Miyerkules, Oktubre 12, 2011


AVOID SEDENTARY LIFESTYLE! BE ACTIVE TODAY! :p - This is my new Goal :) Not just being active physically but even mentally, spiritually and EMOtionally :)  Ive realized that this past few months I was so stressed! Super stressed that I forgot about myself already and lost faith in it.. grrr...i need RnR!! URGENT!! hehe Somehow, I always thank GOD for giving me friends that shares their courage for me and uplift my spirit again! :) but now I think I need to be FIT? yeah F-I-T haha It started last month when I became conscious on what I look like and what I'm doing :) I thought I was so ugly because of the pimples!!! geeee.... well, it doesn't occupy my whole face anyway - just particular on the cheeks area errr... but so ironic that some people especially those I haven't seen for awhile told me that I look pretty LOL!!! I DON'T THINK SO.. haha...maybe because I lost weight now, I was not anymore the chubby-baby-fat way back in highschool and college.  u blind?hehe anyways going back to reality... THE FIT word still on my mind :)not just being Fit physically but being the holistic!  I want to restore my faith again in myself...:) I don't want to sit and do nothing in my life.. I want to go out and discover something worth it!Physically I'm getting love workout :) Every morning at home I do exercise :) and that has a good effect not just on me but even to my family members since now they been doing exercise also and my avid fan? my 4 years old cousin :)!- Ive influenced them! haha :)good2x  I was even thinking to be a missionary - sent to somewhere around the globe and teach word of GOD ( so holy) :) - thats improvement in terms of spirituality . Reading is my one hobby now :) that keeps me sane and even updated on what is already happening the world today! it gives me idea also loading my mind with intellectual thoughts :) - that would be improvement in terms mentally :) and in terms of EMOtion?? este emotionally, I would like to rest my heart this time :) I know she has been alot na.. wawa naman... :( hehe but honestly I want the pain and hatred subside. :) and hopefully all i want to feel is happiness nalang :) gee getting emo again! LOL well, as they said what you feel inside will reflect outside even if how you keep on hiding it -it will soon burst out! but whatever my life would take me I wanna live my life to the FULLEST!!


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