Sabado, Oktubre 29, 2011

The Unkabogable!!


Me and my twin sissy Jo decided to watched the movie "The Unkabogable Praybeyt Benjamin" last Saturday Oct 29,2011. Much perfect for my too stressful week- a movie full packed with laugh trip!! :)) hehe It was my day off , making most out of it for one free day so, i need to chill and relax :)

Let me start with this, Jo and I met up at Gaisano Mall of Davao. We've decided to take the after lunch movie schedule @ 12:20pm coz eventually, after the movie we need to do brainstorming again @ Cellos for our 2012 Summer Tour hehe. It was our first time together to watched a movie and I was thrilled - movie with my twin! first time is always exciting *.* lolz :)) not to mentioned, I was late in our date haha :P Since I was late, we were also late on 12:20 pm schedule and we've just decided to take the 12:50 pm on cinema 3. It's OKAY,  it just a matter of how many minutes LOL
I thought  there will be lot of queuing individuals who will watch the movie but, you can count those persons buying tickets on the line maybe because, it was still early- its still noon.. hehe eventually on the next schedule around 2:30pm there were already lots of people going inside the theater.
For the movie I can say, it was funny! ahaha although at some part it may sound OA and unrealistic already hehe. Well I guess that made the movie Comedy lol. Funny scenes is where Vice Ganda sound to be so sarcastic to those persons he talks to haha :P (binabara ka nya) and that made me laugh so hard!! HAHA also, when he hallucinates having sweet and hot scenes with Brando (Derek) haha

I've Learned . . .

For me, a movie would just be useless if it is without values learned charot!!
In our community, still exist gender issues- such as gender abused. People still discriminate those who we call "bakla", "becky", "bakla" "bayot" or whatever you call them - abused not just physical but even emotional aspects. Just left me thinking why there are still people cannot accept them and worst part of them, their family members are the ones who abandoned them first and take them for granted?! Of course, I can't compete and argue (mainit lang talaga dugo nila sa ganitong mga tao) with what other people think of them-its there opinion but of course they are still human beings, you know- after all they need respect. Nonetheless all the intrigues passed on them, still they stand out in the community. Haven't you noticed that most of them are professionals, living in luxury, known entrepreneur, stylist etc. The one's you've been bullying before is what you've been looking up to now, you admire them with a little bit of jealousy exists :P It's because they never let others cruelness ruined their life instead they've used it for something better. They become more inspired and work hard to achieve what they dream.

Another thing, this movie somewhat had similarities with the movie MULAN the only difference is that the original story is about a girl who turns to be a guy and this movie from a gay to a real man, all for the same purpose - present themselves for the sake of their father who is the one supposedly to go to war , but being at old age and with health problems cannot make it anymore. Still, the Filipino family value exist. :) kudos to that!

After the movie, we headed up to Cellos and ordered another yummy doughnut! hehe and planned again :)

♥ Love and Light ♥


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