Sabado, Oktubre 15, 2011

dey op!

The best day of an employee's life -the DAY OFF!  :) 
 Basically, I don't have a fixed dayoff , or shall I say all employees in our office don't have that- all are randomly chosen on what date he or she will be off, or you can request ahead of time what would be your off day the following week. My dayoff usually falls either Friday or Saturday but my favorite would be Sunday, but I guess I could not have it anymore not just like before for some reasons :(

This week my off was Saturday and I just spent my morning @ home, and at afternoon I went to Cellos to meet up with my twin sissy Joann :) Nothing so important during the morning, what I did was just the routinary work :)exercise, clean the house, cook and RnR haha. Since I could not live without doing anything, i decided to check at our food stocks, and I've found out a spaghetti pasta, a spaghetti sauce and a hotdog! LOL - a light bulb in my head- I will cook spaghetti hehe

Our breakfast was spaghetti! haha. This was my second time to cooked spaghetti and the first time, it does not taste good haha that's why I'm a bit nervous what would be the result this time! LOL thank God it was OKAY - it taste GOOD ahaha and my little cousins enjoyed it-- to the fact that I'm not a fan of spaghetti- Im a carbonara girl -the white spaghetti hehe which fortunately I know well how to cook it :) I'm a dairy person also, and I could not avoid my self drinking milk everyday- so the hot milk was included in my BFast   yummy! :)
Fast forward to noon time.. Its Lunch time haha kainan na naman :) my brother decided to cook vegetables since ang daming gulay sa loob ng ref namin haha . and what he cooked was PINAKBET!one of my favorite vegetable dish just like the famous chopsuey :)

 Enough on foods :P well afternoon na, and nakakainis coz wala pang water sa amin its almost 2pm , so hot outside,itchy na feeling ko, im so thirsty pa and no water! gee.. Joann texted and she's at Cellos already waiting. Our meet up time is 2pm hehe, but I couldn't go since I haven't taken a bath yet haha nakakahiya naman if walang ligo diba?? LOL . At exactly 3pm i can hear the water's flowing already!! I was so thankful and immediately went to the bathroom- parang I wanna dive on the water! haha and freshen up! whew... :) I leave our home @ 3:45 pm and traveled going to Cellos and I arrived there @ 4:10 pm na! haha 2 hours Joann waited at the coffeehouse- of course Ive explained my side why am i late!! and Joann just smiled hehe

Me and Jo met up because we need to plan partially on our travel next year at Luzon . We are actually five who will travel but me and my twin sissy are the organizers of the said "Summer-tour" haha so we need to talk about it and plan carefully lol Checking at the internet, writing the possible contacts , finding the cheap hotels, cheap package tour etc are the things we did while @ Cellos :P

 This place offers tasty, yummy doughnuts! so I couldn't resist not to order a one haha.. first, Ive ordered cheese stuff , and i think I was not yet satisfied so I ordered again, and now it was MnM glazed doughnut and then take home the Peanut Butter glazed doughnut, my ghed, I was so takaw haha!  
MnM glazed donu
WRAP! I was  home at almost 10pm na.. hehe and ayaw ko pa talagang umuwi.. lol gusto ko pa maglakwatsa or stay at Cellos but they are closing 8pm so we need to go... :) anyways, we did our planning for next year and able to find some contacts. It was a good DAY OFF anyway, its productive :)

Love and Light! ♥♥

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