Huwebes, Oktubre 13, 2011

Sweet Day @ Summit!

One thing I like about my work is that all employees here like to EAT! yes E-A-T :) Employees here like to buy something, cook something and shares it in the office :) That's one good sign of keeping you like a one family in your workplace. Somehow... I just wanna share, its a day that from morning until closing of our office we are overloaded with sweet foodS! HAHA

It started in this event. :) Another day for me,another work!another hassle over passengers lots of issuance and inquiries- in short STRESSED na naman :)  I think that was tuesday or monday not sure (oh i forgot already hehe) I was happy going to work @ that time - I was not late! haha anyways I was never a late comer. :) Going to the door to our office I was stunned by what I saw.. its a box of KRISPY KREME in mam ellen's table im like " HUWAAAWW" haha


To be honest, I NEVER, EVER tasted krispy kreme before haha eventhough there is a branch store here in Davao i never did mind going on that store since I guess it is double the price compare in Manila (kuripot). I was about to buy that donut when I last went to manila but forgot about it because of no more time haha and not to mention i was late at my flight that time thank God the flight was delayed and I have my luck! gosh.. hehe toink and that's why I got soOO excited when I found out that KRISPY box! hehe. I asked mam ellen " mam hingi ako" LOL (kawawang bata) and she said " cge kuha ka lang" yes! ... and a BIG SMILE noted

to all the yummy looking donuts inside that box I chose this one and I have no idea what is its name LOL :P I was just attracted to the different color sprinkles! hehe sometimes FEEL to be a kiddo wahaha.. To be honest i'm not advised of eating sweet foods, since that cause me tonsillitis if too much! :P but I'm just so matigas ang ulo and I keep on eating those stuffs :) Who couldn't resist those hmp!

When I enter our accounting office there goes the MACARONI SALAD!ahaha is this party or what?? :P again, what else would I do? eh di kumuha ng macaroni salad! haha grabeh! its still 9:45 am and the mall wasn't open yet-- still early in the morning and i was so full already! and to think I have eaten my breakfast earlier LOL.
gee.. im so matakaw! my diet was ruined! haha I was sooo full that my tummy was like blowing up haha UBER! around 12:30 noon which is my lunch break, I didn't feel my tummy was growling just like my usual break cramming to go out directly in the office because of super gutom na hehe :)  fast forward to late afternoon :) I didn't think and expect anymore of any food graces that will fall from heaven since the morning sweetness was to much already :) but when I went back to to the accounting office there goes the ICE CREAM + the LOAF BREAD lol  oh nooo another food na naman hehe :) I could not say NO since they gave me directly the cup with the ice cream inside  hehe so what am I gonna do? eat it! grrr... with a slice of  bread err

Gosh I was overwhelmed by the foods in our office and I went home supeeerrr BUSOG! And di na ako kumain ng dinner, since I could not bear anymore putting something in my mouth, 'coz I feel I want to vomit already.. urggh parang nakakaumay na.. hehe

... and that was a one SWEET day @ summit!

LOVE and LIGHT ☺♥☺

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