Lunes, Oktubre 3, 2011

Cause I'm Emotera- Churva . .

Its really true that after breakup the heart never really breaks even for the two persons involved. There are still bitterness exists after. One may have moved on already but the other one still grieving. Bitterness which i guess does makes sense sometimes- just like a virus who come up to your system and destroys you - but, the other way around makes you see your personal worth also. Thinking who is him/her to ruined me?? Im strong! LOL
The thought of missing someone who doesn't really deserve to be missed is the thing I've been hating about myself. Its so blatant already that the person never missed you and never think of you so why your still welcoming that thought! This pasts days i became crabby, not on the mood to work, and shuffling to travel or try another adventure as my diversion (but no time). So I ended up frowning, wanted to be alone.
I don't know, whats up to me now. I'm subjected to an unenlightened thought of expectancy which is not good because I'm expecting to nothing- end up frustrated. There's something bothering me.. about my love life?? LOL or easy to say I haven't move on that much better -another LOL!! wahaha and i hate it.. making myself more susceptible to failure again!! grrr.. Why do i keep on thinking on the impossible? it would just put some undue stress and giving me pimples!!
I think I just have a bad day and my temper- displacing it to my little cousins who tries to welcome me at home after work. Hahaha anyways, worrying too much and thinking too much would cause nothing but headache!
Bad days can be bummer but we need to find good in everyday :) reminding yourself always that life has something more to offer and not just setting yourself to those gaudy feelings of missing someone cause its not worth your time girl! smell BITTERNESS in here... wahaha  "the bitter pill best heals the flu" :))

better ... LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST!! :)

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