Miyerkules, Setyembre 28, 2011

Is NURSING Still for ME????

As far as i remember, way back highschool years at Assumption I never thought to myself becoming a nurse in the future. It was really being an accountant, or masscom student I want in college well, in line of medicine as a physical therapist was my choice also (but not so). It was then when i was in senior high that all students boggling already where to study in college and what course to be taken up.. and me ,i stay quite. Nursing at that time was in bloom and was so famous ,and it was peer influences i guess that i ended up this course since most of my friends enrolled nursing.And that was the memorable moment I let nursing enter my life. I don't know if i regreted the decision or not. 
I graduated nursing and passed the liscensure exam but i was not working as a nurse now. Just as we graduate , the popularity and demands declined and my mindset that time was to find a job whether or not nursing.. and fortunately i was hired! in an AIRLINE company... too far from my field (i know). I don't want to be jobless that's why, but it was so difficult to be employed as a nurse this time you need to train up and pay for training and still 50-50 absorption to the job! That's too harsh only hospitals will benefit from you. It was 2 years already since i'd rest from my field and if I want it again i don't know if i can still remember or forget already, or there may be possibilities of mistakes if I'm in the field. Anyway anything can be RE-learned :). Perhaps now I still got dilemma whether or not to pursue nursing though sometimes I can't help myself missing it  and getting jelly with my friends who are staff nurses already :(. Pursuing it means resigning on my job today and be officially jobless again. My family want me to work in the hospital, but not forcing me though its just like- reminding me always-with those soft whisper in my ears "mag-hospital kana" and sometimes cause me to be annoyed and pressured already.
.. Since most of my friends took nursing and supported by their families with a thought that their children may have brighter future  (which i thought so). But the peak has its end, mass of seething nurses are unemployed. Discerning on the options:  my recent work or being a nurse. I guess the important thing for me now is I have work (something to be busy with) and I'm earning,saving but i plan to step down next year to pursue nursing and its still an abyss what will happen on my next years life. I hope I may survive seeking job as a N-U-R-S-E and now again I'm making this long paragraph storytelling all about my career. hehe nah.. I just let God hold of my future. GOD speed!


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