Sabado, Setyembre 24, 2011


Feeling so bored this pasts days? Not having an energy to go throughout the day?Just always sitting, facing the monitor, texting blackberry. Well now's the time to get up on bed, try to go outside your crib! Why don't you try stretching, jog around your village, produced some sweat and just let those calories burn! :) 
So why did i say that exercise is one key to happiness? What do we need to find happiness? There lots of self-help book there that suggests us lots of ways to find that spectacular word HAPPINESS ( who wouldn't want it in the first place?) Some suggestions offer us complex ideas that ends us to be confused on what should we really need to do. Little we don't know that simple way like EXERCISE would give us enough reason to be happy. :)
Exercise which is basic yet essential in pursuing happiness, and being active in life releases happy hormones (my favorite endorphins!hehe) and keep us fit and sane. Not just that but even adequate sleep is a must also :). Not all people are blessed to run a marathon but its the little steps you take everyday can guarantee the release of those endorphins! :) Unplugging ourselves from technology and spending just half an hour to run, walk,swim,bike or whatever that floats or boats that keep us on that road to happy :)
In connection to my life, me and my adventure bud joann decided to burn those baby fats as we inclined ourselves to sports the badminton! hehe located in Smashville Fitness Center @Uyanguren Davao City :)

we chose badminton since its famous of burning calories faster than just mere exercising :) Me and joann love to eat and were gaining weights already ahaha we need to take in heat and burn those sleeping fats!
Not just we did exercise but even making ourselves love sports (its not too late). Its not just also becoming fit and sane but even the enjoyment it brings during our play that results to happiness! at the end of the day we felt really light as lots of calories were burned hehe SO KEEP THOSE ENDORPHINS RELEASING!!! 

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