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When I went to MANILA and Manila Ocean Park

.. I really want to write something and I couldn't find any topic to discuss with. So I decided to take a look at my photos saved in the computer - and found out the photos taken when I'm in Manila. I had a good time going to that city so I opted to make a post about it :P

Last June, I went to Manila with a personal objective , and it was my first time to do solo traveling! Despite of being so noob on that city, I was scared also because I don't know what will happened to me and I have no relatives to back up. Anyway thank God the trip was nice and SAFE haha thanks to that someone! :P 
 I'd stayed at Go Hotel at Mandaluyong which is definitely too far from the aiport! I just knew it after I confirmed the hotel booking LOL! so lesson learned "try to look at the map first before doing any move" haha. I arrived at Manila at midnight so no more traffic jam ^.^
this is the hotel's facade at morning 

just in front of the hotel is the Boni MRT Station (not so sure) hehe
their road was so wide! 4x wider than Davao

When I saw the MRT train I was a bit excited and nervous lol!! 
gonna be my first time to ride that one! hehe

Manila was so urbanized compared to Davao ,so my expression was always in "awe" to things, buildings, establishment that doesn't exists in Davao haha! Most was new to my eyes. I really don't give a damn to the Tagalog's who saw my impression bleh! 
The first stop on the first day as far as I remember was in Trinoma or Robinsons?? LOL oh anyway not so important as long as we ate at SBARRO!  haha gee.. again! no sbarro at Davao so in my mind, this is my chance to taste it! :P and it was the best pizza Ive ever tasted yet. Another first time done on the list. 

isn't it so lekker?? yummy!
i ordered chicago deep dish and someone's ordered angus cheese? oh forgot the name.
i think the pasta's name was puttanesca, served al dente :)

After filling the gastronomic craving, I think it was time for Manila Ocean Park. It was June 12 (Independence Day) and some streets were closed in Manila and the aftermath is we walked! LOL. It was noon time, the sun was up so you can just imagined how hot it really was! I didn't bring umbrella coz I only availed of Go lite on my flight and umbrella cannot be handcarried it should be checked in.:(  not so long in walking we arrived at MOP. They have a promo at that time and I just paid php 800.00 for the whole shows. Perfect timing! im starting to regress haha

I didn't get a chance to take picture on the Ocean Park's entrance coz it was really crowded.
I think, this time they were under renovations hmm.

The first show watched was the SEA LION'S SHOW :)
They performed so nice and I enjoyed it!

as the sea lion's performed! :P

next is .. another sea lion! haha :P  inside it's captive place

don't mind my face! haha just looked at the back where the SEA LION freely swim, captured just right!

and so.. we went inside.. :P

next is the JELLIES!

Self portrait with the DANCING SEA FAIRIES! haha 
Some jellies looked so scary! eeeh

next is THE FISH SPA!
Look at the fishes mouth seems ready to suck your tired feet! hehe

as my feet soaked on the water , the fishes starting giggling me! haha
super nakakakiliti at first promise! oh i missed this part :(
anyhow, the sucking moments was effective! It somehow relieved my tired feet.

next show is my most favorite! 

Super duper awesome! :)

Last but not the least is the OCEANARIUM

inside the OCEANARIUM, you can see different kinds of fishes or any form
of underwater life :)


woo.. super fun, tiring day! hehe anyways I've just felt being a kiddo again. 
If given another chance to come back at Ocean Park , i'll go on their new show?
the newly built THE ANTARTICA which was opened last September.
where Penguins was one of the main attractions :)
aja! I'll never forget this.

Living Life to the Fullest, Love Lots!
♥ Ysay ♥

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  1. returning the visit here...thanks for visiting mine, am following you now! i'm happy you made it here in manila solo, wish to do the same in davao...hehe! :)

  2. I also love sbarro pizza:)

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