed kaba manong driver?) . Even when were already far from the school he keeps on repeating about it and even advised me that I should not allowed myself having a body like that coz "GUYS LOVE SEXY BODY AND BEAUTIFUL FACE", daw... (i translated it to english) see that mindset! He is such a CRAP! I kept quite , smiles plasticly and get irritated on him.

then thoughts vomiting on my mind..

still! People discriminate. To be honest I was hurt on what he's talking about that innocent girl cause I used to be plump also. I knew what it feels like being bullied on what you look like. That's her body structure , and on that look she was happy. Its never wrong to become fat as long as happiness is there and even studies shows that more plump individual who are happy with there look are more HEALTHIER than any other. Other thing, I can conclude now that most men are really on the physical attributes of women- as what uttered by manong driver that men likes sexy and beautiful girls. I was blank! I never thought that driver who is not really good looking can tell those words on me ( he didn't even look his own self lol). The driver also shared health tips on me he said, in order to become fit I need to exercise, eat vegetables, limit meat ,cause most his co-drivers died on cardiac arrest! lol. At last! those words are better and motivating than that the former.
Anyways on my part, bullishness subsides cause it was overpowered with the love of my real friends and family for me. Maybe that plump girl walking on the street was super to the max-well loved by her support systems that's why she grew that big :) We are not really entitled to follow norms in society on what our body structure and color should be - as long as we are HAPPY, everything else will follow ! that's the spirit beautiful belly's :) 

Living Life to the Fullest! :) LOTS of LOVE 
♥ ySay

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