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My Simple Tribute to you...

I was shocked by the news.. Kuya Edgar passed away . . .

Kuya Edgar is one of the most important person when it comes to my spiritual life. He is one of those persons who encourages me to be STILL in my Christian life whenever I get tired serving the Lord. Who would have thought that at his early years in this world, God already sent Him to Heaven.

Last few weeks when given a time to had a sunday off, I was stunned by what our Pastor shared. Kuya Edgar was in the hospital suffering from his illness. I never thought he was ill because he was looking healthy. The sad thing was, he was not alone suffering it, but also his family due to hospital bills, medicines that they can't provide. Tears fall from my eyes- my heart was aching . I couldn't imagined how he was, a good servant of God suffered from this turmoil.

Last December 13, God already took him. He died in his home. His wake was in our church that time and given the opportunity to visit, me and my sister opted to went there- even when there is heavy rain outside due to Sendong, it never did discouraged us.
A white-gold plated coffin welcomed us. I looked at him inside his coffin where the glass turns out to be blurry maybe due to cold weather but then , I still managed to see him.  He was thin, big difference from the big body built he used to had  before. I saw his wife crying at the corner and I told myself not to cry also! I just let my eyes wander to other things so that I will not noticed Ate nik2x.
I got a chance to talked to his only child, SamBoy. An 8 year old boy who at that time only playing with his friend. I asked him , "kumusta na Sam?" he replied "ok lng, hayahay"- I couldn't get the idea of his answer, so I asked more. "na miss na nimo si Papa?" , he said " uu na miss uy! pati ni akong friend oh namiss sad sya" while pointing on his friend beside him. I didn't asked anymore, I get the point now. I realized at that age, he still cannot fully understand what death truly is. At first, he might thought of his father not around but never knew he will never come back again , ever. He may feel it when he will not see his father around their home anymore or is not present on the usual things they used to do. I understand this little boy.  I experienced it when I was a child -when my mum died. I was 3years old that time, and I only felt the desire of a mother's love and care when I got to highschool.

"Blessed are the dead who dies in the Lord, that they may rest from their labors and their works follow them"
Revelation 14:13

They said, do not sympathize instead empathized. Try to put your feet in their shoes. I know this is not easy for the family to accept such lose but as what as kuya Toto said, LET'S NOT BE SAD , LET'S CELEBRATE BECAUSE ONE OF OUR BROTHER DIED AND GOT TO HEAVEN! LET'S BE VICTORIOUS FOR THAT!  I realized that God is always there- in Happiness or Sadness. Death of our brother let me realized a lot of things :) All things happened for a purpose. We need  to see the goodness on our sorrows and at end, God was there standing waiting for us - cause He will never leave us :) Oh well, God is more than enough for us... :) I know the Delabahan family is always grateful and thankful for God even with this crisis going on - that's the Spirit of being God's children, a Christian. 
I know Kuya Edgar was in Heaven now with our Father. I know that he was smiling and happy :P He has been victorious and being crowned already in Heaven for what he has done here on earth :)

and a thought goes out my mind like this :
"does someone need to die first before we realized how God works on our lives. We never realized it now unless someone will sacrifice "

" For to me, to LIVE is CHRIST and to DIE is GAIN "
Philippians 1:21

this post is dedicated to my fellow Christian and to the Family of Kuya Edgar
Goodbye Kuya Edgar Delabahan

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