Lunes, Disyembre 12, 2011


 I've been wondering always, that life is short..... short as it is.. you'll never know when your life ends.
Waking each morning is one of the best gift God has ever gave me. 
The air i breathe, the water I drink, the food I eat three times a day,
seeing my family each day happy, NO, NO nothing can compare.

What are those that you don't have that God doesn't provide??
I don't want to demand so much in my life.
I was contented of it.. living life in Simplicity.
When blessing comes , then it would be extra Happiness.
It means, God was so GOOD ALL THE TIME :) 

As far as I remember, I accept God to my life last April 2007
during our church youth camp. I was 2nd year college back then.
I accept Him not because I was forced to but my heart beat His name.
Things changed starting that.
I'm pretty much sure I wasn't the best servant God wants me to be.
I also disappointed God- there are times I became tired serving him
maybe because of some unnecessary pressures around
that I forgot about Him.

Ive also found out this year that my life's spices was twice the event compared last year.
Lots of problem occurred, but God was always GOOD.
He never left me. He never was. ^.^ and by that I was victorious!
We cannot really learn without pain but,
we can do everything thru Him that gives us strength.
When God takes something away from us, it only means that He has something better planned.
We just have to wait.

This Christmas, Ive always felt burning sensation in my heart.
Ive always wanted to have a mission - and that is to help.
Making life more sensible and meaningful. :) 
Living on God's word :)
I hope one of these days I may able to accomplish it

again, I become emotera regarding this post haha
anyways, Live Life to the Fullest - in accordance to God's plan

Love Lots,

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