Martes, Disyembre 6, 2011



 December already started few days back and I haven't post yet something this month! gee...  I never did anything so special these past days and I think I just procrastinated on "DOING WHAT ONE SHOULD BE DOING" lol.
I was just feeling too lazy and tired starting this month! I dunno maybe because of the weather?? getting cold already, wind on cold breeze , always raining in the morning, getting shoe mud on the street which I personally don't like hehe - cause it turns me to be unproductive even at work hmp. 
December is one of my favorite month - people in this month turns to be more generous , loving , helpful :) you know Christmas is here - where LOVE, JOY are everywhere! :P Nonetheless we should never forget on our tradition that Filipinos celebrate Christmas because it is the time that Jesus Christ was born and that's the most highlighted event of the month :) Even on religious individuals where Simbang Gabi was an activity and cause seething individual on catholic churches was never missed! ( I never did experience Simbang Gabi ever in my life hehe why? cause I was not born Catholic ) anyhow, to be honest despite on all the things I said about Christmas above I really can't feel it :( Hmm, I can't feel something for Christmas eve and not even excited about it rather I'm looking forward for the activities on upcoming weeks like our water rafting adventure, bracing my teeth, my kuya's "welcome home party" from other country and our company party hehe. Sound's really selfish on what I felt about December maybe because I tend to be sad with the weather here in Davao and it was overpowered by my emotion meh ganun? haha :P Sometimes, I even caught myself looking to nothing! LOL there's just something that I really can't explain , there's something lacking hmm.. emotera si ate hehe but hey! Ive noticed something about an happening that turns this month a little bit interesting hehe.

 Since December 1 up to December 5, I saw from sky every evening a "smiling moon", cause the moon smiles! haha corny well in reality it's what you call "Crescent moon" that appears on the 1st and last quarters. It was straight five days! and I was in awe always when I craned up my neck to the sky and saw its shape SMILING on me, and has been soo bright every evening (exactly the photo above) wee...Another thing, the first and last evening I saw the moon, is with a star beside it!so cute! hehe  I'm not so superstitious but MAYBE, i GUESS .. It means something on me, for my life hahaha LOL  I was just amazed on the happening :) and you know, I have always a heart for MOONS and STARS. hehe that's why my profile name in FB is with "MOONLIT" in it (photo below) haha wala lang.. just wanna share :P I find them my attraction in the dark sky and get sad when It rains cause I couldn't see them being hide on clouds. Dunno, I'm just really fascinated with MOONS and STARS and will always be ^.^

anyways, maybe as Christmas will be coming the soonest my feeling for that day would change already, from LAZY moving to EXCITEMENT! hehe :) lets just see If I post something about Christmas eve hihi

Living Life to the Fullest!
YSAY ♥ mwah!

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