Sabado, Setyembre 3, 2011

Aloha to Underworld!

 It was last December 4, 2010 when my adventure buddy Joann Fuertes with her sibling Jason Fuertes had our 1st Scuba Diving adventure. It was in Carabao Dive Center located in Sta. Ana Wharf Davao City where we booked our introduction to scuba diving. Payments as of that time were a bit cheaper, it cost us php 750 per person, including the boat, the equipments and the island tour (excluding the lunch, you need to bring food and water) and it was only good for 1 dive. Meet up time is about 7:00am in the morning and estimated going back is 5pm so it would be 1 day!Our diving spot is around the area of Coral Garden , Island Garden City of Samal. Today, Ive heard that they already increase rates :) .
We've planned it for so long  and it took us 6 months before we finally experienced it.

me with Joann and Jason taking pics before going down the water

First of all before going down the water, there is an orientation on how to use up the gadgets and equipments. To those pips who doesn't know how to swim don't worry, you will have your own dive master who will be with you through out your whole underwater experience so just chill :)

At first, it was hard for me to descend underwater because i could not breath properly thru using the oxygen tank! but then Ive tried again and it was a success!

OK! :)

 UNDERWORLD!! YES it was really great down there as if I’m in another dimension. You will see the different corals, fishes and other creatures down  :) of course, don’t forget to smile as the underwater cam takes pictures of you :)due to increase pressure as you go down deep, it was really painful on my ears as if my eardrum will burst out already. But then during the orientation you just have to do “equalization” (equalize the pressure) which is you will blow hard on your nose as you are pinching it, and it was effective :) But during the 1st dive, i didn’t enjoyed much because i don’t like my dive master so, Ive decided to take a second dive and its worth it! :) thank God the new dive master didn’t charge me at all, which is supposedly another php 350 hehe:)

 After scuba we've decided snorkeling just around our boat :)

anyways we end up the day with a great experienced to remember and another adventure done on our list .Id love Scuba Diving and I’m willing to try it again in the future and the next diving spot hopefully is in Tubbataha reef :)
Life is an adventure ,live life to the fullest!

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  1. Nice, I'm planning to spend this weekend to Davao and scubadive too. I was referred to do it with Carabao as well so, looking forward to get a Nemo shot too! :)

  2. wow! :) goodluck and enjoy the underworld! :) enjoy davao city too :)