Huwebes, Setyembre 22, 2011


Its been awhile since my college and close friends haven't had dinner date due to busy schedules, far working places etc. So last monday they decided to have dinner date and karaoke galore after :) I actually don't wanna go but they fetch me in the office and force me so, i have no choice but to come. Anyways i guess ive made the right decision :) 

For our dinner, we've decided to go to Abreeza mall just less than 10 minutes ride from my workplace. It just walking distance but its raining and my friends don't want to walk so we've decided to take a jeep :)
Hukad restaurant came to be our choice place for dining. Some hearsay that this restaurant offers delicious food and pocket friendly prices :) so we tried it and its true! we really had a sumptuous dinner! :) Since they offer a lot of food, which happens to be Filipino foods (or like lutong bahay) we have a lot of choices and we ended up with these yummy appetizers! :) 

( I really wanted that crispy pata but its a bit expensive hehe )
Isn't enough if we will just order 1 cup of rice and we are so hungry already so we decided to make it UNLI RICE!haha what a tummy we had. :) Since were waiting for the foods to be serve we actually get loved Phoebe's camera which is really unique and cute :) Its a samsung dual view camera, which  have two LCD's located at the back that is widescreen and the secondary color LCD at the front just adjacent to the lens :)

check below pictures taken using the samsung dual view camera:
 The place ambiance was good, lots of costumer queuing outside just to have that table slot :)  The restaurant's design is pleasing to the eyes, there lots of glass mirror on the walls where you can timely check your appearance hehe (to those who are very maarte) and one thing i really liked on the resto's design was the big hanging rice (which is puso in bisaya) ahaha i think it was really cute. It became the bulb light of the restaurant that gives light on the place. It reminds me of something ( eating barbecue in streets )
moments of eating at this time ..................................and then.............
hahahaha so matakaw us! we are so full at this moment! the staffs was helpful and friendly -all for costumers satisfaction! Definitely we will refer this to others and we'll come back soon. :)

.. after dinner we've decided to have videoke/karaoke @ gimik- rizal :) so this the "EXTRA" mentioned on blog's title :P
 favorite songs??

IT WAS REALLY A GOOD NIGHT FOR US. We ended the night parting apart our own destinations. :) i miss you guys and hope to chill out with you again soon :) mwahugsss

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