Huwebes, Oktubre 6, 2011

What is LUXURY for me?

I was not born in a well off family so I didn't grow up to have luxurious life as what does rich kids have. My life story I guess, is not that earthshaking as what others find theirs but I experienced already a lot of crying and laughing moments :) I'm just really a simple girl who dream BIG- enough to let me know that I need to enjoy myself with what I really want and what I really wanna do:) Its not necessary that a luxurious life just includes a fat bank account, a shopaholic attitude, a sumptuous-comfortable living etc. So what is Luxury for me?  I really don't engaged myself in clothes, bling-bling, night party, drink until I got drunk - all of those mentioned is not my life's enjoyment- to be honest I really don't find happiness on those. Instead what I want in life are TRAVELING, ADVENTURE, TAKE PICTURES, UNDERSTAND NEW CULTURE. :) that's  Luxury for me! Finding something what you really love- something precious, something to be proud and boast of after. :)

I know those things I want does require effort, and mostly money! haha anyways, Its always been my dream to travel the whole world! (amazing uh) being so ambitious (yes I'm) as they said don't settle yourself in a mediocre life instead strive for the best! As long as you have goals to direct you,something that everyday you look forward to, goals that will challenge you to strive for :) Traveling, adventure, taking pictures and understanding new cultures exposes myself to more learnings and ideas that eventually gives me sense of accomplishment at the end :)

So how about you, Whats your life's luxury?

Live Life to the Fullest :) Love and Light :)

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