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Summit's Christmas Paty 2011

WHAT: Summit World Davao (GSA-Cebu Pacific) and SkyTeam
Christmas Party 2011
WHEN: December 14,2011
WHERE: High Events - Ecoland Davao City

Indeed, It was a blast! :)
days before our party I was never really excited.
I was bit lazy during the practice of our "dance showdown" ( YES, sasayaw ako huhu)
versus the Skyteam group :)
Anyhow, as the days getting near the adrenaline started to increase!!

Right after our work @ 6:30pm, we immediately get through to our party destination.
I never heard  "High Events" before, but when we get there
the place was very familiar! haha I passed this place how many times already,
when going SM and to my brother's home,
but never knew the place's name hihi

so without further adieu -- here are some captured moments -- let the pics do the talking

ma'am Tess and ma'am Lei preparing the stage (decorating prizes from the sponsors hihi)
I didn't expect a Christmas tree. Good thing the management put this in here - and gifts were put around it :)

looking around the place, we see a mini bar. Later, my office mates will fill this up haha
Everyone was looking for Tanduay Ice, but none was available! boo.. (display lang daw)
always loving the hanging glasses!

of course, the party wouldn't be complete without the food! hehe
(ayun may lechon!)

hehe.. bleh! but, most of us doesn't enjoyed the food :(

during the party, lots of games made! hehe
more on dancing , eating and laughing all throughout especially
when Rey a.k.a "Paris Hilton" came with a shocking appearance! haha
all was shouting, cranked up to their seats when they saw him or shall I say her?? :P

nyahaha!! I couldn't believed it :P

while having good time with my officemates :)

composed from departments of accounting, airport branch, VP branch, sub-agent's branch

of course, the most awaiting! haha .. our Dance Showdown LOL

cge kahit hindi sabay! haha

nyehehe.. :P
and the verdict?? our group won! haha

of course, GET THE PARTY STARTED!!! dance until your legs get cramped! haha
ma'am Lei with our bossing sir Edward during the exchange gift portion :)

ma'am Elyn with sir Ian :) Hit the dancefloor!!

haha! who's that girl?? she's in protest!

showdown with Paris Hilton! di ako patatalo! she's more sexier than me :( haha

PASABOG! nag wig ako.. ang pangeeettt!! haha


oh well....... Everyone including our bosses enjoyed it + we had our bonuses haha :P
but, the most unforgettable of them all is when our boss fetch us to our houses! haha 
I got home @ 1:00am and I need to wake early at morning cause we still have our duty!! gosh haha
la la la la la.... MERRY CHRISTMAS SUMMIT! :)
Living Life to the Fullest! 

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