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5 Months from now ^ ^

Hello Friends! :)

Five months from now, I'll be having my big shot travel at LUZON! ill brag now that It would be BONGGA! :) more BONGGA than any of my other travels ( i hope so).. ehehe. I was excited of course! since we already booked a flight and what's waiting is for us to be there! yipeeee!! so, these are the places we will be touring 5 months from now in summer time ...Baguio City, Vigan, Laog, Pagudpud (Ilocos) , Manila :) anyways we are a tight budget traveler so as from this moment we are looking about the possible cost of our whole travel including the hotels, tours, foods etc. :) Not to mention I'm one of the organizers haha -me and Joann :) so it would be a big task for us and a big pressure also! so we need to do meet ups with my twin for us to tackle and find possible infos for our summer 2012 tour lol :p
As what they are saying, don't let the moment rush .. take it slow..feel it.. haha I really wanted the time pass immediately so that my excitement will turn to reality already haha :) but, there are still lots of  special moments that will pass before summer next year (i know).

1st- HALLOWEEN^.^ That would be my Birthday hehe, included in there the "Undas" as part of Filipino tradition- visiting the dead ( mga Pinoy kasi di nakakalimot lol), some birthday event will also happen this month in my clans circle-that includes birthday of my cousin in abroad, my father, my brother :)
*month of November- our plan to have Water Raft Riding adventure, can't wait!

2nd- Month of December where we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Who wouldn't want Christmas? There goes the bonus, the 13month pay, the gifts, lots of Mall SALES, noche buena, fireworks displays : ) Sadly, here in Davao City walang paputok! (sanay na walang ingay hehe) but definitely it wouldn't be a lonely and peaceful Christmas, instead it would be a rocking celebration for Dabawenyos : ) (sure lang haha) Eventhough celebrating Christmas without anything on the table, still most important and essential is that you and your family is together celebrating it with JOY and LOVE : ) that's the true spirit of Christmas.
*December is the month for Surigao Trip :) excitements on Tinuy-an falls, enchanted river etc. beauty of nature indeed!

3rd- Happy New Year-2012 !! Where most people made there personal "New Years Resolution" :) To those who had a "not so good" 2011 like me haha would want the new year, to be more prosperous, exciting and happy :) embrace with excitement the NEW YEAR! so i guess early at this moment you can already make a resolution haha
*Zorb Balling will be part of our January 2012 itinerary  :)

4th- The Love Month -where most places turns red including the cheeks because of blushing!! haha well to those who have partners, this month would be more special :) Dating, flowers, chocolates, cards will be more evident! Restaurants, cinemas will be filled of couples: :). To those who are singles- like me haha, I think  I would just stay at home and sleep LOL nothing to worry about - I just dream of my Prince Charming who is still lost of finding me.. haha joke!

5th- SUMMER!! March- the month I'll been waiting for haha :) here I come NORTH! wink*

♥♥ Love and Light ♥♥

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